Prophecy 83 – I, YAHUVEH, SAY, “PREPARE, THE END IS NIGH.” (The Two Witnesses are HERE)


Written/Spoken under the anointing of the RUACH ha KODESH
Through Apostle Elisabeth Elijah Nikomia
March 15, 2006 on Holy Purim Day at Noon


I start out speaking in Holy Tongues over the telephone praying with another member of the Bride of YAHUSHUA named Adam from Canada. This prophecy came quite unexpected and my husband recorded it. When he realized what was happening, he ran for the tape recorder. When the real audio is heard, I am seeing brief visions of terrible things that will happen as well as hearing the words, “Moorana, moorana, moorana.” I know the words mean, “Murder, murder, murder.”

I don’t know what language it is or how to spell it. Also the word ‘Horror’ is all over with the word ‘Horrenda.’ I am not spelling this correctly but in this prophetic word you will hear in audio this more than one time. If anyone recognizes this word in another language I would be interested in knowing what language it is on earth, perhaps it is just the Heavenly language. We know speaking in Holy tongues are speaking in tongues of men and angels the bible says.

Elisabeth praying:

I beg you, Abba YAHUVEH, let not this word come forth if it is not you, if it is not your timing, let not that seal be broken. I beg you Abba YAHUVEH, in the Name of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH.

* * * * * * *


Oh, MY beloved Ringmaiden, how much longer?

[Read Prophecy 76 in which YAHUVEH explains why Elisabeth is called His Ring Maiden.]

I have allowed the Bride of YAHUSHUA to stand in the gap as Abraham stood in the gap for Lot. How much longer do you think I should wait? How I am mocked, how MY Name is scorned, how MY Holy ones that represent ME are slandered. How they are killed for MY sake all over the world. Just because I have kept it from coming to America thus far, how much has been taken for granted. Now I tell you to say a new prayer for the end is nigh.

That is why the Bride had to come before ME on this Purim and be Holy before ME before MY eyes. That is why I said, “YAHUSHUA get your Bride ready without spot or wrinkle, for the evil has grown more evil, and the Holy has gotten more Holy before MY eyes.” MY eyes went to and fro especially at this time of Purim. In the so called Christian Churches this Holy time was not even mentioned, or some did with but a passing glance.

It is this Ministry that I birthed through you that taught the people the meaning of the importance of the blood line of a Mordecai and the obedience of an Esther. Now I give you a new mandate to give to the Bride. Don’t worry about those that will scoff and mock. Don’t be concerned with the look upon their faces. You must merely obey and these are the words I have to say.

I, YAHUVEH, command the Bride of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH this day pray for the Two Witnesses. Pray for the Two Witnesses. For the time is coming that I am sending the angels, oh so shortly, to confirm to the Two Witnesses who they are in ME.

Again and again, satan has tried to take their lives. Just as there is a Bride of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, there is a bride of satan. This ministry has encountered them again and again and knew it not. There are those who hate you with such a vengeance, even the 200 witches that were raised up by the hand of satan prayed against you, the one I call the Ringmaiden. [Note: During Purim in Africa, it was on the news and internet that 200 witches had gathered to cast their spells and curses.]

But their attacks could not get through because I had the Bride of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH covering you. Before they leave this earth, before the Two Witnesses are ransomed as the first fruits, they will know who they are in ME. I command all the members of the Bride of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, start praying now for those I call the Two Witnesses. Behold I, YAHUVEH, tell a secret to the world, behold I do a new thing, it is a man and it is a woman.

Because you men scoff and mock, just as I raised up D’vorah (Deborah) as the Judge of all of Israel [Judges 4:4], so too I raise up, so too it was preordained, the ones coming shall have a spirit unto a Moses, the ones coming shall have a spirit like unto a Elijah. But as these two are still in the mortal flesh the attacks have come at them.

I, YAHUVEH, command all the Bride of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH let every prayer you say from now on cover them. That they will be in divine health while they are in these mortal bodies of flesh, that they will speak forth more boldly, that their enemies will be destroyed before their very eyes. Just as Elijah of Old prayed, so too will the same anointing be upon these two. The enemies shall cower in fear for they are going to recognize the Bride of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH is here. So it is at this Holy time of Purim I show you how close the end is near, for already I am telling you to cover the Two Witnesses that are on this earth. Yes, they are already here but they are so humble, and they say, “Surely not I, if it is, I don’t want to know.”

