Spoken under the Anointing of the RUACH HA KODESH
Through Apostle Elisheva Eliyahu
Received April 11 – Released May 17, 2018

Day 12 Sefirat HaOmer 2018 | Evening April 11-12
Yom HaShoah | Holocaust Remembrance Day | Nisan 27

Day 48 Sefirat HaOmer 2018 | Evening May 17-18 | Sivan 4
Sh’loshet Yemei Hagbalah | Three Days of Separation | Sivan 4-6

Exodus 19:11 Prepare for the third day. For on the third day, YAHUVEH will come down on Mount Sinai before the eyes of all the people.

* * * * * * *

Below is the Prophecy as it came forth

(This is a preview video of the Prophecy, a full video is being worked on and will be posted shortly)!

—with Prophets Ezra & Elisheva’s “Holy tongues,” as GOD’S SPIRIT gives utterance (Acts 2:3-4) of heavenly or earthly languages (1 Co 13:1). Elisheva speaks forth in tongues bringing Prophecy (1 Co 14:6). Ezra begins prayer with intercessory tongues (Ro 8:26-27; 1 Co 14:15).

It contains the HEBREW NAMES of GOD:


The Revelation of “SH’KHINYAH GLORY”—as the PERSONAL NAME of RUACH HA KODESH (in English “The HOLY SPIRIT”)—is also on this site. (HA SH’KHINAH {SHEKINAH} is Hebrew for GOD’S ABIDING, DIVINE PRESENCE.)

Additionally, ABBA YAH means “FATHER YAH” and IMMA YAH means “MOTHER YAH.” In Hebrew, the SPIRIT OF GOD is feminine, referred to as “SHE,” and reflected this way in the Prophecy and Scriptural quotes below.

* * * * * * *

YAHUVEH’S Warning to be added before the Prophecies:

I warned you a long time ago Elisabeth [Elisheva],
not to name this Ministry after a man or a woman.
Even before there was a Ministry, I put it in your spirit.

For none of this has been done by your hands.
None of this has come forth from your mouth.

It is from the Mouth of YAHUVEH that has given birth.
It is from the Mouth of YAHUSHUA,
your MASHIACH, that it has been given birth.
It is from the Mouth of the RUACH HA KODESH,
your IMMAYAH, that it has been given birth.

If it had only been by your hand, it would have failed long ago.

that blows across this earth, the HOLY WIND OF REVIVAL.
It is not by your breath, or it would have failed.

“I AM the LORD YAHUVEH: that is MY NAME:
And MY GLORY I will not give to another,
Neither MY PRAISE to graven images.” Isaiah 42:8

(Prophecy 105)

In July 2010, YAHUVEH GOD also said to add the following as a warning to those who mock:

But they mocked the Messengers of GOD, despised HIS Words,
and scoffed at HIS Prophets, until the Wrath of YAHUVEH
arose against HIS People, till there was no remedy.
—2 Chronicles 36:16

Then, in July 2016:

Woe be unto anyone that dares to try to harm—these two anointed ones. You will regret the day you ever were born. Touch not MY anointed and neither do these two Prophets any harm (see Ps 105:15; 1 Ch 16:22). It would be better for you if I, ABBA YAHUVEH, would tear out your tongue!

(Prophecy 128)

And from Prophet Ezra:

I warn you all—those who are coming against this Ministry AND THESE PROPHECIES and Elisheva and I, all the Ministers of AmightyWind Ministry—I warn you now, ‘Touch not YAH’S Anointed and do HIS Prophets no harm’ (Ps 105:15; 1 Ch 16:22) lest the Wrath of the Rod of YAH come upon you. But for those who are blessed and are a blessing for this Ministry, and faithful, and who receive the Prophecies, much blessing will come on you—all to protect what belongs to YAH in the NAME OF YAHUSHUA.

* * * * * * *

Prophecy 139

Come Forth Bride of Israel | HOLY SPIRIT Seen!

– A Video of this Prophetic Message is Being Worked on and Will Be Posted Shortly!
PROPHECY Begins With The Ring Maiden Prayer:

Ezra: HEAVENLY FATHER, we come before YOUR Throne of Grace to speak—[for YOU] to tell us what’s going on right now in YAHUSHUA’S NAME.

We ask YOU, ABBA YAH, we beg for mercy from YOU, ABBA YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA & IMMAYAH—to take, to release the mightiest of mightiest of angels in Heaven and to destroy all those fallen angels who come against my wife & I, and this Ministry in the NAME OF YOUR HOLY SON YAHUSHUA.


And all the curses that come against my wife & I and everyone in the Ministry, we ask ABBA YAHUVEH that you send them 1000 fold against these people in the NAME OF YOUR HOLY SON YAHUSHUA. Amen?

Elisheva: Amen. Alright. Go ahead Sweetheart. Pray in tongues. Get angry.

[ Ezra prays in Holy tongues ]

Elisheva: [ Elisheva prays in Holy tongues ] Rise up, rise up, rise up! O ABBA YAHUVEH! Wake up, wake up, wake up! O YAHUVEH!

I know YOU are a GOD that does not slumber! I know YOU are a GOD that does not sleep (Ps 121:4)!

Rise up, rise up, rise up! O ABBA YAHUVEH! How much more of this must YOUR Holy [children] take? How much more will YOU put YOUR Bride through? Rise up, rise up, rise up! O YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH! Our LORD GOD ALMIGHTY! Our MESSIAH, WHO spilled, WHO shed HIS BLOOD at Calvary! Rise up, rise up, rise up! O SWEET IMMAYAH! RUACH HA KODESH! I’ve seen YOU rise up, I saw how tall YOU are!

Rise up, rise up, rise up! Rise up against these enemies of ours! We have done them no harm. We have been quiet. We have not attacked.

And all of a sudden this man—rise up, rise up, rise up! In the NAME OF YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH! And tear out his tongue! And cut off his fingers! As my husband has said! And more than that ABBA YAH, I PRAY THIS DAY: he is dead, with paul hellem also!

Rise up, rise up, rise up! Assemble the troops around the world!

Rise up as they declare war on this world right now from Heaven [skies], from under the earth, from different planets and even from humankind! Rise up, rise up, rise up! Rise up, wake up, wake up! Can YOU not see we’re crying out!

Rise up, rise up! O Holy hosts of warring angels! ABBA YAH, I ask that YOU use YOUR Own Holy angels! To stop this now! Stop this now!

All because Ezra & I have done what YOU’VE declared! And that is this: We have declared our love for one another! We will never take it back.

—satan you will NOT tear us apart!—you will NOT take what belongs to YAH, you will NOT take what belongs to YAHUSHUA and you will NOT take what belongs to the SWEET HOLY SPIRIT; you cannot shake the Kingdom of Heaven!

Rise up, rise up O MIGHTY YAH! Show that THOU are the SAME GOD WHO destroyed Sodom & Gomorrah! Show that THOU are the SAME GOD that protected Lot & his children, and yet turned his own wife into—YOU turned his own wife into salt because she refused to obey (Gn 18-19).

Rise up, rise up, rise up! In the NAME OF YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH!

War cry from Heaven this day!

Protect America from the attacks coming their way! Rise up, rise up! Don’t do it for the reprobate sake in America! Don’t do it for those who hate YOU! But do it for the remnant! Do it for those who love YOU! Do it for the commandment keepers (Dt 6:1-2; 28:13; 1 Jn 2:3-4)! Do it for those whose names are written in the LAMB’S Book of Life (Ex 32:33; Dn 12:1; Rv 21:27)! Let not America be attacked this day by Russia or any other country.

Rise up! Rise up, O YAHUVEH! Rise up to protect my husband! Rise up to protect the YDS! Rise up to protect the Bride of YAHUSHUA! RISE UP! Rise up for the sake of YOUR remnant! YOU have always protected YOUR remnant!

YOU ended a war in Israel in ONE DAY! YOU stopped this world from spinning, YOU did this. YOU stopped—literally stopped it FATHER (Jos 10:11-13), the sun.

[ Holy tongues ] Rise up, rise up, rise up! As we cry out to the GOD—YOU YAHUSHUA, WHO was crucified on a cross, WHO gave YOUR last [drop of] blood, WHO no man could kill, but YOU said “It is finished” (Jn 19:30), and it was finished. And then YOU died, but YOU rose again on that third day (1 Cor 15:3-11)! Rise up, rise up, rise up! Just as YOU did! YOU rose from the dead! So too, YOU will rise up the Bride of YAHUSHUA (1 Cor 15:42-57)!

They will know now to fight, fight, fight—anyone who carries the Anointing of YOU, PRECIOUS RUACH HA KODESH! Even if they don’t speak English, even if they cannot hear me now! They can hear me in the spiritual realm.

Rise up and tell them start praying in tongues! Whatever they’re doing, tell them to stop now! Rise up and tell them, start praying in Holy tongues!

And have in those tongues: Tell them to pray for the Two Witnesses (Zec 4:11-14; Rv 11) to be protected! Tell them to pray for the people, in America, who belong to YOU! Tell them to pray ABBA YAH! Tell them to pray ABBA YAH and give them our names in their own [tongue &] in that Heavenly tongue.

Rise up, rise up! Rise up, rise up!

Oh decree a war in Heaven right now! Decree the war against those who try to destroy YOUR Ministry! Decree a war right now against satan and those reprobates, who are putting their English videos up! DESTRUCTION TO THEIR COMPUTERS! THEY NO LONGER WORK! THEY’RE BLOWING UP IN THEIR FACES!—and everything they’re doing!

Rise up! We are listening now to the warnings that have been given by Shengyah! We are listening to the warnings that were given by the vision— by the visions of those of Shengyah & Christina & Gry and others who have spoken it forth.

So many prophets FATHER are trying to give a warning!

We join those who are, together, around this world! We do not fight against one another! We ask for mercy, mercy, mercy! We ask for mercy YAHUSHUA!

Stop the sirens from going, where the war sirens are giving a warning in America. Stop it now, stop Russia now! Stop China, stop all the Asian countries! Stop everyone, FATHER, who is trying to come against America now!

I don’t ask for it, though, for any of the reprobate! I do not ask ABBA YAHUVEH, for any of those who are unholy. I don’t ask for YOUR mercy for them. I ask for YOUR mercy for YOUR remnant. I ask for YOUR mercy for those who worship YOU, YAHUSHUA. I remind YOU: We are YOURS, we are YOURS, we are YOURS.

Stop the war right now—satan goes before YOUR time. It is not yet time to destroy America.

Stop with the war coming against Donald J Trump, the President of the United States! Stop it FATHER!

Shut the mouths of the enemies! Forevermore!


Rise up, rise up against this paul hellem! Rise up, rise up and I decree and Ezra also: Today, today, today! Wipe him off the face of the earth!

