Given to Apostle Elisabeth Elijah (Elisheva Eliyahu)
May 12, 2006

This is from Prophecy 105, YAHUVEH said to put this up on all Prophecies from now on: I warned you a long time ago Elisabeth(Elisheva) not to name this Ministry after a man or a woman even before there was a Ministry. I put it in your spirit for none of this has been done by your hand, none of this has come forth from your mouth. It is from the mouth of YAHUVEH that has given birth. It is from the mouth of YAHUSHUA your MASHIACH that has given birth. It is from the mouth of the RUACH ha KODESH your IMMAYAH that has given birth. If it had only been by your hand it would have failed long ago. It is by the SHKHINYAH GLORY’s wind that blows across this earth, the Holy wind of revival, it is not by your breath or it would have failed. (Isaiah 42:8)

In July 2010 YAHUVEH GOD also said to add the following from 2nd Chronicles before every Prophecy:

2 Chronicles 36:16, “But they mocked the Messengers of GOD, despised HIS Words, and scoffed at HIS Prophets, until the wrath of the LORD arose against HIS people, till there was no remedy.”

* * * * * * *

An Explanation is needed as to how this prophecy came forth. It includes private things in our lives we would rather not share, but we really have no choice. Sorry it is so long. This will also be included in the forth coming book soon to be released.

This word came forth while many of the Bride were together in prayer with us at the hotel in Annecy, France, after a disappointing day looking for a home to set up as a sanctuary in France. After several days of looking on the Internet and several phone calls, we were finally led by YAHUVEH to look at two homes that were approximately 80 miles from where we were.

The homes looked great on the Internet and seemed to fit all of our needs, so we made an appointment to look at both homes. After a beautiful drive with much praising and singing unto YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA, and much confidence we were going to get a home this day, we arrived at the owner’s personal home and she invited us for lunch at her house in France. We had a wonderful lunch prepared by her and her daughters.

We then went to the first home and we were disappointed at its age and condition. This was true of the second home as well. She then had a third home we could look at that she managed for a private company. We went to the third house and it was just beautiful. We all felt pretty good at this possibility until she told us what the rent was per month! Are you all sitting down? It was 11,000 Euros per month which equals approx. $15,000 USD per month.

Well, that is way out of our price range, so we had no choice but to head back to where we just came from. Everyone was pretty disappointed and thought we just wasted a whole day going around in circles and had many questions that needed to be taken to prayer.

This is what we were praying on when this prophetic word came forth. As we were all praying in tongues, we kept hearing that we were hindered. There were two women, Cathy O. and Hirut in Alaska, that were called to be the Bride of YAHUSHUA but because of their disobedience, we were being hindered from what we were called to do in Europe, to set up a European Safe sanctuary.

Both of these women were to be with us in Europe, both had said they would be with us wherever we would go. This was YAHUSHUA’s will, for HE spoke it. We spent Passover with both of these women in Anchorage, Alaska, and they both knew what they were to do regarding getting ready to flee when they were told to flee. They both appeared to be willing to do whatever they needed to do and get ready to flee. We did not know at the time we were going to Europe. We thought we were going to South America at the time.

Cathy O. is in an unequally yoked marriage and we warned her several times about her psychiatrist husband Alex who was aware of this ministry but did not support it. He is a heathen who questions the existence of God. We told her she is to do only what YAHUSHUA tells her and not listen to her husband because she is unequally yoked. We warned her about the mind control and manipulation he will use against her.

Cathy O. wanted to believe that her husband was going to be saved and she felt responsible that it was her job to get him saved. But we knew otherwise. This man is reprobate and we knew it, but she did not want to believe us. To make a long story short, Cathy O. unfortunately chose her unsaved husband over being the Bride of YAHUSHUA.

Before Passover, Cathy O. contacted this ministry and said she was being led by YAHUSHUA to give this ministry a generous offering. She told us it was her retirement money from a previous job and was not her husband’s. She said she did not feel at the time to tell her husband about this and we agreed because we have seen satan rear up his ugly head many times before in these situations. And people end up disobeying YAHUSHUA because of an unsaved husband or wife and do not do what they know they are to do. Cathy O. did give the ministry this offering just as she was led to, but she struggled with not telling her heathen, reprobate husband.