But I tell you this and I speak to these who I know are the Two Witnesses. You will know that you know, even before you are taken from this earth. You will return in a glorified body. You will stand before that which is called the Wailing Wall. Flames shall come forth out of your lips, fire shall come forth out of your heels and you shall proclaim what I tell you to proclaim and no man and no woman and no devil and demon will stand. For the King of all Creation, who is I, Abba YAHUVEH command the Bride of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH to pray.

But remember this, when they recognize who they are you shall see things in this earth happen in such a way as I tell them to start releasing in the spiritual realm the words I will have given them to say. So right now Bride of YAHUSHUA, pray that they will receive and believe the anointing I have placed upon them. Remember this, it is one woman it is one man. Do the work you have and do it quickly. I say again, do the work I have given you to do and do it quickly.

Those of you who have hoarded gold and silver, those of you who I have blessed with gems, what good is it going to do you, when it is left behind? I have abundantly blessed, financially and in all ways, and yet some of you who are the Bride of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH have never even written this Ring Maiden. Yet you have grown in secret with knowledge and gotten spiritually fat as all the knowledge and anointing you have hoarded, and you have not shared and yet I have given you no lack. I will hold you accountable what you do for the Kingdom of Heaven.

Remember Elijah of old? I sent him to a widow of Zarephath. Although there were many, many widows in that land, I hand picked one. Who this Ministry is sent to, who I send MY Elijah of New to, what you have done to them, so too you have done to ME. And I tell you this I, YAHUVEH, tell you this, anyone who has touched or harmed this Ministry in any way, MY Ringmaiden in anyway, it is as though you have touched and put a sharp pointed stick in the pupil of I, YAHUVEH’s eyes and I will take vengeance, and into MY Winepress of wrath you will go and I shall crush you in seven different directions. And that’s all they will hear as I crush you in everyway, mind, body, spirit and soul. [Prophecy 80]

For did I not warn, “Touch not MY anointed and neither do MY prophets any harm.” You think your tongue has gotten away with speaking forth these blasphemous words and you have called evil what I have called good in MY eyes. I will make you wish that I had cut out your tongue before I had allowed you to speak forth such dung. But those who embrace this Ministry, those who embrace these truths, those who embrace this Ringmaiden, I embrace you. For this is not just a woman, this is not just a mere woman, this is a vessel I, YAHUVEH, have spoken forth MY truths from. For those of you who have received these truths, I receive you.

For those who have scorned and mocked, I, YAHUVEH, have rejected you. Read Esther again. I am symbolized in that King. How many of you are Vashti’s? You think you are so full of beauty; you don’t have to come when I, YAHUVEH, say come. So I have exiled you. Into MY Kingdom you will not come. There is a greater intercessor than Queen Esther. It is MY Son YAHUSHUA. I tell you this, oh mighty Bride of YAHUSHUA of MASHIACH, no good thing will I withhold from you. There is a Book of Remembrance that has been written up and all of your names are written in love. You have suffered so, just to be Holy, so I want you to know, how much I love you. It is I that chose you to be MY Son’s Bride. It is I, YAHUVEH, that chose you to be MY Son’s Bride.

[Remember, the Bride of YAHUSHUA is not just a woman, but the men and women who are without spot or wrinkle, walking in obedience, and about to be caught away to be with YAHUSHUA. Pray to be accounted worthy to be one of the Bride.]

For those who know MY voice, you will recognize the Spirit that speaks, you truly are MY lambs, you truly are MY sheep. For the others of you who say, “This is just Elisabeth, puffed up in pride,” I tell you this. It’s you who I despise. I shall force you one day to admit that this Ministry is the one that I love and all the Ministries who will take these words and spread them around to the four corners of this earth, it is you that I will love, it is you that I embrace as you embrace the truths for these truths are backed up with MY Holy Scriptures, and how dare anyone call these prophecies false. For you to say this, you are calling MY Son YAHUSHUA false for is HE not the Living Word?

Away from ME, away from ME, you don’t even belong here. Only those who want to sit at the Banquet Table and feast on the truths and will take the spiritual food and feed others belong here. This is MY edict, this is the command I issue from MY throne in Heaven and I have spoken it forth on this day, [Read the Banquet Table dream]

Bride of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, cover this Ministry more in prayer. Cover this Ringmaiden and cover Nikomia more in your prayers, be a blessing unto them as they are a blessing unto you, or I will ask you one day why you were not?