And let it be decreed! And let it be written in Heaven!

Haven’t we had enough? We’ve left him alone! We’ve not said a word! We’ve tried so hard to ignore him!

Now ’tis the time for Heaven to say, CHARGE! Arc Angel Michael! I call upon you who have never failed me, who is the protector of the Bride of Israel and the protector of the Bride of YAHUSHUA! You are the protector of those who are Holy.

Rise up! Declare war, oh! O Arc Angel Michael! And Uriel & Raphael & Gabriel! And all the Holy hosts of the Heavenly forces rising up right now!

Rise up, I ask you! Rise up and stop the war! Stop the war right now that has been decreed [by evil] before it is [YAH] YOUR time on America. Let the sirens stop that have been heard in America! War! War sirens FATHER!

Let it be stopped! As they’re “warning,” but they’re not telling the people what’s going on!

O ABBA YAHUVEH, I don’t ask for mercy for America—for we were to repent that we were, we are ever, anyone was ever called an American—we cannot control what our evil governments have done.

And that goes for every country around this world. The governments are evil, but the people are not. Now I’m not talking about the reprobate. I’m talking about those whose names are already written in the LAMB’S Book of Life.

I’m crying out for mercy only for America for this one time. For YOU have decreed for me to say, RISE UP! And I am asking now that this be done. This very moment, this very second, this very hour!

And paul hellem is destroyed! And ABBA YAHUVEH everyone, everyone who calls himself [enemy]—in the NAME OF YAHUSHUA—there’s many reprobates WHO AREN’T EVEN HUMAN!

They come to us in a form of a human. They look like they have the face of a human. They will even quote the Scriptures! And yet, HEAVENLY FATHER, I speak to those who call themselves a Christian; they have no CHRIST in them. They are all pure demonic, “ALIEN” (Enoch; Dn 2:42; Eph 6:12; Rv 12:9)—ABBA YAHUVEH—for those who do not even have the human DNA that I have the Prophecies [24 pt2, 49, 60, 61, 68, 99 etc] that warned [about it].

ABBA YAHUVEH in the NAME OF YAHUSHUA, now they have the synthetic DNA (Is 45:9, 11-12). ABBA YAHUVEH, stop the war against humanity! Of those HEAVENLY FATHER who belong to YOU, whose names are there written in the LAMB’S Book of Life.

Oh ABBA YAHUVEH, I cry out for those who’ve become so very sick! I will not name their names. YOU know who they are. One right after another, after another, after another!

As these evil ones cast their spirit of death, LET IT GO RIGHT BACK IN THEIR FACE! And let the Holy angels chase them in 7 different directions, FATHER (Dt 28:7)!


Death shall pursue you, and death shall tackle you to the ground (Ps 35:5-7)!

For I speak, and I AM ABBA YAHUVEH! And I speak through this vessel of clay, who just moments ago could not even speak and now she has MY Voice to say, I decree right now and I AM ABBA YAHUVEH:

I will always protect MY remnant! I will always protect Israel! The only time Israel will ever feel the wrath is going to be when I YAHUVEH decree it!

And I tell you this, I’m warning you this—satan you are crossing the BLOODLINE OF YAHUSHUA! BACK OFF! BACK OFF! You war drums! You war drums right now, you must cease and you must desist against America.

Those who are coming against Alex Jones! Those who are coming against—WHEN HE SPEAKS THE TRUTH! Yes at times, he’s made mistakes! But what you saw last night, as they paraded to the White House as you watched that video [ LINK ] YAHUSHUA told you to watch, Elisheva, Alex Jones warned about the truth.

Rise up & protect your president, Trump. He is doing his best.

You who call yourself “Democrat,” you know—if you belong to ME, and your name is in the LAMB’S Book of Life—what is being done to America, what has been done to this man.

No matter what you think of him! Care enough about America! And rise up, rise up, rise up and defend! Defend against the evil that’s heading your way!

I warned through this Prophet Elisheva, I warned so many years ago: that in 5 different directions America would be attacked at the very same time; the United Nations would come in and they will say, we’re here to help. And yet they will turn against one another to see who can take America first.

Rise up, rise up, rise up!

Every Holy, Holy angel!

Elisheva: I, I am a child of the MOST HIGH, of ABBA YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA & IMMAYAH! And ABBA YAH has told me to tell you to rise up.


Rise up, and fight your very best against the evil forces of the bride of satan, against the most evil forces right now of those in this world, who are full of greed and who only care to take over and own this world.

And now I don’t even speak of humans. For they come not of flesh and blood, but they come with synthetic blood. They come with “shapeshifting.” They come in a form you know it not. They come in the form of a beast, like Nebuchadnezzar (Dn 4:33).

I tell you this. I tell you this. [ Holy tongues ] I AM YAHUVEH, and I tell you this.

It will not only just be a short time. [ Holy tongues ] But those who turn into the beast, and the “shapeshifters,” and the “reptilians,” and all the different breeds and different species of the “aliens,” I tell you this.

I AM YAHUVEH, and you think you can control what you have. You, who are the blood drinkers, you are the flesh eaters. I tell you this. [ Holy tongues ] Now is your time. I YAHUVEH have risen up! You will not be able to hide! You will cover your faces and run!

Just like Adele live! The singer appeared in New Zealand, trying to say, I’m one of the good ones, I’m not one of the bad ones! As she appeared to be 8 ft tall before audiences, and it was in the newspaper! And yet they ripped it out the next day!

I tell you this is real. And I AM warning you this is real.

This is a war that is sent from satan. And they come, and they’ve been here (Enoch & Gn 6 etc). They are underground. They are under the sea. They are in the sky.

They are in the world disguised as humanity, yet there’s no humanity in them. There’s no human in them. Over half, over half of this world —right now—even though you think it’s your own family member. They have come in disguise. They have “shapeshifted” to that which you would recognize.

So I tell you now, those who will believe that they are hearing a Word from ME. Why do you think this Ministry comes under attack now? Why do you think the names Elisheva & Ezra are spoken as a curse word? Why do you think?

After 23 years on the Internet, I have used this woman as a leader and now I put it in balance and I’ve brought a male, prayer covering, head, leader. Why do you think I, I married them! And I put them together. The two became one.

It is because, now is the time. You will fight back, like you’ve never fought before. You will pray, those of you whose names [are] written in the LAMB’S Book of Life—even if you don’t know what a Prophet is!

You will pray for President Donald J Trump. You will pray America will not be attacked this day. You will pray for the Holy Ministries. You will pray for this Prophet who is speaking now, and her husband, and those who work so hard by their side.

In over 45 languages! Yea I say, now it is 50. Over 50 languages! For even as I speak, another has shared the Word!

“Underground” churches is the way to go, not “on top of the ground” anymore. Listen, if you’re in those churches. Listen & run if you’re in a Baptist church in Texas. Listen & run, listen & run, listen & run!

Go & shut the doors until MY wrath passes over! And hold your sanctuaries inside your own homes, with your own families!

Beware. For no matter what denomination they call themselves beware, beware, beware. Beware of the Sunday churches.

Beware, beware, beware! For the HOLY SPIRIT now speaks forth, the HOLY SPIRIT now speaks forth! And gives a warning even to the very core of your soul.

You know this Prophet, is not a mere [normal] woman. You recognize the Voice of I, YAHUVEH. This is the warning that was coming.

This is why her voice was taken, so this warning could not be spoken. BUT I YAHUVEH AM THE CREATOR OF THIS VOICE! And I YAHUVEH AM the CREATOR of the Anointing. And I YAHUVEH AM the CREATOR of this flesh & blood now speaking.

Her & her husband have warned. The Ministry of has warned. For 23 years they have warned. Go back, go back to their website.

Go back and you will see, “Proof Behind the Prophecies!” [ LINK ] And it’s only now just begun.

I tell you this, O America (you whose names are written in the LAMB’S Book of Life, you are the only ones who will even listen to ME at this time):

Fall on your knees. Humble yourself. Repent for what your nation has done. Fall on your knees. Repent, ask forgiveness for what this nation has done. For what YOU have done to offend the HOLY GOD OF CREATION!

Rise up, rise up, rise up and fight back! Defend your president, and I will defend America. Rise up this day, I will defend America. [ Holy tongues ]

Your marriage and your birthdays are so Holy—satan hates how many souls come to YAHUSHUA for the Words that you have spoken, for, Ezra, the Feasts that that that you have shown, for the Torah that you have given. You have taught as you [Elisheva & Ezra], as Ephraim & Judah join together!

I’ll have no more of any more attacks like you have done, you reprobate, you scum. The worst level of hell, where the fallen angels are, as in the Book of Enoch [LINK], I shall take the chains and wrap you even tighter, not once, not twice, but 5 different ways. I shall have new tortures come to the fallen angels as they cry out for mercy.

There’s not mercy for them! There’s not going to be mercy for any enemy of

I warn you when you see a video in the search engine, and you even see a word spoken against these two that now speak, and You see any kind of a ‘warning’ and you go to that website, I warn you now. You even so much as listen to a word, that someone wants to say and to ‘warn’ how evil they are, I warn you the same fate shall be yours, if you so much as even listen to the video!

If you’ve done it accidentally then now is the time that I will forgive, I will have mercy.

But I tell you this, if you’ve done it on purpose and you’ve taken the [evil] word and spreaded it—beware, I YAHUVEH now declare you as MY enemy. I YAHUVEH declare you as MY enemy!

When you have done this in ignorance and you want to fight on their [AmightyWind’s] side and you’re fighting on the side of YAHUSHUA and all of HIS Bride, I promise you this: I YAHUVEH have forgiven you. I wash you with the BLOOD OF YAHUSHUA.

You are forgiven, but take your orders, and take the lead from these I call Elisheva & Ezra. I’m going to instruct them what to do.

Do not listen to Mark Taylor. Do not listen. For he sold out. Do not listen. For he will not tell you to live Holy. He will not tell you this day, the only way America will be spared is if they humbly fall on their knees, THOSE WHO BELONG TO I YAHUSHUA!

He just says, pray, pray for America but he does not care which god they pray to. He does not warn them to repent. He does not tell them to be humble. He does not tell them, he does not tell them.

This is how you know [that] a true Prophet is [a true Prophet]. They will only speak of Holiness. They will warn where the wolves are. They will protect the sheep and the lambs. This I have made a Prophet to do.

I speak MY Words through this Holy vessel of clay—right now—

I YAHUVEH, speak the Words to those who have sent the curses against the Ministry, and against those who belong to the Ministry. You think you got away from it [judgment], got away with it? paul hellem, you whose very name has the word hell in it!

