Prophecy 67 – “Meteor Destruction Coming, Pray For A Delay In Judgment!”

Given to Apostle Elisabeth Elijah (Elisheva Eliyahu)
December 19, 2002

This is from Prophecy 105, YAHUVEH said to put this up on all Prophecies from now on: I warned you a long time ago Elisabeth (Elisheva) not to name this Ministry after a man or a woman even before there was a Ministry. I put it in your spirit for none of this has been done by your hand, none of this has come forth from your mouth. It is from the Mouth of YAHUVEH that has given birth. It is from the Mouth of YAHUSHUA your MASHIACH that has given birth. It is from the Mouth of the RUACH ha KODESH your IMMAYAH that has given birth. If it had only been by your hand it would have failed long ago. It is by the SHKHINYAH GLORY’S Wind that blows across this earth, the Holy Wind of Revival, it is not by your breath or it would have failed. (Isaiah 42:8)

In July 2010 YAHUVEH GOD also said to add the following from 2nd Chronicles before every Prophecy:

2 Chronicles 36:16, “But they mocked the Messengers of GOD, despised HIS Words, and scoffed at HIS Prophets, until the wrath of the LORD arose against HIS people, till there was no remedy.”

* * * * * * *

Prophetic warning dream given to me on December 19, 2002 awoke at 7:00 p.m. after 2 hour nap. If anyone is keeping track, this month has brought forth 3 prophecies and 2 warning dreams. Never in the 27 years has YAHUSHUA used me with such urgency. It started on First Day of Dec. and Chanukah.

meteor hits earth

Earlier this afternoon, a youth told me he had a dream of Meteors hitting certain states. He was told to write down the dream so we could warn the people and they could pray for Judgment to be delayed in the name of YAHUSHUA and cry out for MERCY and for more time to reach the lost souls in America and this world. This youth has seen the persecution and hateful words that have come forth from others against me on other websites and he doesn’t want the same treatment. Who would?

So he didn’t write it down and I said, “Well, YAHUVEH, you gave the warning dream to him, not me, so I can’t force him”. Then I laid down for a nap because I was exhausted and I had the below dream. What is even more interesting, I AWOKE from the SAME dream and I fell back asleep as I was starting to share it and I went right back into the SAME dream exactly where it left off!

Now when YAHUVEH speaks once in a dream we should test it, but when He speaks twice after awakening from the dream to go back into the same dream, we better really wake up and pay attention! I know I will again be branded a false prophet by my enemies and my name will be slandered by those that call themselves Holy and have the masses fooled, but they are Pharisees and not even a Prophet. I know that I should count the persecution all joy, but I admit I have not been able to think of slander, name calling and threats as JOY yet. It hurts and when you cut me I still bleed like anyone else. I have never had a month like December 2002. It started out December 1st, the First day of Chanukah with Prophecy 65, “FLEE THE CHURCHES of BABYLON and on December 8th, a prophetic warning dream entitled, “EXPLODING STARS and MISSILES” and during the recording of the dream a new prophecy came forth, Prophecy 66, “YAHUSHUA is not coming back for the church but for HIS Bride.”

I received more email from these two prophecies than any other prophecy thus far. All the email was encouraging me and praying blessings on me for speaking forth the truth. People have also sent postal letters saying “Thank you!” YAHUSHUA knew the verbal attacks would come from behind my back and they did. First YAHUSHUA sent forth his troops to encourage and prophesy to me that I am to keep on speaking forth HIS truths and not compromise, nor let the devil discourage me. Thank you for ALL those that support this work of YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA and who have taken the time to encourage this handmaiden of YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA. I even received a Prophetic word from a Prophet, Samuel in Mexico, and the first time we spoke on the phone he said under the anointing of YAHUVEH, “You will know this is worth the persecution, for wait until you see all the surprises and rewards waiting for you in Heaven.”