Cover these I call the Two Witnesses. To the Bride of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, if you ask ME and if you believe, I will tell you the answer, I will reveal to you more about these I call the Two Witnesses. They need your covering, they need your prayers. While they are in mortal flesh, satan seeks to take their lives to silence the truths that I have spoken forth, so cover them in your prayers.

I, YAHUVEH, have been so pleased as the prayers of the Bride of YAHUSHUA have come before ME on this Day of Purim. As a sweet fragrance they came to ME. As sweet incense the angels opened them up and I am so pleased. And that is why I have had more mercy and I said, “How much longer do you want ME to delay?” But the end is nigh. When the sealed prophecy is released [78], one of the seals will be broken. Woe be unto this world when Elisabeth speaks forth what I have hidden. Oh, but MY beloved Bride of YAHUSHUA, those who are the members of Rev. 14 and Rev. 7, you need not fear. All the Guests who are invited to the marriage supper of the Lamb, it is true you will have to suffer for HIM [YAHUSHUA]. Oh, but the rewards that you have coming.

Right now the weapons the Bride of YAHUSHUA has are in the Spiritual realm. But I tell you this: in the Great Tribulation, just as the King gave the edict (command) and said take up your arms and defend yourselves, so too it shall be again but not for the Rev. 14 Bride. That is why I am redeeming them from this earth and the Two Witnesses shall be amongst that number and then they shall return.

Oh, but you precious Bride of Rev. 7, you are already sealed, beloved ones. No one can harm you. There will be a short time you will take up arms and defend and help the guests to fight satan and those with the mark of satan and then you shall walk in that glorified body when you hear the words, “And the dead in Christ shall rise first.” As you learned the word Christ is the only reason I speak it forth. It is the dead in YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH which will be the Two Witnesses and those being martyred at that time. These are in the second rapture and along with the Rev. 7 Bride shall also be taken up before the heathen’s eyes. These are the secrets reserved for YAHUSHUA’s Bride.

Let the others scoff and mock. This is the banquet table I lay before you this day. Those with spiritual ears shall hear, all others will remain deaf. Those with spiritual eyes shall see, all others shall remain blind. These are the words I, YAHUVEH, speak forth this day, the King of Creation, on this Holy Purim Day.

I, YAHUVEH, say, prepare beloved ones the end is nigh. As I prophesied through Elisabeth years ago of the Boiling Black Blood Plague, that would come as a sign of MY wrath, I now speak this forth from MY Ringmaiden. It is has already been loosed. It has begun. The disease is in the incubation stage and there will be no cure.

But beloved ones, be assured all who are Holy before ME, living Holy and putting I, YAHUVEH, and YAHUSHUA first in their life and love, doing their best to be obedient unto the Holy Scriptures, the Boiling Black Blood Plague will not come upon you. It will be as in the times of old when the plagues were loosed by Moses, speaking forth under the anointing of the RUACH ha KODESH. And the plagues did not touch the Children of Israel, only the Egyptians who served and worshipped other gods and so it shall be again.

As in the days of Moses so it shall be again, as in the days of Lot, so it shall be again. To the sinners who refuse to repent thus far, today is the day of salvation, you are reading this coming from the last chance Ministry, tomorrow may be too late. What are you waiting for? A religion will not save you, only a Holy loving, obedient relationship with YAHUSHUA and I, YAHUVEH, will save you. You can only return back to Heaven through the Name and Blood of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. All who are invited to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, I have this warning for you, in the Great Tribulation, the one coming that is commonly called the anti-christ, who is truly the son of satan, the son of perdition, he will come using and counterfeiting the name that is known world wide, in every kindred and tongue the name that Christians know and love the name of Jesus Christ.


Beware, Signs, wonders and miracles are still done and souls are still being saved in the name of Jesus Christ, do not fear. However, it was not yet the end time and you were only held accountable for what you were taught. I, YAHUVEH honored and anointed the name ‘Jesus’, although MY Son YAHUSHUA was given a Hebrew Name by HIS Hebrew mother. And I am HIS Father; HIS Name is to contain MY Name YAH. The name of Jesus has deleted MY Sacred Name, the Name that is above all Names. MY Name is YAHUVEH and the Name of YAHUSHUA translates to a constant reminder in every tongue YAH saves! Is it not your custom to name the Son after his father? Why do you think it is any different for your Heavenly Father to do the same? It is a constant reminder to you that I, YAHUVEH, and MY Son YAHUSHUA are one.