Ah, but I’ve been toying with you! You who once called yourself a husband of Elisheva, you lied, you lied, you lied! You lied in every way! Just to be able to take the side of the antichrist! And to fight against the very one that I have raised up to be one of MY Holy ones to speak the truth.

You are a liar and you are straight—straightly sent from hell. But not only that, you sold your soul not only to satan, but you sold you soul to those I call “aliens.”

Yes, “aliens” are real. Yes, every kind of different species of what you call an “alien,” is a fallen angel. And there is—no “good ones.”

They have now intermingled. They are now strange flesh. They come to the women as they sleep. Those who don’t belong to ME. And they have interbreeded with them. And there is—over 120 different species.

There is so far over 120, I will not even give the number. For you would not even believe.

For I tell you that not only has dog and woman—not only has—scientists found a way to be able to transgender—not only has—satan showed them ways to pervert everything that I have created!

Everything even the water, even the oxygen, you are forbidden to get. And they pollute it, and you think that you are breathing oxygen and yet it is every kind of chemical that can kill.

They want the earth for themselves. The fallen angels want the earth for themselves—lucifer wants the earth for himself.

Under the sea, there is another whole breed. [ Holy tongues ] Under the ground—and I’m not speaking of just hell! They have hidden in the clouds—those are not true clouds.

You warned and you warned of the ‘chemtrails’ [geo-engineering]. That [“aliens” & planetary engineering] is oh so much worse than any chemtrail!

You look at the sun and how many of you say, “My! The sun has changed. Where is the yellow, why is it so white?” [ Holy tongues ] The moon has changed and the sun has changed and the stars have changed (Is 34:4).

And they do not tell you, NASA do not—tell you the truth. NASA you do not tell them the truth. [ Holy tongues ] Then you laugh and you mock when you say, when NASA finally admits “Why of course there is aliens!”

Have you not already been warned through your movies! Through your books!

Hawking now burns in the deepest pit of hell. Hawking is now chained with the fallen angels. You see this is not just the End Times. This is the End of the End Times.

This is why this Ministry has the name the Last Chance Ministry when you come to And you better come this very day after you hear. Go and read what is there.

[Sarcastic] Go and show ME and prove to ME, there is anything “evil” that leads you away from I YAHUVEH or I YAHUSHUA or the SWEET HOLY SPIRIT. Go, I defy you, I defy you to point out and accuse these whom I have called Holy, this Ministry who I decreed is Holy.

For how can it be anything but? It has been birthed from Heaven. It has been birthed from a mere woman 23 years ago on the Internet. And it was birthed before some of you even heard the word Internet. That’s how long ago it was birthed.

You do not know what tongues are, I understand that. Then go and look up a YouTube video that will tell you that tongues are real. [ LINK ] These are Holy tongues that come from Heaven, a tongue that is both of men and angel (1 Cor 13:1), Holy angels.

You hear the word Prophet. You don’t know what a Prophet is? Then look in the Bible. Grab the Bible while you still can. Before the truth is taken from you.

Memorize [it]—after you’ve repented, after you’ve truly given your life to YAHUSHUA WHOM some call JESUS CHRIST, but I give you HIS HEBREW NAME. I order you to start learning to memorize that HEBREW NAME.

For the woman who gave birth was a [Hebrew] virgin but the TRUE QUEEN OF HEAVEN is the SHEKINYAH GLORY that protected the children of Israel for 40 years as they walked around in a circle. SHEKINYAH GLORY is the one that a woman—and Eve was made in the image of.

Right now Elisheva is being fought even to speak as I speak through her, but I will [speak], I YAHUVEH promise you. You fall on your knees and you repent for what you’ve done when you’ve accidentally come against these two Holy ones, this Ministry.

Look closely at your family, those who tell you: Do not believe the truths of this Ministry; do not believe when they teach Holiness; do not believe when they teach the Holy Sabbath.

And it is not Sunday (Gn 2:2-3; Mk 2:28; Lk 4:16)!

When you are forced one day, and the law is down (Rv 13:16; Ps 94:20-21) that you no longer can go to any church but on a Sunday (Dn 7:25)—beware when you enter in for it will be the last time you ever “enter” out.

For it shall be a “communion” like none other for those who take the mark of the beast. Get in your Bible, and read Revelation and see (13:7-10; 15-18; 14:8-13; 16:2; 20:4). And look at the warning sign that YAHUSHUA gave (Lk 21:7, 16-23; Mt 24:15; Mk 13:14; Rv 1:1; Rv 12-18).

The new communion that is done, in these satanic churches who even call themselves “masons,” yes “masons” (Ps 2:1-2; 83:4-5; Rv 2:9)—so much higher than the 33rd degree. The pedophilia is nothing, [compared to combining it with cannibalism] (Mt 18:6-7; Lk 23:29, 31). They drink the blood of the martyrs (Rv 17:4-6, 15-16) who are simply Holy ones. They eat the flesh (Ps 14:4; 27:1-3; Mi 3:3; Rv 17:15-16).

And beware when someone forces you to go to a camp, and say, “We’ll give you free housing,” remember Japan. Remember what happened right here in America [to U.S. citizens of Japanese descent]. Remember how they promised them sanctuary.

It’s all a trap MY children. It’s all a trap.

Oh hide yourselves MY children just for a little while ’til MY wrath passes over.

For those whose names are written in the LAMB’S Book of Life, I AM going to find a way to protect you—if you truly fall on your knees and repent and become commandment keepers this day. I [will] remember the woman in the wilderness (Rv 12).

Read the book of Revelation. Look it up in your search engine. You are so close there now. You cannot even believe.

Why do you think satan has declared war on this earth like never before and tried to silence, even put in jail the Holy preachers that I told to speak, the Prophets that I told to warn?

Value this Internet. Protect this Internet. Speak up.

Listen to the alternative news! Not the news media you’d see on TV! Not the one that is controlled by the government and the “aliens,” and satan himself!

You want to know what the truth is? Read the 10 Commandments. For the Torah is too much for the babies.

For those of you who are not babies, you are not babies, you are [more mature]—you spiritually grow more each day. You are not only under YAHUSHUA’S Covenant (Mt 26:27-29) but you are under Abraham’s covenant (Gn 12:2; 17), so you have a double protection there (1 Pt 1:2-5; Gn 15:1; Heb 11:17-19).

And read and memorize Psalm 91. Hold it tightly. And Psalm 23. And Psalm 32. There’s the Psalm, the Psalm. Calm in the storm, is in the Psalms. Wisdom, great wisdom is in the Book of Proverbs.

There is not two books. There was never meant to be two books: an Old Testament and a New Testament.

For I YAHUSHUA, WHOM some of you call “Jesus”—but I tell you to learn of MY TRUE HEBREW NAME YAHUSHUA, MY FATHER’S NAME is in MY NAME (Jn 17:11; Is 45:23-24; Phil 2:9).

O Israel, listen to ME! MY FATHER’S NAME is in MY NAME. And I cannot do anything but what MY FATHER said to do (Jn 5:19)! And that is YAHUVEH!

Do not fear HIS NAME (Jl 2:32; Ps 9:10; 91:14-16; Pr 18:10)! Read your own Psalms! I have brought forth this Prophet from Israel—MY Prophet Ezra, MY Caleb born, raised there.

Oh so many of you don’t understand!

I use Israel to protect the Holy things that you must know (Ro 9:4-5) such as the Torah (Ps 12:7), and the Holy Feasts (Is 66:22-23) I commanded you to keep (Lv 23). And how many churches are teaching you the Holy feasts that I commanded that will always stand (Zec 14:16-17; 1 Cor 5:8)?

O Israel one day you will weep and you will wail, and you will say, “Blessed is he who comes in the NAME OF YAHUSHUA” (Ps 118:26; Zec 12:10-14; Mt 23:39)! I said YAHUSHUA! Blessed is he who comes in the NAME OF YAHUSHUA!

You know the FATHER’S NAME, but you fear to speak MY NAME. Now speak the NAME, WHO IS THE MESSIAH THE ONE WHO IS THE BLOOD ATONEMENT for your sins (Is 53). And have faith in ME, even as the [war] sirens go on.

And pray, pray, pray for the safety of America this day—not only today, but everyday until I no longer will protect it. And there’s coming a time that I’ve warned you 5 different ways, it will be attacked.

And those who call yourself “illuminati” and those of you who have sold out your soul for fame and fortune—and I do not need to name any names, you now have a true president who wants America great again.

But he forgets, it is not about the economy. It is about Holiness. It is about Humbleness. Even the ones that now surround him, and I now speak of Kenneth Copeland, the richest pastor of the world—beware of him.

Run from him—and I will hold everyone accountable who gave him so much as a penny. The smallest amount of your currency! And that goes for those who have followed after John Hagee, and Joel Osteen—I will hold you accountable.

If you do not repent, and fall on your knees and humble yourself! AND RUN FROM THESE MEN!

And the churches in Texas called now “Baptists” dare to call themselves the door of wisdom, dare to defile the NAME OF SOPHIA. You, you have done what no one has done before.

For once the name Baptist stood for “Once Saved, Always Saved.” But that’s only because they knew [without that false doctrine] they were forced to follow the 10 Commandments. For this is the Laws, MY Laws! Otherwise they would warn you there is a hell.

Now Texas, you mock? O Texas, O Texas! And you who follow in her footsteps! Those who have the congregations of 64,000, you dare call yourself—and I speak of Texas now. How many [for truth] will you raise up that will have a congregation of 64,000?

And [you] mock ME when they walk in the door—you belong to that who I used to call lucifer—and you have a circus [on Christmas] (even though Christmas is not MY SON, YAHUSHUA’S birth), you dare to hold a circus? You think the cross is a circus?

You think the spikes that were nailed in MY SON YAHUSHUA’S Hands was a circus (Lk 23:33)? Or the crown of thorns that was forced upon HIS Head (Jn 19:2) And as HIS garments were ripped from HIM and gambled over (Jn 19:23-24)! And HE was beaten (Lk 22: 63-65; Jn 19:1)! With a whip made of every kind of torture device to rip the flesh right off of his body!

You think that is a circus! As spikes was driven in HIS Feet! And HE was spit on! THAT WAS GOD ALMIGHTY IN THE FLESH! THAT WAS MY SON! I YAHUVEH’S SON! WHO offered HIMSELF to cover for you!

As Adam & Eve had sinned! And ate the forbidden fruit! When I had called them not son and daughter, but they were best, best friends. They were the ones that I walked with in the evening (Gn 3:8). They’re the ones that I fellowshipped constantly [with].

And you call this a circus on the day (that even though it wasn’t the day MY SON was born) Christmas. Yet you hold a circus! And you laugh, and you mocked when all YAHUSHUA did was come to save your souls, as HE poured out HIS OWN BLOOD at Calvary.