If you wonder why work was delayed at the ministry site and noticed the quiet, it is because like a turtle I went and hid my head because of the hateful persecution of another website that dares to call themselves worthy and there is nothing worthy in their name of the site, nor the people that attack this ministry and all those that stand up against lies. Instead of worthynews it should be Judgment will come to the Pharisee’s who come with a form of Godliness but no Godliness within. Instead of listening to the Prophetic dreams and prophecies, they are more concerned with attacking the woman sent with the message from Heaven. Oh well. So this painted turtle is coming out of her shell again and ready again for the attacks to come. Below is the dream, I will relate it exactly as I had it, although some things I have to explain for it is personal to me.

Meteor Destruction Coming To These States,
Pray For Delay Of Judgment!

Apostle Elisabeth Elijah (Elisheva Eliyahu)

I found a phone number list with someone’s name on it I once called a friend. Her name is Shoshanah. I found her phone number on a ledge. I had not called her in years for I knew she once was a Christian who turned into a Messianic Jew as she taught others not only who JESUS is but now used his Hebrew name YAHUSHUA. I knew even in the dream Shoshanah was no longer a friend and a sister for she became an Orthodox Jew and started teaching people on her huge website that Jews did not have to accept YAHUSHUA (Jesus Christ) as MESSIAH, only obey the Laws of the Torah and they would be saved! From a woman I once respected as a Prophet and spiritual leader, leading souls to YAHUSHUA and how far she fell. It is one thing to believe as the Orthodox Jews do in ignorance but to do this and still have your site listed as Messianic Jew and teach these lies is blasphemy! I have not even thought of this woman in years and here she was in my dream. (Note: We have just lost our phone list recently with her name on it.)

I found her phone number and thought I must call her right away and warn her of the coming Meteor shower. I dialed her phone number and another woman answered and said Shoshanah was not there, she should have been back but wasn’t and they didn’t know where she was. I said, “This is Apostle Elisabeth Sherrie Elijah (Elisheva Eliyahu) but she knows me as Sherrie (Elisheva Sherrie), please write my phone number down.” The woman wrote my phone number down (It is the exact phone number I have now) and she had a high pitched voice when she spoke. I had interrupted her eating, she said, but she wanted to pray with me.

I started praying with her in the Heavenly Tongues given to me and a message came forth and she was also praying in tongues. I was to warn that Meteor Destruction was coming and I was given the mandate to assemble the troops on the wall. To pray and intercede for more time to reach the lost souls and to ask the Prayer intercessors to pray to YAHUVEH that HIS Judgment would be delayed!

I warned her of the state she lives in, Georgia, and the other states were Louisiana, Dallas, Texas, St. Louis, Missouri, Indiana, California and New York. I know this meteor destruction will not only come to these states but these are the ones I was given in the dream. This will be world wide for YAHUVEH is very angry, but his children who Worship and obey putting YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA first in their lives, their homes will be spared.

There will be meteor showers like this world has never seen and mass destruction and multitudes will be killed. The woman started praying louder. Then YAHUVEH said, “I give you the same prophetic warning I gave [another], which he did not take seriously. I now reaffirm through you for I know you will warn MY People and write down his dream. Judgment was already delayed, it will not be stopped but it can be delayed if my people will intercede and pray in a mighty way!”
I saw a vision in my dream and huge boulders and rocks looked like they were falling from the sky! Fires were breaking out at the same time. I told her we must warn the people. I told her I was given prophetic warnings of huge earthquakes, storms, missiles, biological warfare, nuclear warfare, plaques and now meteor showers like none seen before.

I remembered in the dream, she said she would help me, travel with me and warn the people! I was swinging my crossed leg very quickly in the dream sitting on a couch as we talked. It didn’t matter whether I knew the woman’s name or not, I recognized the HOLY SPIRIT in her! In the dream I ended the conversation on the phone because I realized I hadn’t eaten all day and must have been fasting, and I had a sharp pain in my leg.


I awoke and I was hungry and I did have a sharp pain in my right leg and prayed for the sharp pain in my leg and the pain went away.

