Prophecy 4 – Don’t Despair When You Can’t Feel Me By Your Side! MY Wrath Is As Great As MY Love!

(This is from Prophecy 105, YAHUVEH said to put this up on all Prophecies from now on: I warned you a long time ago Elisabeth not to name this Ministry after a man or a woman even before there was a Ministry. I put it in your spirit for none of this has been done by your hand, none of this has come forth from your mouth. It is from the mouth of YAHUVEH that has given birth. It is from the mouth of YAHUSHUA your MASHIACH that has given birth. It is from the mouth of the RUACH ha KODESH your IMMAYAH that has given birth. If it had only been by your hand it would have failed long ago. It is by the Shkhinyah Glory’s wind that blows across this earth, the Holy wind of revival, it is not by your breath or it would have failed. (Isaiah 42:8))

In July 2010 YAHUVEH GOD also said to add the following from 2nd Chronicles before every Prophecy:

2 Chronicles 36:16, “But they mocked the Messengers of GOD, despised HIS Words, and scoffed at HIS Prophets, until the wrath of the LORD arose against HIS people, till there was no remedy.”

Just today I said YAHUVEH, what is happening I don’t feel your presence like I used too? I have repented of any sin I have unknowingly done, yet the presence is not the same. YAHUVEH is not speaking as much and I am getting very concerned. It is not what we are doing, for we know YAHUSHUA still and always will love us, we are doing our best to please and obey him. We know we must by faith believe the word of YAHUVEH. He has not left us.

We don’t go by our feelings, feelings lie to us, we must go by our faith! For the just shall live by faith alone, not feelings. It was great when we were allowed to feel his presence also, but something is changing in the spiritual realm and although YAHUSHUA is still by our side, it’s like he is sleeping in the boat, and we get attacked with the storms of life, and we are the disciples saying, “YAHUSHUA, wake up else we perish!” Then YAHUSHUA wakes up and says, “Oh ye of little faith!” and rebukes the storm. I am still waiting for him to rebuke the heavy storms that I have been in for a long time now it seems. We know there is a set time for our deliverance. As I am typing this I am getting the anointing. I have stopped and prayed in the Spirit and will do it another time, after I take authority over satan. If YAHUVEH really wants to speak through me again then he will. I yield my hands to you YAHUSHUA and my mind, my spiritual ears and spiritual eyes.

Please speak to me now so I can give a word of encouragement to my younger brother. In your name YAHUSHUA I ask and by the power of the RUACH ha KODESH, through the Blood of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH of Calvary. Is there a word you want me to speak to your people? If so RUACH ha KODESH anoint my hands now as you have spoken through this unusual anointing in the past (3) prophetic messages. For you care about the people on the Internet that have no other way to hear your messages plainly so they can understand and confusion cannot grip them in satanic control. The anointing is coming upon my hands now and once again the voice of YAHUSHUA is speaking to me. Praise YAHUSHUA!

* * * * * * * *

Tell them MY Child; tell them I no longer can hold back MY Father’s rage. I have tried. I have called out for mercy on those that intentionally defile all that is holy; those that refuse to acknowledge the word sin. Those in the pulpits that make poor excuses for sin, can even the best excuse cover the blackness of sin? Yet when I plead with them to repent, to turn away from sin, they mock ME and say YAHUVEH does not care, He understands. They tell MY Prophets and Apostles to shut up and leave them alone, to keep their words to themselves. They won’t allow them to speak in the churches, and allow demonic occultic spirits to enter in the churches so even a prophet is not safe while praying. These evil spirits lay in wait, knowing the prophets are coming to send forth MY warnings, and they are blocked and yes, some even harmed. The greater the warning, the more the opposition from the enemy.

Satan is trying hard to silence MY Prophets and Apostles and those who have been told to warn the people. Warn them of a God in Nahum 1 that says he speaks in the storms and earthquakes. Warn them that YAHUVEH is a jealous God and he will not allow any other God’s before HIM. Warn them, that YAHUVEH’s anger is not easily appeased. WARN THEM! Still I, YAHUSHUA, send forth MY messengers to warn them and like in the bible they are beaten up and some even killed. I have spoken about the satanic plants in the churches, no one is listening.

So few are even attempting to expose them. I have warned them satan is in the midst of the churches and he is battling for false doctrine, spirits of rebellion, a spirit to pervade the church that sin is not sin. But I am a Holy God and I demand you to be Holy as I am Holy. I have put MY Own Spirit within you so you know right from wrong. Sin is black it is not gray, holiness is white and it is no other color. Some will now allow satan to take that and make a racial connotation out of it. Stop it now! You know what I mean! Only red will wash this sin from your minds, and that is the Blood of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH at Calvary. I am warning now the reason MY presence is not being felt as before is because I am grieving. I am weeping for what I must do very soon.