You could not kill HIM. But HE could say “It is finished,” when I said it is finished. HE poured out HIS OWN BLOOD so you would not have to pour out yours for your sins, so HE could say ONE TIME—one time for never again will HE ever be crucified, but one time HE said—”FATHER forgive them for they know not what they do” (Lk 23:34). For HE knew they crucified GOD ALMIGHTY IN THE FLESH.

It is war, it is war, it is war. The Holy will raise up against the unholy.

You who have kept silent because you didn’t want to get involved! And you think you can sing your little Christian songs or even reading the Bible alone is enough, but you need not confess with your own tongues—that you belong to YAHUSHUA—that you also believe in the Messianic Jewish Ministry, you agree with, you agree with the leadership.

For you do not want to get involved. So you silence your lips. You don’t want to speak against anyone who [claim they] believe the 10 Commandments, who follow the 10 Commandments. So you stay silent.

So I tell you this, and I AM YAHUVEH. When you cry out for mercy, do you know what you will hear back? SILENCE! And no mercy shall be there!

Now is the day of repentance. Now is the day of salvation. Tomorrow may be too late!

And Russia, I speak unto you. You call out in the name of Jesus Christ, you claim that you are so Holy.

And oh America and I speak of the one now called the President of America: It is I YAHUVEH WHO put you there. It is I YAHUVEH WHO prophesied through this Prophet, now [speaking again] that you would be there. It is I YAHUVEH.

But I did not tell you, and I did not promise you that this man would be saved. Just dragging out his mother’s Bible and his baptism papers, is not enough! [Nor] surrounding yourself with the hypocrites who say they are Christian but they are not!

[Yet] Ben Carson, I call you out, you have tried to warn them! But you are too meek and mild. You are a man of peace and you never could have handled being the president.

And I call out Judge Roy Moore. I love both of you so much! But you are meek and you are mild. You point to the 10 Commandments. You defend the 10 Commandments.

Ben Carson, you defend the Holy Shabbat, the true day which is Friday sunset to Saturday sunset.

But Judge Roy Moore, I sent you a Prophet to warn you—about this Ministry and how your name is even in the book of the Secrets of the RUACH HA KODESH (the HOLY SPIRIT) that this Prophet speaking had written, of the Prophecies contained [therein]—I sent you a little girl, a young woman.

And you and your wife were warned on the phone, get that book out and read it. Anyone who knows him, tell him to read it. For his name is written there.

Do not, do not go into the Sunday churches. Turn, turn to the truth. For YAHUSHUA preached on the Shabbat. That is—again, I’m going to tell you again—not a Sunday that is not a Sabbath.

“Honor the Sabbath day and keep it Holy” (Ex 20:8; Dt 5:12) is so important I put it in the 10 Commandments, the 10 Laws. I made it like—simple for a little child to understand and only gave you 10, instead of telling you to follow 613. And I speak to the tiny babes now.

(I don’t speak to the spiritually mature, you already know how important the Torah is. To study it, to obey it! To the laws that apply to TODAY, and I mean today! Of course not all apply today. For there are different levels in the Torah.)

You paul hellem, you are not even human. You are a werewolf.

You don’t think werewolves are real? Where do you think the fairy tales come from? Think of the stories you told your children. Even warning about the big bad wolf, in [a] riding hood!

Cannibalism has always been there! Vampirism has always been there!

And you who call yourself Christian—and enjoy the zombie movies and vampire movies, but you say you belong to I YAHUVEH (Lv 17:10-14)! Or even if you call HIS name Jesus Christ—do you not know that the antichrist will use the name “Jesus Christ”? But he fears the name of YAHUSHUA!

You better learn now. Go back and read every one of those Prophecies.

Put those videos back up Ezra. It isn’t as you want it to be yet. But they will know where to go. If there is any Prophecy that does not have a video, I AM going to raise a video up.

And Elisheva you must, you must put it in, the Words, as you hear me speak. For you see you are unlike other Prophets. This is why you know when to shout. This is when you know to speak softly in love and gentleness. You hear MY Voice, you don’t just write words down.

And I warn now Benny Hinn, you once carried a mantle of healing but you turned over your soul to satan. You have a “walk-in.”

Beware of the walk-ins. They will come to you and they will look human. They are “shapeshifters.” They have a new name. They are “alien.” They have a new name. They are demonic fallen angels. They have a new name.

They poison you (Rv 11:18), the people of the world.

Those of the government—even not, even not one country has protested, of the highest governments, has said stop this: Stop what you’re doing, polluting the sky, poisoning the sky, lithium in the sky now, the worst poisons, mercury.

And the 5G wasn’t enough for the Internet speed, you had to go higher and higher and higher and higher.

And the radiation—you wonder why you’re so sick? Well take a deep breath and you’ll find out why.

They kill you softly by giving you what you want.

The Internet. But I use the Internet to get forth MY Words and I protect MY children who use the Internet to take MY Words and warn the sheep and lambs, warn the people to repent. I protect them in a way that satan cannot stop.

And you who buy your smart phones, which one is the best each year? Which one should I trade in? Now you no longer care if the fingerprint is there. There used to be a time you would fight against your fingerprint being put on a police blotter.

For you were innocent. Why would they need your fingerprint? Why would they need a face scan? Why do they need your iris scanned, your eyes? Your very eyes! A record of your eyes? A voice analyst? You’re too lazy with your new cell phones to even push a button on?

And where are the ones who protest? I will tell you where they are. They are cowards. They have joined those who are the worst of the worst on this earth the very “aliens” I have spoken of, the very ones I have called the fallen angels.

They make you think that you are missing something but your only thing that you are missing is hell.

For they want your records. They want your face, DNA.

And your DNA is so precious (Ps 139:14), but it cannot really be duplicated, ([‘duplicating’] it is synthetic)—but they want your real.

Those who are still human, remember the days of Noah. It shall be again and it was prophesied [through YAHUSHUA &] through this one speaking now (Prophecies 24 pt1, 91 etc). Such as the days of Noah, so it shall be again (Mt 24:37-39).

Even down to human women mating with the fallen angels, the fallen demons! And I say demons because that is where— those who followed lucifer right—to earth, satan (Is 14:12; Lk 10:17-18; Rv 12:9).

Oh and you who laugh at the Bible, “It’s outdated, it’s too old,” you laugh at the old books of Israel like the book of Enoch.

You mock now, you pay later. You mock of Heaven, you mock of hell.

You mock of what gender I made you. Be you male or be you female. You transbenders! You didn’t want the sex of the child that was born, so you give them the hormones where their own child, does not even know [that] they were meant to be born a man or a woman. They instead—you change it before they know the truth. And they do not understand.

I have not changed. I AM the CREATOR.

A woman is a woman, and a man is a man. You who dress up and mock and pretend that you are a woman or pretend that you are a man and turn your children (Mt 18:6-7) into that of what I call an abomination.

And if you want to know what an abomination is, LOOK IT UP in your search net. The search [engine] that is going to blot out Holiness one day. And all you’ll see is that what satan wants you to see.

So look while you can. Copy the Prophecies I’ve given this Prophet. Copy them and hide them. Read them and study them.

For not one word is amiss. And you who think that I speak through Elisheva in fragmented sentences, and don’t put the commas or spell the words right, who are you to question I YAHUVEH?

I speak through her so I can speak through the children, so I can speak to those who do not speak English the way that you do, so fluently! [Sarcastic] You educated, Pharisees!

I’ve had enough, but I’m warning you.

Pray, pray, pray, you whose name, you believe that you truly belong to ME—that your name will be found in the LAMB’S Book of Life.

For there’s also a Book of Damnation. And there’s more names in the Book of Damnation than you could ever, ever, ever believe (Mt 7:13).

And the Book of the Blotted Out, is the worst of all (2 Pt 2:21; Heb 10:26-27). For it’s worse than the Book of Damnation, those who were created only to be DAMNED (Ro 9:22) for the decision they made in Heaven (see Prophecy 71), at the battle between lucifer and I YAHUVEH and all that are Holy in Heaven.

Remember where it says in the Bible, you work out your own salvation with fear and trembling (Phil 2:12). Your soul already knows.

If you tremble and if you wonder, you’re not right with ME (Ps 32:3-7).

And you who are in the Book of the Blotted Out you started out right—paul hellem—I once gave you a chance, I once gave you a chance: You could have repented. You were told by this woman speaking, “Repent!” when you turned away from YAHUSHUA. Repent, repent, repent—even though I already knew there was no chance for you. Now you do your rituals. Now you drink the blood and eat the cannibal, [consuming one another]—like a cannibal [you eat human flesh], you send your curses.

For you cannot stand that fact that Elisheva, who has struggled with her health for so many years—but it was because of 14 years of you, paul hellem. Her health had nothing wrong until you came into her life and brought your curses with you, who has a Druid for a mother who worships a tree (Jr 10:1-8; Dn 4:10-18)!

And now you’re a beast of the field (Dn 4:31-33; Acts 20:29-30; 2 Pt 2:12; Jude 1:20). You’re a “shapeshifter.” You pretend to be human. You are a fallen angel that wanted to mate with a human. She is all-human DNA. You are a fallen angel.

There is so much more I want to say, but I will not today.

And I’m sorry Elisheva, I had to reveal what you wanted me to hide and conceal. But I must warn the women who married [such] men: Run, run, run while you can, when they tell you to turn against YAHUSHUA and the Holiness of this Ministry. Run, run while you can. In MY Eyes, you’ve never been married.

Just like you Elisheva, you’ve never been married until you married Ezra on Rosh ha Shana [2016]—the very day he prophesied it, prophesied it in advance!

A Prophet prophesies in advance, years in advance. They do not just read the news. They do not make up dreams and visions. They know things in advance.

For they are called Ascenders, Ezra. And they do come from Heaven. And right now she does not even understand one word. She will not remember one word after she has spoken, but you came from Heaven as an Ascender. And your wings are invisible.

For you already had the truth locked in you although you did not know it yet, although you wouldn’t have even been saved yet when you first came to earth. In MY Eyes you were, but you had to confess, you had to repent. For you had followed the ways of this world.

And the Ascenders know things in advance. The Ascenders know revelations that will happen. And they will prophesy in advance. They will not just copy others’ Prophecies. You see this day, this is revelation day.

Just like John was called the Revelator. Elisheva has also the gift, and Ezra has, of being a Revelator of this end time generation. So now they are attacked.

And now this Polish man rises up and speaks all manner of evil. For he is a fallen angel, he is sent of satan.

For so many Jews have come to YAHUSHUA because of the salvation prayer that Ezra has written and spoken. All of them, all of them, all of them and yet they do not understand. It’s not enough just to believe. They must confess with their mouth. Confession is made unto salvation (Ro 10:10).