I have to explain some personal things I would rather not say. Shoshanah is no longer my friend in real life for years now. I can’t even call her Sister for she says she is a Messianic Jewish ministry and yet tells the Jews that keeping the Torah alone will save their souls! I know the reason she wasn’t there in the dream and they had expected her back and she had not returned. I also expected her to come back and serve YAHUSHUA and teach the Jews and Gentiles there is no way to Heaven except through the gift YAHUVEH gave us at Calvary and that is YAHUVEH’S only begotten Son YAHUSHUA who is our sin sacrifice. She has not done so in real life that I am aware of. The only reason I have told you her name is because it is in the dream.

I don’t know the name of the woman with the high pitched voice, nor anything about her but in the dream I recognized the anointing of YAHUVEH. She was eating when I called, because she was eating the word of God YAHUVEH and was being nourished on meat. She was at Shoshanah’s house and I know she lives in Georgia. I was sent to warn the states of Georgia and Louisiana first!

I have no discernment why I was quickly swinging my crossed leg in the dream, nor why I got a pain in that leg. I don’t know why I was fasting that day and I feel the urgency of dangerous times ahead and I’mnow seeking YAHUVEH how to prepare for the coming year. As I was typing this the anointing came upon me and Prophecy 67 has come forth! Again the dream and the Prophecy have come at the same time.

I want to thank all of you who take these prophecies and warnings seriously and send them to other ministries as well as your email lists. You shall share in the same rewards that we do when these people are warned and spared. We are like a Golden chain, each link needs each other. I want to publicly thank Rev. Carolu for warning her email lists. I have written her back and she must not be getting the emails. Carolu and all those working with me to raise up intercessors for prayer warriors and warn as Ezek. 3: 17-21 states. You shall share in the same rewards in Heaven for obeying YAHUVEH and hearing HIS voice through these prophetic warnings.

I want to thank all who wrote Jim Bramlett and asked him to post Prophecy 66 (YAHUSHUA is not coming for the Church but for HIS BRIDE!) So many of you bombarded his email and I found out why YAHUVEH included his name in that prophecy. This shocked me, as a new babe in Christ wrote me the below and I don’t know if the prophecy was ever posted at the Five doves website. I grieve because Jim is looking for the rapture and yet he doesn’t believe in the soon coming Bridegroom being YAHUSHUA, he doesn’t believe in the Son of YAHUVEH. I wonder what the readers of five doves will say when they find this out? Who was YAHUSHUA praying too if he was the Father also? I wonder if Jim thinks YAHUSHUA was just talking to himself especially with HIS last words “Father why hast thou forsaken me?”

Elisabeth (Elisheva)

* * * * * * *

This is what Jim said to me after I emailed him. Seems like he is going against the trinity.

brother ivan,

Thanks, but anyone can post on the Five Doves site. I believe this should be posted by the one to whom it was given.

By the way, YAHUVEH is not the Father and YAHUSHUA the Son. YAHUVEH is the name of God in the Old Testament, who was really the preincarnate Son. YAHUVEH WAS YAHUSHUA, who said, “Before Abraham was, I am.” They are one and the same. I have studied this extensively.


* * * * * * *

The youth’s dream was brief it came also on 12.19.02.

He now tells me he has had the dream years ago without the name of states. I had the same dream back to back, which seldom happens, where I wake up and speak and then fall back to sleep only to go back into the same dream! Please warn your loved ones to accept YAHUSHUA as MESSIAH today! Warn them to live Holy as YAHUVEH commands us to live. Warn them to repent and turn away from their sins before it is too late! Warn them to LOVE and Fear YAHUVEH putting YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA first in their lives!

Youth’s brief dream…

I saw my old swimming pool at a house I once lived in. The pool was leaking so we took it down between 3 and 4 years ago. Then I saw big meteor’s hitting all over! I saw Meteors destroying New York, St. Louis Missouri, Dallas Texas, and California.