Did they listen to this Prophet who I now use when I warned beforehand that China would taste MY anger through earthquakes, the biggest one has not yet occurred but it is coming. They have killed so many of MY Children, and tortured and imprisoned MY Children, MY Messengers. For this, the government will pay mightily and the country will be ripped apart with earthquakes as they seek to divide MY People and turn them away from ME for fear of openly worshipping the God they once served and now fear to openly serve. As they have divided MY People so I will divide their land.

I am protecting those that are MINE, and I know who is MINE. I have even shaken the prison doors like in times of old, so the prisoners who preached the gospel, this was their only crime would be freed. I am coming in a mighty way and this year though your local news stations refuse to admit the destruction and anger I have already exhibited this year. I will start demonstrating in ways that they no longer will be able to ignore. They blame it on mother nature. There is only one Creator and I am the Father of all creation. “I AM” who “I AM!” There is no other. I share MY glory with no one especially a mother nature! I have sent forth the warnings in television programs, yes the rock has cried out, but are they listening, so few oh, so few. Don’t think I am rejoicing at what I must do for I am not, but I must, for the children now think they rule the parent.

A chain of volcano’s are going to go up at one time, it will be MY red hot lava that spews forth that symbolizes MY anger. How few even try to be Holy anymore. They think I will wink at sin. If only they would repent. If only they would realize I am a God that does not change. I am the same yesterday, today, and forever. You must change, not the great “I AM.” “I AM” who “I AM” and I apologize for nothing I do. I answer to no one. The great YAHUVEH is angry and even MY Son, the one I gave to you as a Savior cannot appease MY anger much longer. I am about to vent some of MY anger, beware all who have mocked ME, and the word of YAHUSHUA and silenced those who have the anointing of MY messengers. Abused, tortured and imprisoned in mankind’s prisons. I am angry! I warned Sodom and Gomorrah and I am warning you now once again. The world is a modern day Babylon, this world. I am a Creator who demands Holiness; I put in every human a place that desires holiness and a relationship with their Creator.

I will not only send the volcano’s that will erupt in a chain reaction, but I will shake the earth as a parent shakes a disobedient child. I am going to shake not one section of the earth at a time, but many sections of the earth at a time. I am going to send forth MY feet that will stomp the ground in rage. For MY anger is great toward the rebellious who have shaken their fist in MY face, and said they refuse to obey a book and rules written so many thousands of years ago. For those who use MY Name as a curse word. For those who mock MY Son’s Blood that was shed for them at Calvary. I am going to send forth the hurricanes to demonstrate the tears I have shed over MY unrepentant children and over those that I created that should have been MY Children but refused to acknowledge ME as Father.

Those who turned to unholiness, and did not even attempt to please ME or seek ME. Floods will come and will cover many sections of the earth at one time. These will symbolize MY tears, as so many have Hell over Heaven. Those that chose satan over YAHUSHUA! I will send forth the tornadoes and it will be MY fist sending forth the flying wind. I will demonstrate this not in one place, when you see many come together you will know I am speaking and I am angry and MY anger is not easily appeased.

There have always been earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes here and there but when you see them like a chain reaction, many at the same time then you will know this is the time I have warned you about. REPENT NOW before it’s too late! I have been holding back MY anger far too long now! For the sake of MY Son and his prayers for you, the people I have held back MY wrath. But satan mocks ME and taunts ME because I have not punished you. He uses MY own creation to mock and taunt ME. The mouths I created! The mouths I anointed at one time. Yes, even in MY own churches I am mocked as the Holy Word is twisted to conform into man’s image. Not a Holy Gods image. They are teaching homosexuality is of ME, it’s not sin, it’s YAHUVEH’s fault, it’s a birth defect.

The lying and deceiving spirits are going forth out of those that have a form of godliness, but no godliness within. I will personally deal with these evil shepherds in ways that will show the people I am not a God to be mocked. I am not a God to be easily angered. I will deal harshly and you will see them drop dead in the pulpits, those that encourage these things and abortion. I knew each of you before you were in your mother’s wombs. I created and fashioned and planned what I wanted your lives to be. It was your choice whether you became what I intended.

Don’t blame ME, for I only wanted the best for you. Even those of you who have suffered, and led a life that has not seemed blessed, I will and have used you for MY glory, in your suffering you have Glorified ME as others see you will still praise ME, serve ME and worship ME. MY anointing pours forth in your lives, even greater than those who have led a life that has few problems. Your life has not been given the blessings of others, but it was not because I do not love you like the others, it is because like YAHUSHUA was put on this earth to suffer for the sake of others, so to were you, and great will your rewards be in heaven if you remain faithful to the end.