One [Ascender/Revelator] born in Israel and that is you Ezra—and one born outside of Israel, that is Ephraim, that is you Elisheva. Caleb, Caleb, yes MY Caleb, MY Caleb, MY Caleb you are MY Ezra.

And I give you that name. For you came as an Ascender. You preach the truth, no matter who tries to tear you apart, no matter what lies and slanders are said about you two.

No one will ever tear you apart, unless you choose to tear yourself apart. And I already know, what I put in both of you. Ezra, never believe a lie about your wife. And Elisheva, never believe a lie about your husband.

And you who are Holy—and I only call Holy to those who belong [to ME], and I will even allow the name “Jesus Christ” this one time for you are now learning of the NAME of YAHUSHUA (so why would I condemn you, why would I punish you for what you do not know?)—just do not believe the lies.

Instead with what you have been blessed—I command all those who are blessed when they hear this brand new Prophecy that I AM putting above so many hundred others (for there’s been over 1000 and I always say over, because the next day you do not know when I speak)—you must speak up. Defend a Ministry that you know speaks the truth or I’m going to hold you accountable on the day of judgment.

And if you know you have been blessed this day with the truths that have been heard, do NOT look up the name [of any enemy]. For there is named the very name paul hellem that was in, that was hidden before as I called him “no name”—he was worthy of no name! And you find that [phrase ‘no name’] not in any book, except when it came to his name.

You read so much as one word, spoken of this name, then you will become just like him, a fallen angel [walk-in], a beast of the field, what you commonly call a werewolf.

Oh don’t laugh, whatever you do, even if you don’t understand. Ponder it.

Never, ever, ever purposely look up anything evil on this Ministry. For all you’re going to do is find lies and slander from satan and the “aliens,” who do not want [ME] to reveal what she knows and what so many other people have verified.

Look closely at your family. I warned you the spirit of fear had been loosed. I warned you the spirit of insanity had been loosed. She warned you they would make murderers out of innocent people. She warned you. I warned you through her.

Look up the Prophecy, The Spirit of Insanity has been Loosed [ LINK ] and you will see, why those who seem so innocent, all of a sudden turn so evil and they murder. And the mental asylums, beware. There are sound waves. Beware!

The groaning and moaning that you hear and you do know and recognize it. I speak it to this Ascender, this Prophet this day! Elisheva Eliyahu! It is the moaning and the groaning of Earth (Rm 8)! Of Earth! For what has been done to it! For the war that is coming to it! Even worse—

The sun weeps! The moon weeps! And I speak of the true sun and the moon that I YAHUVEH created. The stars fall from the sky (comp Is 34:4; Mk 13:25; Rv 6:13 & Lk 10:18; Is 14:12)!1 And it is not I, knocking them out or blocking them out (Rv 12:4).

It is the worst of the worst, who curse this earth (Rv 11:18)!

Did I not say the earth would mourn (Jr 4:28; Ps 46: 2-3)? Did I not say even the animals would know (Jr 12:4; Ro 8:22)? Did I not foretell all this? In a book that you call The Bible, I call the Holy Scriptures.

And I warn in the Books of Old, and when that Day (Zep 1:14-18; Ezk 30:3), days of darkness would come (Ezk 32:7-8; Eccl 12:1-7; Is 60:2; Jr 13:16).

I warned through her already, the 3 Days of Darkness (Prophecies 36, 60, 115 etc). The two weeks—there shall be, no electricity of any kind. You can call them EMPs. You can call them whatever you want. But there will not be any electricity, in any way. Just like when MY SON died (Mt 27:45; Mk 15:33; Lk 23:45), you will not be able to see a hand in front of a face (Ex 10:21-23; Is 60:2).

But oh for my remnant! Oh for those who follow the 10 Commandments! Those who repent this day, those who fall on their knees and beg in the NAME OF YAHUSHUA: Please forgive me, please forgive me for all I’ve done against YOU! Please forgive me, I do not want to be in that which is called the Great Tribulation (Dn 12:1; Mt 24:21). I do not want to be [here] when the time of the Wrath of the LAMB [comes]—and I WHO SIT ON THE THRONE! (Rv 6:16-17).

Read the Book of Revelation and you shall see.

Fall on your faces and repent! I mean literally, fall on your faces! And if you cannot do that with your knees, then cover your face and repent! And cry out, please forgive me! In the NAME OF YAHUSHUA, please forgive me! In the NAME OF THE MESSIAH, YOUR ONLY BEGOTTEN SON, please forgive me, and teach me right from wrong!

Please SWEET HOLY SPIRIT, please consume me, please anoint me. Please help me to discern the truth from the lies!

I will forgive, I AM faithful to forgive and I will provide a way of escape. And if you have to give your life as a martyr, then know this, if you have said this prayer and you truly have followed it, there’s blessings in Deuteronomy 28—and there are curses in Deuteronomy 28 and the curses are those who are of Esau.

For Jacob I loved, Esau I hated (Ro 9:13). Get out, your search engines. Look it up if you don’t know. I YAHUVEH hate the reprobate (Pr 6:16-19, Ps 11:5; Jr 6:30). I repeat it. There is no forgiveness, when you blaspheme ME, the HOLY SPIRIT (Lk 12:8-10). And WE are the HOLY TRINITY. So it’s not just blasphemy, it’s mockery.

You mock now, you will pay later. You ask forgiveness now, I AM faithful to forgive as far as the east is from the west (Ps 103:12) and your sin will be remembered no more.

But you who have blasphemed [the HOLY SPIRIT] even once, you’ll never be forgiven. (Do not look up the name paul hellem; do not look up the—any, any website, any, in any language, especially I speak now to that Polish one.)

You think I do not know what you intended to do! You think that it isn’t the devil who put it inside of you. You think I do not know that you are one of the fallen ones as you quote the Scripture and pretend to teach the Scripture. And all you do is lead the sheep and lambs astray, so they can become like unto a fallen angel like the beast of the field.

You witches and you vampires, you—all forms of occult— I’ll not name them all. You think I do not see you. You think I do not see you looking in your mirrors.

You remote viewers, you are going to pay if you do not repent. For even the government uses the remote viewers to spy upon those satan tells them to.

And you astral projectors, you astral travelers, those who brag I can lay down on my bed and I can appear in another place, I can send curses, I can harm anyone who belongs to YAHUSHUA.

You do not know it, I have led you to this Ministry so I could DESTROY YOU! DESTROY YOU. And toy with you. You will see your loved ones drop down dead. You will see your pockets full of holes. You will see, you will see what I have to do to you.

You scientists who invent these inventions like robots—only now you want to call them humanoids. You think I do not see you. You think I do not know, I YAHUVEH. I have a special surprise, as your own creations turn against those who they created.

Those who tell of the Nephilim, the “reptilians” and yet are one themselves, you think I YAHUVEH will not tell MY Holy [children].

It’s already been done. It’s already begun.

And those of you who say—wake up, wake up! Look and see what your government is doing! Wake up, wake up! Look at what the [U.S.] Congress has done! Those who make makers of the law, those who are the leaders of the country—wake up, wake up! See that they are trying agenda 21! See that they have different agendas, by different numbers [of years]. And they only get worse.

Those of you who are finally awoken, you are like unto the 5 wise virgins and the 5 foolish virgins (Mt 25:1-13). Only the 5 wise virgins never believed the lies in the first place. The 5 foolish virgins, you have no oil in your lamps. You have no intelligence when I look at you. You are asleep.

Now wake up, wake up, foolish virgins! [Still] that doesn’t guarantee you Heaven. That just guarantees you, the truth, that you will see [it], in this world.

That which was science fiction once, is reality now, what was in the comic book—characters as heroes, as villains. Where do you think the movies come from? Where do you think the books came from? Orson Wells’ War of the Worlds. Where do you think it all came from? Even he, and even those who write these scripts, are all part of it. They will not be found in Heaven.

And oh you false Prophets, you who only want to name the name of this Ministry and Elisheva & Ezra, to tear them down, to take their reputation as Holy and turn it into like unto you that is unholy—you are Esaus to ME.

And Jacob I loved & Esau I hated (Ml 1:2-3). And even David warned, “Should I not hate those that hate YOU?” (Ps 139:21) And I answered YES! You shall hate them with a perfect hatred (see Ps 139:22)! And that means the reprobate: those who are destined and written in the Book of the Blotted Out and the Book of the Damned.

Only those whose names are written in the LAMB’S Book of Life will even bother to believe a word that has been spoken.

All the rest of you, go your way. For very soon hell will claim your soul. And for the aliens, I have a special place for you. I have a special level for you. And for the fallen angels, who once again come to deceive—there are so many levels, [more] than you cannot even begin to believe.

To those now listening, I’m not speaking anymore secrets. But I will protect MY Bride. I will protect. I will protect the Guests, who are even—try to be the Bride. And continue to try to be the Bride of YAHUSHUA. Blessed are all who are invited to the Marriage Supper of the LAMB (Rv 19:9)!

And these are the last Words I have to say as I speak forth from this husband and wife! She spoke the Words, as he heard in the Spirit. They are one—a marriage, a true marriage—are one.

In the times of old, it was about sex that made a marriage—it is no longer a marriage in my eyes—just because you do a ceremony, and you have sex! It is all about Holiness. That is what being one, is. Are you part of the FATHER, I YAHUVEH? MY ONLY BEGOTTEN SON YAHUSHUA? And do you have the RUACH HA KODESH within? Those, I call a marriage. Those I call one.

And even if you claim all that, if you so much as mistreat your wife, remember, there’s no disrespect to the Bride of YAHUSHUA.

Be careful, be careful who’s in your family now. Be cautious, be very cautious.

And you who are listening and believing, have asked forgiveness [of sin]—and I AM faithful to forgive. YAHUSHUA is faithful to forgive. For HIS BLOOD, is the BLOOD ATONEMENT for your sins. Remember that.

You who have a website, and put videos up I command you to put this video up. But you make sure that you do not change it that [it appears as if] it comes from you. You are repeating a video that came from Heaven.

Woe be unto those (that a book was written called Secrets of the RUACH HA KODESH, the HOLY SPIRIT)—and “Happy Yoyo,” you won’t be happy for long—you who think that you can take what I have given at such a high cost to this Prophet.

For the greater the suffering, the greater the Anointing. And all, all, all [MY children] are persecuted for MY SON YAHUSHUA’S NAMESAKE. And they must be willing to go through, any trial or test that I put them through. It is not because you have done anything wrong, it is because you have done what is right.

And the trials of your faith is more precious than gold (1 Pt 1:7; Jms 1:3) to ME, I YAHUVEH. When you suffer, do you turn away from ME? Do you curse ME, do you shake your fist at Heaven?—as is warned in Revelation (16:10-11, 21).