It is satan and his servants that fear the Name YAH, but I know MY children’s loving hearts. I even forgave you for forsaking MY true Sabbath rest day, breaking the 4th Commandment again and again, but I will forgive this no more. Now you are held accountable for what you know. You are held accountable to warn others. There is a higher sacred anointing in the Hebrew Name of YAHUSHUA and in MY Name, YAHUVEH. Now the endtime is nigh and I warn you teach others what you now know as truth. There is more anointing in OUR Holy Sacred NAMES. Use them, make no more excuses. During the Great Tribulation you must call upon MY Son’s Hebrew Name YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. MY Name YAH is in HIS Name, the Name above all NAMES.

If you do not learn this now, in the Great Tribulation when you pray for deliverance, or healing, and you use the name ‘Jesus,’ remember that the son of satan will be using this name as God. How can you expect to be healed, delivered or blessed by using the same name that the son of satan will be using? You will be calling upon the son of satan and know it not. In the Great Tribulation the son of satan will have his own day to be set aside to be worshipped and it will be Sunday. When Sunday worship is mandatory and you are ordered all over the world to go to your nearest local Sunday Church beware, don’t go.

It is a trap of the son of satan. For anyone that does attend a Sunday Church during the Great Tribulation, they will enter the door mesmerized, held captive with the spirits of illusion, mind manipulation, idolatry and rebellion among many other powerful demonic spirits. Warn them now. They will have taken the Mark of the Beast and entered a church of defilement and chosen to worship the beast and accept his physical as well as spiritual mark. Warn people now, before it is too late.

This doesn’t mean that all Sunday Churches are evil now, but you are so close now, the end is nigh, you must warn the people where the pastors are failing to do so. You must teach the truth of the Hebrew Sacred Names of I, YAHUVEH and MY Son YAHUSHUA the only MESSIAH, the only Blood shed for humanity for the remission of sins. I will accept no other blood sacrifice, and no other intercessor can intercede for you. That includes no so-called dead saints. Not even YAHUSHUA’s own mother, Miryam (Mary), for even she needed YAHUSHUA as her MESSIAH.

This is the only reason any of YAHUSHUA’s Bride should be attending a Sunday Church, to teach the sheep and lambs the truth where the pastors have refused, even if it is one person at a time. Here is the good news: just as MY beloved Children, whose names are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life and are preordained, so too is satan’s book of the damned.

YAHUSHUA WILL NOT LOSE ONE SOUL WHOSE NAMES WERE WRITTEN IN THE LAMBS BOOK OF LIFE BEFORE THE FOUNDATION OF THIS WORLD. You cannot accidentally choose to accept the Mark of the Beast; you will know not to do so and rather die before doing so.

The only true healing, signs, wonders, miracles and resurrections come from Heaven, any other healing or deliverance is an illusion, and during the Great Tribulation there will be illusions that appear to be truth but are lies straight from the throne of satan. Learn now and warn others now. In the Great Tribulation only in the name of YAHUSHUA, not the name of Jesus, will true delivering, healing, resurrection power come forth. People who love and serve ‘Jesus’ now will wonder why their prayers are not being answered their faith will suffer and they will even die for their faith, not understanding why deliverance did not come in that name.

Warn them now so they will become accustomed to using the Hebrew Name YAHUSHUA and YAHUVEH and the RUACH ha KODESH. Satan does not want to counterfeit the Name YAHUSHUA with MY Name YAH in it. There are millions reading this that will be the Guests at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb and blessed you shall be. However, you will see all or part of the Great Tribulation and your eyes shall be forced to behold the horror. Remember this, MY wrath is not appointed unto you, it is appointed to MY enemies.

Stay holy and don’t compromise and call upon the Name of YAHUSHUA and rely on HIS strength and anointing and hang on tight to your faith, for it will not be easy. For there will be mind waves in the air that will try and brainwash you. Learn Holy Scriptures now to use as a weapon during that time for Bibles will be banned but even satan will not be able to burn all the bibles.

YAHUSHUA will use the Holy Angels, Rev. 7 Bride, Rev. 14 Bride, as well as the Two Witnesses to know where the Guests are and to help them as needed. The Two Witnesses will defend the Guests and take vengeance for them. Learn MY true Shabbat because I, YAHUVEH, will especially bless and protect those who honor ME on the day I, the King of all Creation, set aside as the Sabbath day of rest. Just as when YAHUSHUA walked the earth and did signs, wonders, and miracles on the Sabbath, even in the Great Tribulation, especially on MY Sabbath, MY Holy Days, the same will be done in the Name of YAHUSHUA under the anointing of the RUACH ha KODESH.