End of dream

(The reason YAHUVEH showed the pool that was taken down between 3 and 4 years ago is because JUDGMENT of the Meteors have been delayed that long because of the Prayers of the righteous that availed much.)

* * * * * * *
Prophecy 67
“Meteor Destruction Coming, Pray For A Delay In Judgment!”
Given to Apostle Elisabeth Elijah (Elisheva Eliyahu)

12/19/02 8:00 p.m.
I, YAHUVEH, will declare War from Heaven with giant Meteors of Mass destruction. I, YAHUVEH, will release these Meteors in showers like you have never seen. As stated in the book of Revelation. No weapon of warfare will be able to stop it! I, YAHUVEH, declare war on earth for its sinfulness, vast Meteor destruction will come; only Holy prayers will delay it. Judgment cannot be stopped but it can be delayed. As you fire your missiles from earth I shall fire MY missiles from Heaven. Who can fight against YAHUVEH and win?

Running from disasterEven the Heathen you rage against in other nations submit to the laws and statures of the god they serve. America, who is your God you serve and trust? America, what will it take for you to repent for the treason and adultery you have committed against YAHUVEH, who set your nation apart and blessed it because you were a friend to Israel and defended her. America, the day you lift a hand against Israel is the day I lift MY hand of blessings and protection off of America.

You call other nations war mongers, but what are you, America? Do you not think I hear the screams of the innocent ones that have been maimed and killed in wars that were not of the people’s making? I not only admonish and rebuke America but all nations who have taken part in wars not in MY will. I ask this world, do you not think I hear the screams of babies that are tortured in the mother’s womb because that mother in her selfishness thinks only of her own life and not of the unborn. Do you think I value one life over another? Your laws no longer protect the innocent but protect the guilty.

Your man-made laws now seek to take away your God-Given freedoms I gave America for what you call Home Security. There is no security when people will be treated as criminals, arrested without evidence, judged guilty and executed without even a trial or jury of their peers. Parts of this world already are doing this and America, you shake your head and fingers, and now you are writing laws to do the same? What is the price of privacy? What is the price of freedom to worship? Ask Israel that question for she pays a great price and so have the Christians around the world.

When will this world start caring about what is done in secret by others in Politics? Now enemies of YAHUVEH are the ones that speak out to defend American’s freedoms (ACLU) and because they are also enemies of the Gospel you ignore them when they try and get you to care about your freedom and privacy being taken from you. Remember when I warned when freedom of speech is taken from one it is taken from all. I spoke this in another prophecy given to this handmaiden.

I, YAHUVEH, tell you no longer shall you know each other by name, but by the anointing of the RUACH ha KODESH, MY HOLY SPIRIT! I am commanding you to join together with those you called strangers and now I join you together to support one another, for you shall recognize each other not by earthly names but by MY Anointing. You shall travel with MY anointed ones and one’s needs shall be all’s needs and you shall share what you have with one another as I, YAHUVEH bless you.

Meteor Destruction is coming forth just as I, YAHUVEH, told [the youth]. He wouldn’t give the warning, so I am speaking it forth from MY Daughter again. Warn the people that only mighty prayer intercession will delay Judgment to America and this world. War from Heaven, giant Meteors, will be released and no weapon of warfare will be able to stop it! Only prayer warriors will delay MY Judgment as they cry out for mercy on this land that deserves no mercy. I prophesied the storms and earthquakes would come and they did. What do I have to do before people will realize I am warning the Apostles and Prophets to tell the people to repent before I send Judgment?

MY troops anointed by Heaven will not be concerned with one another’s name, for they will recognize the RUACH ha KODESH within MY Children. They will not recognize the name, nor even know their past, but they will recognize one another by the anointing of MY RUACH ha KODESH. You shall gather together in MY Name and walk in Holiness and Truth to MY statures and walk side by side, traveling together for one purpose and that is to warn people MY Judgment is soon to fall. The year 2003, MY anointed hidden ones will come out of hiding and join together with MY Daughter speaking this and together they shall pray for delay of MY Judgment and if enough people repent, I shall stay MY hand of Judgment another time.