To make a long story short, I (Elisabeth/Elisheva) had trusted Cathy O. and given her the phone number while we were at a hotel in France. She called and was talking to me and then told me she had finally told her husband about the offering she gave the ministry and asked me if I wanted to talk to her husband. I said “NO” but then her husband started talking to me on another line.

I had no idea he was on the other line and felt very betrayed by Cathy O. and felt like I was set up. He said he wanted his money back. He said he wanted to know what we did with his money. The bottom line is, he wanted the money back and he was going to do everything that he could to get it. He even contacted my so-called first husband. The only way that he could have done this is with Cathy O’s help. I hope we are wrong for her sake, but I don’t know how else he could have gotten a hold of him.

We never asked anything from Cathy O. She sent the offering because YAHUSHUA laid it upon her heart to do so.

Hirut told us during Passover that she knew she was supposed to quit her job and so did Cathy O. before they even met us and get ready to flee. She had retirement money she was to apply for and would receive in 30 days or so. We gave her a confirmation on this after we prayed but she said she could not quit without her employer finding a replacement for her first. We told her not to wait, that she was to quit immediately because satan will do everything he can to make sure a replacement is not found to hinder her from obeying YAHUVEH.

Her other excuse was her two dogs. One dog died soon after Passover and now she has one dog left. She didn’t want to leave her remaining dog. Needless to say, Hirut did not quit her job, and as far as we know, she is still working there. She knew she was to quit before she met us. Even those who work with her started treating her like an enemy and there was no peace there.

YAHUVEH gave her every sign. Why would anyone chose a worldly job over being the Bride of YAHUSHUA and obeying HIM for your own safety’s sake if for no other reason. We just don’t understand it. Why would Cathy O. choose to betray YAHUSHUA for a heathen, reprobate husband? We have to mention all of this or you will not understand the anger of YAHUSHUA in the prophecy below concerning these two women. European Bride of YAHUSHUA, you don’t even know these two women and yet it affects you, because we couldn’t be a further blessing to you.

This is why YAHUSHUA is so angry. If Cathy O. and Hirut had obeyed, they would have been in France with us and we would have had plenty of finances to secure a sanctuary and a gathering place for the Bride of YAHUSHUA. We were hindered to do what we were called to do in France and Switzerland because of disobedience by those who call themselves the Bride.

We know many things were affected because of this. This is the message YAHUSHUA wants us all to hear. Disobedience not only affects those who are in disobedience but it affects others also. We could not do what we were called to do in Europe. We grieve because we feel we have failed in what we were sent there to do. We need a large house in Europe to be a sanctuary a place of refuge for the Holy when persecution comes.

Cathy O. doesn’t understand we were used to be a blessing to others in Europe. Cathy is married to a millionaire, if we understand correctly and Alex’s god is money. We tried so hard that day on the telephone to reach his soul for YAHUSHUA, but all he wanted to do was argue. His father is a millionaire missionary in Africa. Cathy has such a generous heart and if she could have, she even offered to give her house to us. It really hurts when a friend betrays your trust. How much more does YAHUSHUA hurt when this happens?

Cathy O. always said she knew she would leave Alex because he had even said that when then Mark of the Beast comes, he would force her and the children to take it. She was prepared to leave him, but being a psychiatrist, he knows how to manipulate a mind. We ask you to pray for her to be freed from the demonic influence of this man and from satan.

We ask you to pray for Hirut. She lives with her mother and her mother doesn’t believe in the Shabbat or the Jewishness of the Messiah. Both are influenced by those they live with. We pray this will all be redeemed in the name of YAHUSHUA, for we were told and they believed where we would go they would be with us. Remember Nahum 1 says YAHUVEH is a jealous God and HE will remove whoever is loved more than HE is.

Please, when you share this prophecy also include the explanation or some parts of it won’t be understood. Thank you.

* * * * * * *
Prophecy 86

Given to Apostle Elisabeth Elijah (Elisheva Eliyahu)

For truly I have spoken forth. Does not your entire body have to operate in unison? Can one foot say it is going to walk to the left and the other foot say it is going to walk to the right? Can one side of your mouth say I am going to speak out of one side and the other on the other side? This is what it is like when I try to deal with a disobedient so-called Bride. I say, “Walk this way” they say, “No; I want to walk that way.” Do you remember when I said, “It is the last call for the Bride?” Do you know how many are missing it because they refuse to listen to MY voice? I am not an earthly husband, when I give an order I expect it to be followed. When I say, “Lay it on the altar of sacrifice,” I expect it to be put down.