When Israel, when I’ve already foretold of the Two Witnesses coming—where you will shake your fist at Heaven for there will be no rain and there will be no food and blood will come to a horse’s bridle (Is 63:3; Rv 14:20)—what will you do? What will you do?

You must listen, just listen to the salvation prayer, and believe it. And say it, and confess it—even if it means your own family forsakes you and they will, they will count you as dead. But remember YAHUSHUA was willing to die for your sins and spilled HIS OWN BLOOD. And only one drop of it, would have been enough, but HE poured it all out for you in Israel.

So I YAHUVEH call forth. The Bride of Israel come forth now! You go and you listen to that salvation prayer that Prophet Ezra has put on the Internet while you can, and you get on your face before I YAHUVEH.

You have always known the truth of WHO I AM, but refused to believe WHO MY SON was (Pr 30:4). Ask forgiveness, and I AM faithful to forgive. Ask forgiveness, but remember who is your family after you have done this.

YAHUSHUA answers the question.

It is those who do the will of the FATHER (Lk 2:49; 8:21). It is those who will accept ME as their BLOOD ATONEMENT for their sins. That is your family, that is your family.

So gather together, and do not mourn that you have lost your blood-born family. But instead rejoice that you have joined with your Heavenly Family, and you have become one with I YAHUVEH & YAHUSHUA & IMMAYAH— SHEKHINYAH GLORY is another NAME, or called the HOLY SPIRIT.

It is your choice, but it has already been decreed. For the LAMB’S Book of Life was way before there ever was even a mention of the word “earth” (Rv 13:8; 17:8). It’s already been decreed. Your name is either there, or it’s never been there. Or it was blotted out, when you knew the truth yet you refused to give up what you hold so dear. And that is your blood family.

This is a warning to Israel. For this is the first day in this time of countdown of the omer that I AM calling forth the Bride of Israel COME FORTH NOW! No longer be ashamed! Accept the BLOOD OF YAHUSHUA as the ATONEMENT for your sins. For there is no forgiveness, without the shedding of blood (Lv 17:11; Heb 9:22).

Come forth now, you with the blood [that’s] just as Ezra has. But his family still love him. They accept him for who he is and they listen to him, even if they don’t all agree. I will have more mercy on them.

So remember this. For these are the words, this is a Prophecy for the [Sefirat Ha] Omer. And those of you who do not know what the [Counting of the] Omer is, go and look in your search engine.

This is a countdown, just like the countdown before YAHUSHUA comes for HIS Bride. And it is a countdown before the Great Tribulation. It’s a countdown before America will forever be destroyed. It’s a countdown before this earth, this entire earth, will be recreated. And New Jerusalem shall come down from Heaven (Rv 21:1-2). It is a countdown. You are on a countdown of the omer. And I’m not saying which [Sefirat Ha] Omer. But I AM only saying, it is as a countdown.

From the time you’ve heard this Prophecy, when you see anything evil, even mentioned of this Ministry, you better be careful. For you touch not MINE Anointed, neither do MY Prophets any harm (Ps 105:5).

And Ezra, MY beloved son, you make sure that they know when this Prophecy is now done, that it is you and your wife that have given your lives to be able to warn everyone who will listen. And when they don’t listen, they can’t say, as they stand before the judgment seat, that they were not warned before I cast them either into the level of hell, in which they will descend for what they’ve done on this earth, without forgiveness, and cast them into the fiery Lake of Fire that can be compared with no fire on this earth.

And those who have heard [of this] for the first time, the last level of hell is where the fallen angels are chained (Jude 1:6) and they cry out. And they are giants among giants and yet they are chained and they are tortured. And they are forever in I YAHUVEH’S Ears screaming for mercy where there is none and never will be, because you attack this Ministry, because you attack these two, because you attack those who have tried to warn you.

This is the end of the end times. It is not long off. The Great Tribulation, is not long off. Do not take the mark of the beast. Do not allow them to chip you unless you know what the chip is for and it is necessary. But beware, beware the chip that they will try to put in you, in your forehead, in your hand, is the mark of the beast (Rv 13:16) that there is no forgiveness of (Rv 14:9-12).

This is I YAHUVEH, and I have warned on this day. So it is spoken, so it is written from this husband, who stirred the [spiritual] gifts of his wife, Elisheva up. Prophet Ezra from Israel.

I first put those words, that’s why your tongues increased in speed, is because you were putting those words and stirring them up in your wife Elisheva. Write this date down. For it will never be the same after it.

Mark Taylor, you have been warned this day. And yet this Prophet holds back a Prophecy that warns the people about you, who you are, and why now you sold yourself out to the government. You will hang with the fallen angels for what you have done—if you do not repent.

If you do not humble yourself, the sickness that you had before will not only return again, but will return worse than you ever dreamed possible. But if you agree with this Ministry, then I will bless you, with Deuteronomy 28, the blessings of YAH.

Someone get this Prophecy to the one who calls himself a Prophet, now, so full of fame and fortune, Mark Taylor.

End of Prophecy.

Elisheva: That’s all I hear.

Ezra: Thank YOU HEAVENLY FATHER, thank YOU ABBA YAHUVEH! Thank YOU YAHUSHUA! Thank YOU IMMAYAH! For this Word you have given us, we bless your HOLY NAME this day. We bless YOUR HOLY NAME YAHUSHUA. We bless your HOLY NAME IMMAYAH. For all you have given, for all the warning for all the blessing [&] for all the curses that will follow to those who do not obey YOUR Voice. We thank YOU ABBA YAHUVEH. My wife & I stand before YOUR Throne, and we obey every Word YOU say.

Elisheva: So it is spoken, so it has been written on this day and the date will be written down. And I want to say, there’s a Polish man who is truly of—not of this world, he is the most evil of evil. And now because one wasn’t enough, satan sent two.

You see Poland is truly supposed to belong to YAHUSHUA. We have a congregation in Poland, AmightyWind does, and it has grown so quickly.

They had just gathered together, one man and one woman and those who could afford it. One man and one woman even for Passover, paid the way or paid a [rental] place for a place to stay for the people who had joined them on Passover. I’ll not say their names, for curses [from enemies] may come upon them if I would.

But I want to say to you, how much Ezra & I love you. We know you want to put—and there is another one who is Associate Senior Adam, and he knows who he is, he is also a pastor of this Polish congregation. And he has taught them the truth, and he is AmightyWind’s Polish congregation’s—he is a pastor unto them.

And you see because in Poland, Auschwitz—the name “Jesus” was put even above the furnaces before they were thrown in.

Please hear me. I am a Jew. Not only by the BLOOD OF YAHUSHUA, but I am a Jew by my own birth, blood. But that will not get me into Heaven, just by my own birth blood—only by the BLOOD OF YAHUSHUA. But above those furnaces, they wrote the name J-E-S-U-S. Jesus—as they threw, and they forced you to walk in those furnaces.

And they forced you, the governments of this world, who say they are sorry, but how sorry are they really? It shows you, when they do not even defend you now, when they turn against you.

They put you on the trains, they made you wear are mark. And even the mark of the beast, because ABBA YAHUVEH, —ABBA YAH, you must not be afraid of the FATHER’S NAME, it’s in Psalm 91; please read your own book and you will see—he (satan) mocks, even when he marked you, he mocked with a mark of the beast.

Do you understand why it’s called the mark of the beast now? That is what it will be called. Because he wanted to mark you—don’t let him.

Please go and listen to the salvation prayer of one who was born and raised [Israeli] and he is a Prophet, he is an Apostle. He is my husband, he is my mentor. And GOD has now just said there’s “ascended ones.” We are ascended ones that come with knowledge and revelation, and Prophecies that we do not know until YAH speaks forth out of our mouth.

Please give your life to YAHUSHUA, Ask forgiveness, do not…I know you love your families, but do not, do not miss Heaven because of it. YAHUSHUA wants to forgive you of every sin. There must be a BLOOD ATONEMENT of sin.

[Prophecy 132] Oh Israel, I love you, I rebuke you. [ LINK ] Please go and read it. Read it and if you do not understand it, then ask questions. Ask and write our contacts [form]. Come to

It’s not worth it—no husband, no wife, no mother, no father, no sister, no brother. YAHUSHUA spoke the truth (Lk 2:49), when HIS mother came, after looking for HIM, and found him in the Temple preaching at a very young age. Twelve years old, preaching, preaching in the Temple. And she had looked for HIM and she was worried for HIM, and they took the family and they went to go look for HIM.

And [another time] when the disciples said, your mother and your father, they’re looking for you… They want you to come out now. He said, Who is MY mother? Who is MY father? Who is MY sister? Who is MY brother? It’s those who do the will of the HEAVENLY FATHER (Mt 12:49-50).

Hold those words in your heart when you are threatened because you accept YAHUSHUA. And when you see the number of views, that Ezra has as he spoke in Hebrew—

Ezra: Remind them that it’s not even—they cut it down, YouTube, the amount of people.

Elisheva: They will never show you the true number. They will cut it down. Okay! So double, triple, quadruple whatever that number is. My darling husband did this in Hebrew for you so your souls can be saved.

His friends, maybe even some of his family, will not like what he says. But there are those who still love him, and he has the biggest family. And they love me, they love me. They love me. I had birthday greetings, and I want them to know that I cried.

For I have no family, I am an orphan like no other orphan on this earth. And I have always been.

But I have a family now, from my husband. And I cried, as you told me you love me. I have a father in law. I have a mother in law, I have sisters in law and brothers in law. And you don’t even believe the way we believe, some.

Some of you, perhaps you do and you have been afraid to admit it to one another. But follow the example of this one, who is called Prophet Ezra.

You see, we came from Heaven. When we were born we did not know it, who we would turn into. But all we are used for, is to lead souls to Heaven.

And I am so sorry, for Auschwitz I, I, I truly, I truly, truly am sorry from the depths of my heart and my soul. For what they had done to you, who call themselves Christian and have no CHRIST in them. CHRIST means ANOINTED ONE. There’s no Anointing in anyone who hates the Jews, who hates Israel.

Now you Jews who hate the Christians, for what they’ve done, remember, remember this. Not all of them hate you. The majority, believing in faith—there are Christians who truly love you, and your tours prove it—the ones that come and bring the economy to you, prove it. We love you and we apologize.

And we shake our heads, as even you countries who claim, (you countries who took part in this) and you say that you’re sorry—

And only one named America right now… President Donald J. Trump is paying a price because he defends you in word and in deed. And he comes to Netanyahu and he apologizes. And he wants to be of help, and America does help you. But the other one Obama, he stabbed a knife right in your back.