You nations that develop weapons, fine tuning them, so you can shoot down one another’s missiles, ask yourself this, “How can you defend yourself against a war from Heaven as I throw upon earth, including America , Meteors that will crush your homes, businesses, capitals and tell you enough of your foolishness.” I, YAHUVEH, will show you a war of unmagnitude proportions if you don’t repent, turn away from your wicked ways, live Holy and Be Holy and call upon MY Name in the Name of MY SON YAHUSHUA. You can pass all the ungodly laws you want but I, YAHUVEH, am the only lawgiver and there are stiff consequences for those who call themselves lawmakers and are really Lawbreakers. I, YAHUVEH, am not amused; neither shall you be when I, YAHUVEH, and MY SON YAHUSHUA are through with you.

For those that dare to mock the messages I, YAHUVEH, send forth such as this one, put up your hands and defend yourself against the everlasting Creator, the one called the Ancient of Days, for I have no beginning and no end, I am the ALEPH and TAV. You who call yourself Christians and yet follow not the ways of MY SON YAHUSHUA in observing even the Holy Times.

You who call yourself Christian, who boast and say, “I’m not a Jew” and yet I said, “You are grafted in when you follow YAHUSHUA and accept HIM as MESSIAH. Loving and putting YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA first in your lives. Striving to obey MY laws, knowing you have an intercessor, a Savior in MY SON YAHUSHUA when you do sin, but not purposely grieving the RUACH ha KODESH and sinning endangering your very soul.” How few of you remember that you all must work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.

The majority of you who call yourself Christians for the most part are anti-Semitic. You shun the Hebrew ways, the Torah, the Tanakh and only want to claim the New Testament. You only want to gather together on a man-made Sabbath [Sunday], not on the true Shabbats. How many Christians only want to celebrate man-made pagan holidays and shun the true Hebrew Holy Days? How many of you only use what you call church to pacify me or as a fashion show or a gossip fest. You Christians don’t realize that Pentecost is not found in most of your churches because you have grieved MY HOLY SPIRIT and chased the RUACH ha KODESH out.

You read of the 12 disciples and quote the Jewish scriptures and claim the Bible as your promises, yet you cut yourself off from all that is Hebrew and brag you are not a Jew. You dare to boast how I, YAHUVEH, cut off the natural vine to graft you Gentiles in, so the natural vine would become jealous and yet then you reject the natural vine and reject the things I, YAHUVEH taught them. You who call yourself Christian allowed Rome to supposedly change the only day I set apart, blessed and sanctified and you say any day will do, to call Sabbath. I didn’t choose any day; I rested on the Seventh Day. [Friday sunset to Saturday sunset]

Why do you not study and show yourself approved? You know the truth and yet still have not held your Pastors accountable for changing the fellowship day back to the true Shabbat day. If you had told the Pastors, “You tell us the Bible is truth and yet you don’t follow the truth and I won’t be part of a fellowship that doesn’t walk in the truth.” Instead you whisper the truth and don’t follow through. No Pastor has thus far contacted this daughter I am speaking this message forth from and thanked her or encouraged her for rebuking them in YAHUSHUA’s Name. MY Children who have taken the prophetic messages of rebuke to the Pastors are rejected or patted on the head and told, “Thanks but we will continue on the same way,” and MY Children disobey and still sit in these churches that refuse to speak forth the truth and do things YAHUVEH’s way and not man or woman’s way.

Why are not the Churches speaking forth Holiness and Repentance? Why are they not warning, narrow is the path to Heaven and broad is the path to hell? Ask yourself, does a prosperity message bring souls to Heaven? Ask yourself, why the top ministries of this world refuse to speak forth any message that could offend others. I, YAHUVEH, am truth and when MY Son YAHUSHUA spoke forth truth to the Pharisees, it offended. When MY Disciples speak forth truth, it offends the Pharisees, those with a form of godliness and no GODLINESS within. Ask yourself, why the pastors are not encouraging the people to pray against ungodly laws becoming a reality. Ask yourself, why so many pastors are leading the sheep into the wolves’ dens.