Do you know how many still smoke cigarettes? Do you know how many still get drunk behind closed doors? Do you know how many still read porn? Do you know how many have lust in their hearts? And yet they say, “I want to be part of the Bride.” Away from ME you disobedient so-called Bride! When I tell you to lay everything down, when I tell you to lay your finances down, when I tell you to join together with the others, to depart from the unbelievers, when I tell you that lightness and darkness do not go together. Instead you keep going trying to find a prophet for your itching ears. Well, you’re not going to find it here.

This Ringmaiden will speak forth MY truths, she will not compromise. You think you hate her now, those who are not of ME? You haven’t seen anything yet. But those who truly belong to ME, you will have a love like you never dreamed possible for you will embrace the truths that I speak forth. For those of you who are obedient, who truly do wait and pant for MY every word…


Oh how I LOVE YOU! How I embrace you. When you say, “Tell me the way, light the path, I will do whatever you say even if it goes against my flesh, even if it means I have to financially sacrifice, I will do it your way.” These are MY Bride. And you recognize one another for you are a family like no other family. You think with one mind and you love with one heart and MY Name is never far apart.

Each and everyone of you embrace ME with a love anew. These are MY Bride. Your desire to live Holy before ME only grows stronger each day. You say, “Speak to me my beloved, I want a glimpse of you” and I say, “I am here and I embrace you and I kiss you and I love you and I hug you and I hold you”. These are MY Bride. They are not a disobedient so-called Bride.

Those who are in unequally yoked marriages that I never yoked, it’s like it is a rope around their neck and you are being hung, but when I come to cut the rope you say, “No, no let me hang.” Away from ME you disobedient so-called Bride. You are a Bride no more. In your eyes you call yourself a Bride, in your prayers you claim to be a Bride, but I test your obedience for I know your heart. I know who you love the most.

You can try and impress others, you can pray in MY Name, oh but I know your hearts. You will weep and you will lament one day, when you find out how many of you I had to call away. And I will say, “Away from ME, you disobedient ones who call yourself MY Bride.”

MY Bride comes together and they say, “What is it that I can share? What is it that I can do for you?” They love each other with a love that is oh so true. These are MY Bride.” I have warned and I have warned again, I said, “Give up your sin.” I am not saying that you are not saved. But I am saying you are not worthy to be called MY Bride. Oh but these gathered here, oh what a love you have for one another. I sent you forth to call the European Bride and the other Nations beside.

How many care when you have a need and you put the need out? The Bride will not let you down. The Bride will be generous, they will know that your need is their need. Just as surely as I sent Elijah of old [in Hebrew, Eliyahu], and told the widow of Zarapeth to share with Elijah [in Hebrew, Eliyahu] and he said, “Share with me your last meal, so it will not be your last meal.” So too, I send this Elijah of New [in Hebrew, Eliyahu] to do the same thing. I send her to the widows of Zarapeth that say, “I have no need.” Oh, but so very quickly you shall see, you will have desperate needs. It is because you deafened your ears when MY Ringmaiden called, I shall deafen MY ears when you call.

For there is coming meteors and they shall fall from the sky, all over the world they will run and hide! The earth shall quake not in just one place and the volcanoes shall blow like a chain reaction it shall blow. And only those who are truly stayed in ME, in the Living Rock shall stay protected. Storms like you have never seen, this is just the beginning that shall come. But those who have stayed in ME and in MY Father Abba YAHUVEH you shall remain protected when you are protected in MY Name. You want to close your ears when I say, “Honor the Sabbath Day and I don’t mean the man-made one.” You want to cover your ears when I say, “Honor the Holy feasts and I don’t mean the man-made ones, the pagan holidays instead you would rather honor, instead of MY Father Abba YAHUVEH Holy Days.” WE are the same yesterday, today and forever MY Father and ME. Just because you change your idea of sin, doesn’t mean that WE have.