So watch your backs, Israel. You see cloning is real. “Shapeshifting” is real. If you ever see our president act against you, (if you ever see anyone who once loved you turn against you), YAH is telling me to give you this warning at the end of this Prophecy.

Remember who they once were, and what they once said, and compare what they do now.

They’re even making robots. And they have made it and proven it. [So sometimes] you may be speaking to a robot and not know it, you may be speaking to a “shapeshifting alien” and not know it, a fallen angel and not know it.

But please, please know this, those of us who truly love YAHUSHUA—truly worship [YAH] and follow the Torah, truly worship [according to] the 10 Laws that were given that Moses brought down—we love you, we want to be a blessing to you.

And that’s what this Ministry is all about. I am not a Christian. If anyone calls me a Christian, I will say it is a lie. I started out a Christian, with a Pentecostal Church. I thought I was taught all the truth. I was told HIS NAME was Jesus.

But you know that GOD THE FATHER, even will forgive those of us—that the King James version Bible taught us the name Jesus, a Greek name, given to an Israeli baby. And HE forgave us because there was no other version of no [other] Bible that we could read in English, that would be taught. And HE forgave us and HE accepted us, when we asked for forgiveness. And those who now know the NAME OF YAHUSHUA, they know it because of this name of AmightyWind.

The name of the Ministry is [Aleph & Tav] AmightyWind RUACH HA KODESH Last Chance Ministry, because it is a last chance. And the AmightyWind is not named after me. It is what happened in that Upper Room (Acts 2), the SHEKINYAH GLORY is the AMIGHTYWIND. I want to explain this. I want to thank you. If you would just go and read what has been written.

Do not ever think that your son, the member of your family, Ezra married a Christian. For we deny the word Christianity. We will not have any part of abortion. We will not have any part of this Sunday worship. We observe every Holy feast, and Ezra is teaching us—I could only teach in part.

I only knew in part, it wasn’t time yet. Years I have taught to obey the true Shabbat. And to obey, always obey the 10 Commandments. I have taught them the SACRED NAMES that I know that you hold so sacred that you are afraid to even speak them.

But again, please, in your own book, Psalm 91 “Those who have known MY NAME” (Ps 91:14) —and they speak it, they’re not afraid to say it. They speak it. So please? That’s your FATHER. But only if YAHUSHUA you accept as HIS SON, the ONLY BEGOTTEN SON OF ABBA YAHUVEH.

I started out a Christian. But I was able to get saved and full of the HOLY SPIRIT, just like in the Upper Room (and you don’t know what that is, so I’m not going to go into it). But this is a Heavenly language. This is GOD THE FATHER speaking through me this day. Just as your Prophets of Old, I am a Prophet of New and so is Ezra.

And again I want to tell you, thank you for your Happy Birthday [messages]! For the first time, I truly— I was overwhelmed with your love as it sounded like a stadium or auditorium when Ezra played your audios, one after one, after one, and you told me I love you Elisheva!

[Ezra plays family’s audio:] Everybody loves Ezra & Elisheva! Elisheva! [ Crowd: ] We love you, we love you, we love you! We love you! We love you Elisheva!

Ezra’s sister: We love you! We’re wishing you a happy Passover from all of us here in Israel. We miss you. I wish you will be here to celebrate the Passover with us, hopefully, next year; here in Israel, we’ll celebrate all together, the seder night, as we should, as a big loving family.

We love you, take care and GOD will be with you. We love you. [In Hebrew:] We love you both. We love you both, very very beautiful soul. Too bad you aren’t with us. Happy Passover from all of us. Say it with me in English.

[Group] Everybody loves Ezra & Elisheva

Elisheva: [ Weeps ] I am an orphan no more. I have never heard such love. I did not know my husband would do that. And I’m trying to get control of my voice.

I did not know you would do that darling, but it proves to everyone, I am a Jew, I have a Jew for a husband. And I have a Jewish family, who really loves me. And they all live in Israel, just about that I know. There’s so many thousands of you. I never met a family like you.

This man is so special. He was born special. And his mother, I will not say you’re name. But I never had a mother. All I’ve ever known is every kind of abuse and hatred.

[Now] I have love, and this is the greatest birthday I ever could have, which was April 4th, but I’ll not name the year [I was born]. That’s one part of the Jewish part, I’m not like… Sorry. [Laughs] My husband has tears.

Darling this is greater than any anniversary gift you could give, any Rosh ha Shana gift, any birthday [gift]. I have tears running down my eyes, as you did that.

And oh father-in-law of mine, you’ve seen the SH’KHINYAH GLORY, you’ve seen her with your own eyes, and my husband has told the story. And I want the people to hear it, because you know what happened on that mountaintop in Israel.

And my husband, why don’t you just… Do you think you can? Have permission? You did it once before. It was so very, very anointed. Remember? It was cut off, you were cut off, what your Dad saw: the SHEKINYAH GLORY. He didn’t know, but still. Will you do it? YAH wants, says for you to do it. You did it before. Do it again.

Ezra: My father was living in Jerusalem, at the outskirts of Jerusalem—a mountain near Jerusalem. And when he was a very young kid, so probably 10 years old, he was walking in the woods when he heard the Feminine Voice which he thought is called “Bat Kol,”2 which is a Feminine Voice. And he saw HER and he was very surprised.

And I remember when I saw them last, a couple years ago in Israel, we went to the same area where he lived. And he showed me where he heard and saw that Feminine Voice. And the only thing that he recognized, was a feminine voice, and it was a feminine figure. So that was his story.

Elisheva: And he is a wise man. And we just want him to accept YAHUSHUA. I want to hug you Daddy, Abba, I want to hug you. I don’t have a Dad.

I never had an Abba, oh yes, there was the creation part. But all I’ve ever known is every kind of defilement and abuse you can mention from not only those who used to be called husbands, but men, fathers.

For my mother was never a mother, I never knew [a mother]. When I call out to you, my mother in law, I don’t know if I have permission to say your name, so I will not. When you told me, and we were talking make-up, and we were talking on the phone. I loved you, and I could feel your love for me, because I love your son. And I know you know that Ezra & I, we work so hard, we work so hard to bring souls to the Kingdom of Heaven.

I have never had an earthly sister. I know my sisters in YAHUSHUA, yes. And my, I’m trying to say something that I never dared say, I have a family and I know you love me. And I love you so very, very much.

I will pray blessings on you before the very Throne of YAH as I stand there with Ezra. We will pray every blessing on you. Just accept YAHUSHUA. Please accept YAHUSHUA. You have nothing to lose. And you have everything to gain.

Ezra: Half of them did accept HIM.

Elisheva: Hallelu YAH! And I know [beloved sister] you did. And I know Momma, my momma—the one that gave birth to Ezra. So he’s making progress in Israel. And our book— our books were spread all over Israel. And there’s another one coming.

Ezra: You’ve got to remember that all those Prophecies we got was in [my sister’s] house.

Elisheva: That’s right.

Ezra: All—even the salvation prayer was recorded in her house. Everything was in her house.

Ezra: Everything possibly, that she could help with printing the emails and printing and helping me with everything she could. She done everything.

Elisheva: And [beloved sister] he never told me this until just recently. I would have thanked you already if I had known this.

As I said, I have a mother-in-law who has also accepted YAHUSHUA. When that tornado wind came that Ezra said, that Ezra said—I love my husband more than words can say. And he told me what happened when that tornado came and blasted you against a wall but you cried out for YAHUSHUA’S help. And where others were killed, your life was spared. We are talking—this will go to Israel.

This is going to all the family. And we invite you, please come and see. I am called all kinds of evil names because I tell the people, they must obey the Torah, right along with Ezra, they must obey the 10 Commandments. Every Prophecy, and the only way that some of you may disagree is you haven’t yet met YAHUSHUA. But when you do, because you—because I am now a part of your family, such great, great, great, great blessings in those Prophecies are yours too.

And HE promises, when everybody turns against Israel YAH will stand up and HE will defend Israel for what they have done. For those who accept YAHUSHUA, HE will protect you. HE will feed you. Water will once again come from a rock (Ex 17:1-7).

That rock was the LIVING ROCK. That ROCK was YAHUSHUA! That wind, the SHEKINYAH GLORY was what kept the Children of Israel, and those who followed after Moshe, THEY kept them cool when the sun blazed. And Ezra told me the temperature— the temperature would have been what?

Ezra: Maybe 128, 130—

Elisheva: 128, 130 degrees Fahrenheit. I cannot even imagine such a temperature. But the HOLY SPIRIT is the SHEKINYAH GLORY. And SHE kept them cool during the day. And at night it was so cold and HER FIRE, SHE was the PILLAR OF FIRE, our CREATOR, IMMAYAH—I want them also to have, I want you to put a link to this, to IMMAYAH’S Prophecy [89 & 90] [ LINK ] so they understand that we know that there is a WHOLE, COMPLETE FAMILY. That’s why HE [YAH] made the complete family, here on this earth. That’s why satan tries to defile it.

There is a FATHER, there is a SON, and the HOLY SPIRIT is IMMAYAH. And SHE’S our HOLY MOTHER. SHE is the ONE WHO helped create (Pr 8 22-31). SHE’S PART of the TRINITY.

When GOD THE FATHER said, “Come and let US make mankind/humankind…” (Gn 1:26) King James Bible, says, “Come and let us make man in OUR Image,” it was in the TRINITY’S Image. Whose Image was I made of? HE said come and make humankind in OUR Image. Therefore I was made, you were made, Momma, Sister—and every other female listening, we were made in the Image of the HOLY SPIRIT. Eve was made in the Image of the HOLY SPIRIT.

Ezra: Remember, remember I told her that, because the books were sent to her house. She was the one who was able to trace the books.

Elisheva: [Beloved sister], he’s telling me this, my husband— isn’t supposed to be keeping secrets. [Joking.] We have a Bone of My Bone poem that said so. So now it’s no longer a secret. It’s no longer a secret. [Laughs] No secrets from the other you shall keep or

Ezra: —otherwise I will reveal what you conceal.

Elisheva: Yeah, so [beloved sister] thank you that you are not ashamed to say that you will be our Israeli [liaison] for those who need, who only speak Hebrew even though I know the second language is English—

Please come to Please come see the pictures of Ezra & I together, and our love. Please read the Prophecies. Please all you do is—and if you don’t understand, then ask ABBA YAH, ask the FATHER IN HEAVEN and the HOLY SPIRIT. And ask YAHUSHUA to come to you (Jn 14:18). I have seen HIM with my own eyes. I have seen HIM. HE sat on my bed and HE looked at me.

I was “married” to a man at the time who would try to kill me in so many different ways just like the last one—[you’ll see] when you listen to the Red Sea Prophecy. Now he tries to destroy my reputation further and tries to kill me in another way since he couldn’t kill me on December 15, 2015—he tried to kill people’s faith that there even is a GOD.