There are secrets I have that are not to be spoken yet. Just know that I, YAHUVEH will never leave nor forsake anyone that truly loves worships and serves YAHUSHUA and I, the King of Creation. Learn MY Name. It is YAHUVEH the Eternal One. YAHUSHUA is MY Son. YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH is your only deliverer, the only Name and way back to Heaven. To all those who scoff and mock at this prophetic word, you will learn the hard way that it came from MY, YAHUVEH’s mouth, and given to this Ringmaiden. To MY sheep and lambs around this world, take this word like a chain reaction and let it ring around the world. Remember, even the very elect will be deceived if possible because your pastors have starved the lambs and sheep. When you read these prophecies, you are feasting and eating Holy spiritual meat.

All others who deny this Word, even though they claim to love ‘Jesus’ and yet refuse to learn the Hebrew Sacred names, Sabbath, and Holy Days and feasts. They will continue to nurse on milk for they don’t want spiritual teeth to eat this Spiritual meat. In the Great Tribulation they will remember what they had read and some will repent and know this Ministry was truly Heaven sent. For MY beloved babies, Bride, chosen ones and elect, look up, your redemption draweth nigh. One way or another you will be coming back home to Heaven again.

So it has been spoken, so it has been written on this Holy Day of Purim on March 15, 2006.

Given to this Ringmaiden of YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA. Apostle Elisabeth Elijah Nikomia

Personal note…

I am interested in hearing from those who ask this question of YAHUVEH in the Name of YAHUSHUA and given an answer, will you write and share it with me? I know this, that the Two Witnesses, whoever they are, need the prayers and love of the Bride of YAHUSHUA and the Guests to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. I woke up with this somber revelation and cried out for protection for the two witnesses after being given this word. Rev 11:3-13.

Please feel free to copy and share this prophecy. The harvest is great and laborers so few. All I ask is please link back if you are posting on your website and please keep this message intact including this personal note which I was led by the RUACH to share. Translators, please include everything that is written.

The job of the Two Witnesses will be unlike any other job given. I weep for them under the anointing, for the job they will have to do is not to be envied. They will see more horror than has ever been seen on this earth. Please do as YAHUVEH has said and pray for the two witnesses. Please pray blessings on them in all ways. While they are in this mortal body, pray the Holy Ones will give them loving support and encouragement. Please pray that they believe and receive the anointing that has been given to them and obey and do all they are to do. Pray for protection of The Holy Wall of fire that will surround them on all sides so no man, woman, demon, devil, can harm them while in that mortal body.

Beware Boasting Pretenders!

Anyone who is boasting they are one of the Two Witnesses such as the one who calls himself Elijah the Tishbite, or the man Hawkins who wrote blasphemy in the Book of YAHWEH is not one of them even when the Two Witnesses lay in the street he said they lay there for 3 1/2 years instead of 3 1/2 days, I read this with my own eyes, these men and others who do this in pride.

The real Two Witnesses don’t even want to acknowledge that calling on their lives. They are humble and don’t believe they are worthy of this high of a calling and keep saying, “Surely you have someone better.” This is what YAHUVEH has shown me, that is why the scriptures say they are dressed in sackcloth and ashes. It is symbolic of being humble and in mourning for the horror and sin they will see and what they see now.

I have known ever since I was given a Spiritual Rod, and my then 6-year-old-son Jonathan, one of my identical twin sons saw it in the Spiritual realm and described it and I felt the weight of it 19 years ago, and each time it was used in the spiritual realm it only got heavier to where now it takes my husband to hold up my arms when it is used under direction of YAHUVEH.

This Ministry has something to do with finding the Ark of the Covenant, the 144,000 as in Rev. 14 and the Two Witnesses. Only as the years have progressed have I understood and been given more revelations through the prophetic words given to me. There is a book being written now by another member of the Bride of YAHUSHUA [Rev:14] who is paying and donating all her time to get all the prophecies, visions, dreams, and audible words of YAHUVEH published. Please pray for her, for this is a huge job. Pray for the right publisher also. We are trying to get the prophecies translated in different languages so they can be in book form also. When we are no longer on the internet, at least the books will still be here during the Great Tribulation.

We still need a Hebrew translator among many other languages. Please come forth if you want to volunteer your time to do this job. We need committed, focused translators who will take this job as seriously as I do, not ships passing in the night. Please pray and see if this is you.

YAHUVEH (also spelled YAHUVAH, YAHVEH, YAHWEH) bless you all.

Apostle Elisabeth Elijah

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