Christians, you will once again be handed over to the Roman Empire. You who call yourself Christians, I shall judge you for you have followed Constantine’s laws and not YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA! Christians, you have celebrated pagan holidays, not YAHUVEH’s Holy Days. Christians, I shall judge you for saying you serve the King of Kings and Lord of Lords and sing songs of praise to YAHUSHUA and yet, with knowledge and forethought, insist on calling him a Greek name, Jesus. You do this no longer in ignorance. YAHUSHUA said, “In MY Name you shall cast out devils.” That is the Name of YAHUSHUA for MY Name is YAHUVEH, YAH is included in that Name! Is YAHUVEH’s Name in the spelling of Jesus? What is MY Name? I am known by many names but what does your scripture say? Stop just studying the Greek start studying the Hebrew and Aramaic translations.

THE Name

“Our help is in the Name of YAHUVEH, maker of heaven and earth”.
Psalm 124-8

You who call yourself Christians I, YAHUVEH, charge you this. You who preach YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA is Love, and yet do not show it, nor live it. You serve the King of Jews and yet you shun MY Jewish People, you mock and slander and allow others to do this. You secretly follow the truths in this ministry and yet do nothing to support it. You do nothing to defend this ministry and you recognize the voice of your Heavenly Father speaking forth and yet stay silent as this apostolic handmaiden gets mocked and slandered all because I use this ministry to teach the Jewishness of YAHUSHUA whom you call Jesus Christ. You are the only religion that maims, beats, and tries to kill or do kill those of your own religion. You won’t find this in any other religion.

This is the Judgment I decree and speak forth out of MY Apostle Elisabeth Elijah [Elisheva Eliyahu]; don’t get angry with her, for she is only the messenger. Multitudes call themselves Christians and have a form of godliness and yet are gentile Pharisees. You who know the truth and refuse the truth, you call yourself Christians and because you have rejected MY Jewish people and the Laws and true Holy Days and feasts, you have been like a Judas again to YAHUSHUA.

Because you dare to think you are better then the Jewish people and boast how you were grafted in and they were cut off for a season, you boast how the Jews are so stupid not to see YAHUSHUA, whom you call Jesus, as Messiah. Instead of praying for them, loving them, realizing it is I, YAHUVEH, that blinded their eyes for a season, you are under the curse to dare boast how I cut off the natural vine and grafted you into it by the Blood of YAHUSHUA. What does MY Word say, when you boast and mock the natural vine the unbelieving Jewish People who have not had the revelation yet that YAHUSHUA is the MESSIAH in Greek called Jesus. Does MY Word not say if I did not spare the natural vine why do you think I will spare you who boast they are better than the natural vine? You, who insist on following Constantine, listen to ME.

The first attempt, fatally successful, was made by hasatan in the form of a serpent in the Garden of Eden (Gen 3:1-22). Satan tricked Eve, and Eve caused Adam to sin into thinking that nothing is to be gained by observing YAHUVEH’s laws, also called the Torah, which includes the Ten Commandments. Another example is the case of Cain who was told that obedience to YAHUVEH’s instructions brings salvation and blessings, but decided he knew better and as a result was cursed as he murdered his brother Abel.

And then we have Korah who tried to undermine Moses’ authority and met with a terrible end, as the earth opened up and swallowed Korah and his followers alive into the pit of hell and then the earth closed over them.(Num 16:1-35). Moses warns us about a false prophet who would try to teach the people commandments not of YAHUVEH and even encouraged others to disrespect Moses and his anointing.(Deut 18:20-22)

Woe be unto you for all those that do not have spiritual ears to hear and spiritual eyes to see that the Christian churches as well as the Temples are full of Korah’s today and will suffer the same fate.(Num 16:1-35) Just as in the time of Moses so too I prophesy again through MY Daughter Elisabeth [Elisheva] a warning to you who call yourselves Christians but have no Christ in you. Mock, slander and ignore now and you shall reap what you have sowed.