Some of MY Children have become bitter as they see the heathen, those that never bow a knee, or give a prayer to ME of thanks, and MY Children say what kind of a God is this? I say to you, you should not envy the wealthy who do not acknowledge ME, or the wicked. It seems they have every blessing in life for that is all they will ever have, and then will be eternal damnation, and eternal Hell and torment. They gave up eternity in Heaven for brief years on earth where they partook in every kind of sin, especially the sin of thinking they did not need a Savior.

You on the other hand, should you stay faithful will see Heaven and for a brief time on earth you will know suffering, hatred and abuse, but don’t turn bitter, don’t turn away from ME. Turn toward ME instead. Look what a loving Father I am. I have forewarned you so when these things come to the earth you already have been forewarned, so you can REPENT and warn others before MY anger is vented. I send MY Prophets to warn before I send the doom. But you who are faithfully loving, serving ME and washing yourselves in the Blood of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH so you remain Holy in MY sight, you have nothing to fear during this time, you will not be caught unaware.

I will protect all that is MINE, and I know all that is MINE. I know each and everyone of your hearts, and I have your souls in MY hands for you have given your life and soul to ME when you accepted YAHUSHUA as your Master and Savior. You have presented your bodies as living sacrifices for MY glory. I am not angry with you, I love you and I will shelter and protect you. Yes, even when you see the world shaken in MY rage, cry out to ME. I will be there to comfort you.

The reason so many of you are not feeling MY presence right now, has nothing to do with you. Yes, even the one I am using to speak these words and knows not from one word to the next what she will type, is having difficulty feeling MY presence since I last used her to warn the people. I have given her this unusual anointing to get MY People’s attention that she would have no other way to speak to, for I have scattered you throughout the world. MY Prophets and messengers will hear, and have spiritual ears and eyes and a bold mouth to warn the people who are not listening.

I tell you again Prophets and Children of MINE, do not despair and think I have left you when you can’t feel ME by your side anymore. I have not gone anywhere I am still here; I am only silent for it is the calm before the storm. I get silent before I lose MY temper for I am trying to hold back the rage, but since the flood of Noah it has been building and again I am in grief when I see all that I have done, even giving MY only begotten Son as a sacrifice. Abraham had another sacrifice; I gave MY Son, for your Savior. How few will receive HIM. I am ANGRY! I gave HIS Body so you could be healed. How few will believe that there is healing because of those lashes (stripes) that were laid upon HIS Body. I gave HIS Blood, so you could be forgiven. How few will accept that gift at Calvary. I gave HIS life, so you could be saved. Oh, this is why you feel the loss of MY presence. Haven’t you ever been so angry with your children that you lost the desire to speak, for fear of your own anger? Haven’t you ever grieved so hard you just wanted to be silent or been so angry that you just want to be silent. Daring not to vent your anger for fear of what would happen. I am there!

I am not angry with those who miss feeling MY presence. I am angry with those who do not even notice that I am being silent, and MY presence is not being missed. For those of you feeling MY presence is missing, and grieve for that, and are repenting and wondering what you have done wrong, now I am speaking forth out of MY handmaiden and telling you, you have done everything that is right, that is why you are noticing MY silence, and not feeling MY presence. I am not speaking to those who are in sin, and never knew ME or missed ME to begin with. You know who I am speaking too. Only MY Children will understand. For those of you, who were MY Children but became lukewarm, come back now I beg of you. Miss ME and long to hear MY voice again. I have never left, you have.

Repent of teaching error. Repent for teaching sin is not unholiness and there is no such thing as sin, for an all loving YAHUVEH will forgive you no matter what you do. There is no need of repenting, or turning away from sin. Can’t you see that is a lie of the devil. The devil says, “You don’t need a Savior,” MY gift, MY Beloved Son YAHUSHUA. Can’t you see? As I weep when I think of the price MY Beloved has paid for you. If you say there is no such thing as sin, and everything is acceptable to ME for I am a God that doesn’t care anymore who or what you sleep with.

What innocent blood is shed? Even the unborn, it’s not sin to murder them as long as you cannot see them. Even when you can see them as long as they are murdering innocent babies to save the life of others oh well, they are useful for something. This is murder and this is sin! Preachers you will answer to ME personally. For you have said you are working for ME, but you have been working against ME. Homosexuality is SIN! Abortion is SIN! Murder is SIN! Rebellion is SIN! Witchcraft is SIN! You know what SIN is! Read the 10 Commandments! Preachers, Apostles, Prophets, Teachers, Evangelists, get back to preaching sin as sin. Only a repented sinner will be forgiven.