I know MY beloved ones this is not even what you were praying on, but the words that were on MY heart [“Does not your entire body have to operate in unison?” i.e. does not the entire body of YAHUSHUA have to operate in unison?]—you can see what happens when there is disobedience from those who are called to be MY Bride. I don’t care if you give a billion dollars. If you are disobedient I will say, “Away from ME, this doesn’t impress ME.” I don’t care what sacrifice you lay down, if you are not obedient to YAHUVEH, if you are not obedient to ME, I will say “Away from ME you are not MY Bride.” The time is short, the time is seconds away from MY coming for MY beloved Bride. No time to play games, no time for pew warmers, no time for the lukewarm. Truly I spew them out of MY mouth.

You say, “Oh YAHUSHUA, you never would talk to us like this.” You forget I was a lamb but once, now I am a Lion. I am a balance in all things, as MY Abba YAHUVEH is. WE are almighty in love and WE are almighty in war. Did I not curse the fig tree that did not produce fruit? What makes you think I have changed? I went to the cross for you; I gave MY Life and MY Blood for you and you say, “You ask too much of me, I can’t give up my sin.”

Then don’t expect to be MY Bride. Does not the Word say, in the end time the Holy shall be more Holy and the unholy shall be more unholy. Behold the end times, for it is here. No more time to cast your pearls before swine. Go to those I tell you to go and if they do not receive the truth, shake the dust off your feet and go on.

There are those that are meant to be here (in France with us). They haven’t just let you down. They let ME down. They put their jobs before ME, they put an unsaved loved one before ME, they put their children before ME when I told them that their children would be fine. They put the money and luxuries that they wanted. They don’t care that you left everything behind. They don’t care that you don’t have a home. They don’t care that you don’t have a vehicle, they don’t care that you left everything for others.

Oh, but I have a Bride that will care and oh I am bringing them to you. They will be blessed and they will be honored to serve you. In this world’s eyes I sent royalty to you to open up the path before you, [and you heard the words,] “You will never want and never need again.”

(Elisabeth [Elisheva]) yells, “Oh, my hand!” explanation: During this message and prayer and to confirm it is YAHUSHUA speaking, YAHUSHUA puts HIS hand over [mine] and it feels like fire and ice at the same time, because the flesh can’t handle the anointed touch of YAHUSHUA it is so powerful and it is very painful.)

I sent you to her for you are to be a blessing to one another. As you would lay your life down for one another so too, these that I call MY Bride would do the same for you. And no good thing will they withhold from you for they know the price you have paid to obey ME in such a way. And Elisabeth [Elisheva] if you think you have been hated thus far, if you think your name is cursed thus far, for it is a curse on the heathens lips, it is a curse on the lukewarm ones lips, it is a curse on satan’s servants lips!

Oh, but I tell you this, the blessings are only going to get stronger and for those whose names are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life they will love you with a love that you have never comprehended. Those who are the Bride when they hear this message they will recognize, they will cover their faces and they will cry and they will say, “What can I do for you?”

For you see this one that the world calls royal, and you MY Ringmaiden, although no one on earth will ever put a coronation on you, in Heaven you shall have your coronation, I bring you all together. I bring you together as one.

Elisabeth [Elisheva], you feared going to Africa, you say, “My skin is too light what will they think, will they hate me?” I tell you, those with MY Spirit will embrace and love you. They don’t look at the color of your skin, just like you don’t look at theirs and I send you there to show you this, in Africa that you are one.

You will not lack any good thing. I don’t care how small it is. I send you royalty to pave the way. You know one another; you see one another in each other’s eyes. You [Elisabeth (Elisheva)] never experienced this with another [sister].

But again I say, in Heaven before you came down to this earth all of you were before MY throne and cried to ME and said, “Send me, send me, send me!” and you said, “Make me a leader, make me a leader!” as a little child would say, “Make me a leader” and I crowned you.

Oh [beloved children], why do you think your life has been so hard? Oh, this is the life of the bride of YAHUSHUA for the servant is not greater than the master. If it was easy for ME, it would be easy for you but on this earth it was not easy. If they all would have received ME, they all would have received you but I was rejected more than I was received just like now.

They run to the prophets who only prophesy good things. They run to the prophets who start the prophet schools and they teach only to edify and only lift up and never say anything negative. I call these false prophets. MY prophets are sent to warn of the judgments that will come. MY Prophets are sent to prophesy what will come. The spirit of prophecy is of I, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH.