Woe be unto those who have refused or stopped supporting this ministry, for you say you are not Jewish, nor want to support a Messianic Jewish Ministry. Oh, but I will rise up others to take your place it will be them that receive the blessings and rewards that would have had your name on it. (Deut 28:1-14) Now instead curses of YAHUVEH as it is written in (Deut 28:15-68) will be your lot.

Go ahead and mock, you churches, false prophets and those with the evil spirit like Korah and those followers of Korah (Num 16:1-35). You won’t be mocking when this comes to pass. All you spiritual leaders that lead MY Children to not follow MY Laws that I gave Moses will see the empires they call houses of god come tumbling to the ground and hell shall swallow you along with those with the spirit like a Korah again. All those who call themselves Christian but do the same as the spiritual leaders, you also have the spirit like unto a Korah and will suffer the same fate if you refuse to heed the same warning I am giving to you through this handmaiden daughter of MINE. Mock not the words of Mercy and Grace for those words come at a high price, at the cost of MY Son YAHUSHUA’s life and Blood that I, YAHUVEH, had HIM sacrifice on Calvary so you would have an Intercessor before I, YAHUVEH, the God of all Creation.

Daniel spoke of a “Beast” who would wear out YAHUVEH’s Saints and would change the times and laws of YAHUVEH! (Dan 7:25) Paul did not cancel the Sabbath, how could he? Is he the one that created the Sabbath? No, “I AM” created the Shabbat for your rest, resting in ME so I may restore you. Paul’s words were mistranslated, for never would he teach you to disobey the Torah. His words have been twisted to conform to man’s image not I, YAHUVEH,. Paul was speaking to the Jewish People and saying, “Let no one judge you for keeping certain days Holy, or observing the Holy Days.” Never did he say he did not keep the Sabbath and encourage others to do the same. Paul kept MY Jewish laws. Paul taught there is grace and mercy through YAHUSHUA but he also taught obedience to YAHUVEH.

Do you not yet see the Book of Daniel is being decoded before your eyes? What was once a mystery and closed to you is now opened, if you will but seek ME for wisdom and now new revelations are coming forth from MY anointed ones such as the vessel I am prophesying forth from. Listen and join together and warn together for you need one another in a new way in the coming year of 2003. This is why I have given this dream to MY handmaiden to warn you to start assembling together.

The enemies do not attack alone, a wolf travels in packs and so must YAHUVEH’s Sheep and Lambs. Christians, you must stop shunning the Jews, Holy Days, Feasts and what you call the Old Testament. I am both the Old and New Book, stop trying to divide what never was meant to be divided, for a house divided cannot stand. Christians, reach out to the Jewish people and embrace Israel in love for they are blinded now for a season, but Israel shall be saved as MY Son YAHUSHUA opens the eyes of the blind in Israel once again. I, YAHUVEH, decree the blind eyes and deaf ears in Israel shall once again behold MY Son YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. Read and show thyself approved, all those that are recognizing the words of your Heavenly Father YAHUVEH, study the below words in the Torah I have instructed MY Daughter to put you in remembrance of.

* * * * * * *
Deut 30:17 But if thine heart turn away, so that thou wilt not hear, but shalt be drawn away, and worship other gods, and serve them;

Deut 30:18 I denounce unto you this day, that ye shall surely perish, and that ye shall not prolong your days upon the land, whither, thou passest over Jordan to go to possess it.

(Deut. 30:19 KJV+) I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live.

(Numbers in light superscript are Strong’s concordance in Greek and Hebrew)

“Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments, and shall (future tense) teach men so; he shall be called least in the kingdom of heaven.” Matt 5:17-18

Please read the below if you call yourself a Christian and say you believe in Jesus Christ. You will be surprised at your answers, there is a difference in believing and following and obeying.