No more everyone close your eyes we don’t want to embarrass anyone, so they can raise their hands and accept YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH as their savior. Do you have any idea how that has angered ME.? Since when is it a source of embarrassment to come to YAHUSHUA for the forgiveness of your sins. There cannot be salvation without confessing your sins to others. Confession is made unto salvation. I tell you if you don’t confess ME before men, YAHUSHUA will not confess you before I the Father. MY own children, MY own evangelists, prophets, pastors, teachers, apostles have done this.

Oh, the pain. The grief I have bared over this. How long do you think these people who were too ashamed to stand and confess they needed a savior, will stay saved? Right away the enemy will steal that little seed that was planted. Those of you, who have done this, REPENT! Openly refuse to do this anymore. For you will answer for the lost souls that would have been saved. Those of you who have made ME out to be a God of deceit as you say they can raise their hands in secret and say YAHUSHUA come into my heart, without first teaching they must weep and repent for their sins, and turn away from those sins. Agree to put YAHUSHUA first in their lives, and to follow after holiness, not unholiness. You will answer to ME personally also, and for all of those that thought, once saved always saved, now we can do anything we want because all our sins are covered. You did not teach them, ‘why do you say you love ME and not obey ME?’

Those of you who have used the spirit of trickery to get people to raise their hands while everyone’s eyes are closed only to have them come up and stand before the people after you led them to believe they could do it in secret. You have shown them that YAHUVEH is a God of deceit and trickery. I AM NOT! For this you shall pay, if you don’t REPENT! Yes, before the earth starts rocking, I am even now rocking and dividing the ungodly and the godly in what is supposed to be MY Churches, MY Temples. I speak of the gathering places now. For the true church and temples are MY People.

But in the church buildings you will see what happens to those who have deceived MY sheep. Or those that wanted to be sheep but turned into goats, for the evil shepherd is a wolf sent amongst MY sheep to destroy them for lack of knowledge and discernment. I am ANGRY! In the church buildings you have already seen the division starting. I am exposing the enemy within your own camps. Beware, stop, look, and listen to the voice of the RUACH ha KODESH. Again keep calling to ME and saying I miss your presence for these are the ones that used to feel MY presence and used to hear MY voice daily and now notice MY silence.

But I will not always stay silent MY beloved ones, it is only for a short time you will feel MY grief, and you must not go by your feelings for that is flesh. You must go with your faith for that is of the Spirit. This day I have chosen to speak through this handmaiden, do not argue amongst yourselves and say why would YAHUVEH speak through a woman or anoint her hands. I leave you with this, I choose to use who I choose to use, and answer to no man. And if I had anointed only her mouth like she is accustomed too, and not anointed her hands on the keyboard, would you have heard ME speak this message through her this day? You have answered your own question.

Now please warn the people, though in the times of Noah most won’t listen. Still, don’t have the blood on your hands like Ezk.3 says, “Let not the blood be found on your hands.” WARN THE PEOPLE! There is yet a small amount of time left, for MY Son’s sake I have had mercy on the people, but the time of vengeance and judgment quickly approaches. Warn them, and seek ME while I yet can be found. Take note this date and watch closely the events in the world. 2\5\97. I have forbidden MY handmaiden, Sherrie Elijah, to change one word that I have spoken. Though she knows not all will welcome what I have spoken.

Again, I warn those who are MY enemies but pretend to be MY friends, Judas’ beware, for when you seek to harm this messenger you are harming the one who has created her and anointed her. You will be the first who feels MY wrath and you will know MY presence in ways you would rather not know it. I am ANGRY, and you who have begged ME to speak have heard the voice of love, reassurance, grief, and intense anger. You have heard the voice of the Great YAHUVEH “I AM” speak forth out of a broken vessel of clay this day. Pray for those whose hearts you have tried to reach, and yet push ME away. Pray they repent today, for tomorrow may be too late.

Given to Prophet Sherrie Elijah 2/5/1997

* * * * * * *

Brother Noel, I just read this to my rebellious teenage son, and said there will be people all over the world who will be praying and seeking YAHUVEH to see if what I have written is of YAHUVEH. Was it really YAHUVEH the Father through the anointing of the RUACH HA KODESH that spoke forth from me? This will be tested and confirmed by many prophets, pastors, apostles, teachers, evangelists. Before they confirmed the other prophetic messages this year YAHUVEH gave me, now I ask you son of mine, was this the voice of YAHUVEH speaking forth from me? And the best confirmation for me was when my son said to me, “Yeah.”

Praise YAHUSHUA! I told him there is hope for him yet. For even a rebellious youth can hear the voice of YAHUVEH. This was the greatest test yet and I have no doubt YAHUVEH himself spoke these words for me to type this day. Please copy this and send it to everyone the RUACH ha KODESH tells you too. Share it in your church, even if they won’t listen.


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