But you say, “YAHUSHUA, this is not any of our questions being answered.” What if it is not MY desire yet to tell you? Doesn’t mean I won’t. Instead I choose to use you to bring forth Prophecy 86. (We were praying for direction.)

How many seek ME in prayer? I don’t mean the bedtime prayers. How many seek MY Abba YAHUVEH and truly intercede and truly pray. I have given instructions to MY Bride to cover the Two Witnesses in prayer. How many of you are obeying? How many lift this Ministry up? How many help it in anyway? And yet you still claim your MY Bride? Again I say, “Away from ME you who call yourself MY Bride, who are in disobedience. It doesn’t matter what you call yourself. I know MY Bride. If you’re not helping, you’re hindering and if you’re hindering, you’re not of ME. For those of you I raised up to give sacrificially again and again, Oh, how you have built up your treasures in Heaven.

For truly I say unto you, MY Bride would do this and those whose names are found in the Lamb’s Book of Life.

This is what is on MY heart this day. I will answer your questions MY Beloved ones, I will answer your questions MY beloved Bride, but right now this is on MY heart. This is how it (disobedience) has affected you, when you cry out to ME and say, “Which direction do we go? Where do we live? What do we do for a car?” and yet I say, “If those who are disobedient would have listened and obeyed you would not be crying out now. So I just raise up new ones to take the place of those who refuse to obey.

[Elisabeth (Elisheva): During this prophecy I saw a vision of the anointed ring I call the Red Sea ring that I wore for 10 years and I saturated in prayer.]

I see a vision—I see the Red Sea ring. Whenever a path doesn’t open up, when you get back to your homeland or anywhere else command it to open in the Name of YAHUSHUA. Command the hindrance to be removed. For YAHUSHUA reminds me much suffering had to go forth for that kind of anointing to be in that ring for it is powerful.

[Prophecy Continues:]

All of you please ME so much. All of you please ME so much. Oh MY precious Bride you know who you are, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. Can’t you hear MY tender words? Don’t you know how much you mean to ME? There is no sacrifice that you have made that has not been pleasing unto ME. I LOVE YOU, MY PRECIOUS BRIDE!

For those of you who are the guests at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, I shall dance with you, I shall laugh with you, I shall kiss you, I shall hug you, I shall thank you. For not everyone has been ordained to be MY Bride. Oh, but the precious guests, what a price you have paid, what a price you will pay to be at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. The Bride shall embrace you and the Bride shall thank you for the price that you have and will pay.

(Praise and worship goes forth) Holy, Holy, Holy, we worship and praise you YAHUSHUA, come YAHUSHUA, come for your Bride. Take us to a higher anointing. We long to see your face, Come YAHUSHUA, come for your Bride. Please can it be this Rosh Hashanah 2006? We want to be caught with our Bridegroom. We want to be caught up to meet you in the air. We Worship you. We Praise you. We Adore you. We fall on our faces before you. Come YAHUSHUA come. Your Ring Maiden cries out to you and says, “Come YAHUSHUA come.” We Worship you. We Worship you. You are our everything. We put you first in our life, love and marriages. No one can compare to you. We want to be married to you, join with you for eternity. We say, “Come YAHUSHUA come, come for your Bride, come for your wife.”


I say, behold MY Bride. You are Royalty in MY eyes, all over the world MY Bride is Royalty in MY eyes. How can MY Bride not be Royal when you are betrothed to the King. Did I not say you are as a Queen Esther; you are Royalty before all of Heaven. Woe be unto anyone that touches MY Bride. Woe be unto anyone that curses MY Bride. Woe be unto anyone that slanders MY Bride. Woe be unto anyone that tries to harm MY Bride or does harm MY Bride. It would have been better off if you had never been born.

I give this word to you as the Day of Pentecost approaches; expect the anointing to only grow stronger. Meet with ME on the Day of Pentecost. Expect a greater anointing; expect to hear from ME, and greater revelations you will see.

So it is spoken, so it is written under the anointing for the Glory of YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA.

On 5/12/06 ending at 8:30 pm in Annecy, France
Apostle Elisabeth Elijah (Elisheva Eliyahu)


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