Do Christians believe YAHUSHUA, in Greek called Jesus, when he says: “If thou wilt enter life, keep the commandments.” (Matt 19:17)? Do Christians keep the commandments? There can be no doubt that YAHUSHUA, was referring to the Law of Moses, since there were no other commandments. YAHUSHUA did not say that one can enter into the kingdom of Heaven only by believing in HIM! The Bible says even satan believes he is the Son of God YAHUVEH, it takes Loving and putting YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA first in your life, love, marriage, and ministry if you have one. YAHUSHUA also said “Why do you call ME Lord and not obey ME?” One must keep the Ten Commandments, this includes the True Sabbath. This includes stopping fellowshipping in Churches where the spiritual leaders have been told the truth and yet refuse to obey YAHUVEH’s 4th commandment.

A woman friend who use to tithe into this ministry and believed that the prophecies were from YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA said her husband and family make it hard to obey because of the persecution of keeping the true Sabbath. Since there is no Messianic Jewish Temple around she is back to attending Church on Sunday, and calls another person Pastor where I use to have the honor of being called her Pastor. She recognizes the truth about Shabbat and gave the prophecies to the Pastor but never held him accountable when the truth in the prophecies was shown him. She is grieving the HOLY SPIRIT as she still attends this church where the Pastor told her in the New Testament it is no longer necessary to obey the 4th commandment only nine out of the ten are relevant today.

Others who use to be partners and friends of this ministry are doing the same. It is easier for some to conform to man’s way of doing things since it is routine. I have had the heartbreak of losing many I called trusted friends and partners who helped us in the past and when these people were blessed so greatly for being a blessing to us, every prayer of theirs had been answered and when I asked them what do you need now from YAHUVEH, they said, “Nothing all our debts are paid from an unexpected windfall of money.” This person said they knew all these blessings came because of blessing this ministry and shielding us from the enemies. Sad to say, soon after these same people let it be known they were now sending their tithe to help support other Jews in Russia.

I prayed and Father YAHUVEH said to me that the devil had deceived this family for YAHUVEH had sent them to be a blessing unto us a Messianic Jewish family and ministry in America and they were to shield us also from the enemies. The truth is this family is struggling with the Shabbat issue since they were Baptist. We looked to these people as friends and family so it hurts like salt being poured into an open bloody wound but we still appreciate them for all they did for us at that time. One day very soon everything I have written under the anointing will come to pass and people will remember how they reacted to the words they heard, as well as if they did anything to encourage and bless this messenger or whether they mocked, shunned or scorned me and this ministry.

Some people refuse to seek and obey YAHUVEH and will miss the rewards, for those that obey YAHUVEH and all the Ten Commandments they will receive their just rewards. Yes when we sin we have sin atonement and his Name is YAHUSHUA but we are not to purposely sin, for we no longer have the excuse of not knowing better once we accept YAHUSHUA, as Savior. There are Christians who twist the scriptures that say “All have sinned and fell short of YAHUVEH’s Glory” to mean we all sin and don’t worry there is no penalty for sin for the Blood of YAHUSHUA washes it all away. Paul said beware of thinking like this. If we believe it is impossible not to break the Ten Commandments then we are forced to conclude that Moses was lying when he said: “For this commandment which I command thee this day, it is not to hard for thee, neither is it far off but the word is very near unto thee, in thy mouth and in thy heart, that thou mayest do it.” [Deut 30:11-14]

YAHUVEH says: “Again, when I say to the wicked, you shall surely die; if he turns from his sin (repents) and do that which is lawful and right (obedience) he shall surely live, he shall not die. None of his sins which he had committed shall be remembered against him. He has done that which is lawful and right. He shall surely live.” Ezek 33:14-16. (Ezekiel was a prophet of YAHUVEH. He wasn’t a Christian gentile Preacher he was a Jew)

Offending some, enlightening others in the Love of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH
Apostle Elisabeth Elijah (Elisheva Eliyahu)


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