And when you pray for me, please pray that this persecution will stop. For now it’s against Ezra also, it’s against everyone who loves GOD THE FATHER.

This is a fallen angel. This is not real. He—they are not real. They are an illusion. You see I have to warn you about this.

In Israel, you already know about Barry Chamish. He was a friend of mine at one time, [now deceased]. He was a journalist—warning after warning of what was coming. And you took a picture of what we would call a spacecraft that came from another [dimension]—well they called them UFOs then, Unidentified Flying Object, and it was in Israel.

You should know because you have [had] a Goliath. Goliath—when you look it up in YouTube —is a Nephilim. They are giants. And they will—they are here. And they are in Antarctica. They were underneath the sea. It’s been broken up. And they are taller than any tree. And they will—just like Goliath, he was a cannibal. That’s why they could not find enough food for him.

Started sending their own soldiers, until a young man named David, was sent up against him, and ABBA YAH told him to pick up 5 smooth stones, and only chose 1 to knock Goliath down. That smooth stone, was like unto the LIVING ROCK. I am getting this Prophecy straight from Heaven right now, this revelation. I’ve never known why YOU’D tell him to pick up 5 smooth stones and yet David only used one. That’s because YAHUSHUA is the LIVING ROCK. And all it took was to hit him in the head, and Goliath fell down. And you know, David cut off the head.

You see, we’re teaching the Torah. We’re teaching the feasts to the so-called Christians. Now there are real Christians. Don’t get me wrong. Don’t hate them. They really are learning the Torah. They’ve been circumcised.

Ezra himself saw to it in New York. And he was there with another doctor, who accepted YAHUSHUA through this Ministry [&] who has been with me a very long time. But I’m not going to name his name. But they were circumcised and circumcision is very expensive, and it’s getting more and more. But just recently, what how many—how many altogether have been circumcised? Darling, that we know of?

Ezra: We can’t even count. We can’t even count how many have been circumcised thus far.

Elisheva: So they are not under only YAHUSHUA’S BLOOD Covenant, but they are under Abraham’s blood covenant. And this is what I waited for, my true husband to come. The other one wasn’t even a husband— he was a fallen angel, a “shapeshifter”—he was sent straight from hell just to kill me. And again, every form of abuse any woman could ever know was done to me.

And I’m not going to say anymore about that except for this, GOD gave me a promise and HE said, where I had known the worst in a man like a curse, I would know the best in a man. And I have it. And he’s yours too. And I, but you’ll never, ever, ever meet anyone that loves him more than—next to GOD—than I do and then you, all of his family.

And you see right now, we’re under attack because we’re preaching—it’s during the countdown of the omer. Therefore we have that up. He’s teaching the Torah. Therefore we have that up. He showed the Passover… Those who hate Israel, hate the Jews, [they] hate us for we are Jews, Messianic Jews because—the word messianic is there is because of YAHUSHUA. That’s the only thing that separates us.

So I didn’t know I would do any of this, but this will be included with the Prophecy. And we thank you—I thank you, as you heard, I cried because I had told Ezra, that I’d never known—cannot even imagine the love of having a family, not even a grandmother or a grandfather not a mother or father, a sister or brother an aunt or uncle, a cousin… nobody on earth, biologically.

And the Jew that was my so-called birth “father,” if you want to call him that, I’m just going to say it, he’s nothing more than biological sperm, even though his name was Elijah—he probably was just some drunk. Anybody can carry that name.

That doesn’t mean that they are Holy, but I am and I do belong to Heaven. And for 23 years, I preached it on the Internet and you read it, and you see I love you.

I wish I could speak in voices as loud as all of you. And I wish I could hug you, all of you right now, and know this, I believe with all my heart, we are going—every one of you—Ezra & I will be there—where you see Ezra, you see me. And when you see our pictures, you know that we are of you. We are of you, we are yours. Just as much as you love him, I believe, you love me.

Thank you for now I can say, to GOD THE FATHER, I am not longer an orphan or orphans [ Laughs ] as I called myself. Orphan of orphans! But I’m not anymore. I have the biggest, most beautiful family who live in Israel and other parts of the world.

And Ezra when you did that, you did a healing inside of me that nothing and no one can ever take away from me. I promise to take care of him, I promise to be the best wife. I promise to always put GOD first but Ezra second, in my life. I promise, I promise you.

I know how much you love him. I know how special he is. I have NEVER met a man more special. I want you to see When the Two Anointings Become One. [ LINK ] Make sure it’s put on this video, just in case they missed it. And like I said, the Red Sea Prophecy [ LINK], so they can understand. [Laughs] He’s [Ezra’s] given me such a gift.

You know he gives me gifts all the time. He calls me his Jewish Princess. And I have gifts that I’m expecting in the mail any day that’s going to blow me away. But nothing he could every give me this day, could ever compare to what he’s given me when—it was his idea. I did not know he was going to put your voices on the same Prophecy where people will hear.

And I’m so honored. This is like the greatest blessing, next to [YAH] giving me Ezra—first my salvation, YAHUSHUA, HIS ATONING BLOOD, and then Ezra, and now for him to have done this! There’s no gift he could out give than that.

Thank you for loving me. I love all of you back. And I am no longer an orphan. And I will never call myself an orphan again. I pray that Ezra will be able to get—at least someway, somehow, even before a video is out, he will be able to get these words to you, what we have spoken, and you really will come, and you will see the Ministry [site] right now is being redone. You know you have to keep it up to date, and make it pretty for the people.

But the main thing, is the words are there. And you look at Ezra, and you look at me, and you look at the Dedication of Love songs. He sings to me. No man ever, ever sang me a love song. And each man that I thought I was married to—that in YAH’S Eyes, HE uncreated that marriage. They only wanted to kill me. Just like Jezebel chased Elijah, I call him, Elijah of Old. Because now I’m Elisheva Eliyahu—because Ezra gave me my Hebrew name, you know. It was Elisabeth Elijah.

Ezra: And that was in Israel, in [my sister’s] house.

Elisheva: [Beloved sister] we met in your house. We talked and—Two Anointings Become One [LINK]—go and see how shy I was. And watch how many times your brother jumps, and everyone else of my family there. When he just hears my name, he’ll jump.

For he was already in love and didn’t even understand it, you see he was created for me, and I was created for him and the devil tried… He [Ezra] had to run from the women, because he was meant for me. GOD has a set time and a purpose.

And the biggest thing of all, I want you to know [beloved sister] is you see that was what I thought was going to be the end of the Ministry day. For after 14 years of what I thought was a marriage—the man tried, started making death attempts on me. And he would call himself a leader of the Ministry, yet never, ever was a leader. People never saw him. People never heard from him.

This is my head [Ezra], prayer covering right here, is your brother. And that meeting took place, and your house is so blessed. And your family is blessed. And you got that new job and promotion because of the blessings of Deuteronomy 28. And we met there. We met on the telephone.

And it was right after, the other, like Ezra said “Out with the old, and in with the new.” And Associate Senior Minister Kathrynyah, she made a surprise phone call for me when the man was telling me after 14 years, he could no longer stand the look of Holiness on my face. For he was of the devil, he was a worshipper of the devil And I didn’t know it, [Laughs] he pretended.

But he really didn’t pretend very well, because when you won’t pray with someone anymore well, or do communion, and all the things I was doing… He just wanted the money and he wanted me dead.

It was no different than Jezebel said that she would kill Elijah, and I call him Elijah of Old because of my name Elijah—only it’s Eliyahu now. And he ran, you know. And I had to run for my life because the death attempts kept getting stronger and stronger. And I finally had to come out and tell the people what was going on, because I didn’t know and I held it a secret, as that Red Sea Prophecy says.

And you’ll see your brother there. You’ll see your member of your family there. You’ll see him already posted at the top with his staff, with his rod. [ Laughs ] He already took over. He already was the head leader. I myself didn’t even realize it yet, but I really did. And it just took awhile for FATHER YAH to say, “Thus saith the LORD.” And we will celebrate that for 7 days come May.

Ezra: Shavuot.

Elisheva: On Shavuot. Ezra: Yes, May 20 [this year].

Elisheva: On May 20 for seven days. Celebrate that he became the prayer covering of this Ministry, the head. He is the head. And we share the leadership but he is the one who is my mentor.

And like he said, he don’t care about all of our titles, apostle and prophet and all of that. He just cares about one thing and that is I am his wife. And he is my husband and there is no other.

If the whole world turns against us after this Prophecy, I am not an orphan. And I believe that my new family will not turn against me and turn against Ezra. Thank you for listening to this. Thank you for believing it. Thank you for the best birthday gift ever when you said Happy Birthday to me.

When we were married on Rosh ha Shana—he is a Prophet and you wondered…

First of all it was Passover, you, I don’t know which of you took the picture, but it’s going to be in the book and it’s the new book—not the old book that we, that he took all over Israel.

For that was the old [with] the reprobate man who only wanted to kill me. But at that time, it took 7 years to write that book, 7 years to tell the people WHO the HOLY SPIRIT is. SHE was more than just a wind, more than just a fire. SHE is more than just the oil. SHE is our HEAVENLY MOTHER. SHE is the SHKHINYAH GLORY. And it was released…

But it was—I don’t know exactly when he turned against everything I believed and started worshipping ha satan, satan and getting into the dark occult powers. I don’t know when. I only know he hated me and he showed it every moment of the day. And it probably started—well I do know actually—it was the 3rd day of the so-called marriage. So that was no marriage.

Why we’re telling you this? It all began at your house. That telephone is so anointed, when he sat there. You know that we have over, I want to guess easily over 1,000 Prophecies. Easily!

And the best one I will always hold onto, is, as we were getting to fall more and more in love with each other—and YAH said at first, you know, it was hard to trust a man. So HE had to build a trust in me to be able to trust a man but your brother, your family member was, I mean, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt there was no man like this on the face of this earth. And there still never will be. And wherever he is, I will be and wherever I am he will be—if not in body, in spirit—we will always be together now and forever and ever and ever.

[Beloved sister] I send my kisses, hugs to you. And again I want to say, when we were married you all congratulated us. I heard you and Abba, my father in law.

Ezra: His name is Shalom.

Elisheva: Shalom. I don’t know, we’re going to get in trouble for this! But okay [ Laughs ] I got the permission of my husband, Shalom. And I think you have such an awesome name. And Ezra has a shalom [a peace] that I am learning to get from him. I practice on that shalom, [ie practice being at peace]. He has got a job on his hands, but I am, I’m practicing on it.

But when you gave that blessing, my father in law Shalom, Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I receive it. I believe it.

And my mother in law, I love you so much. I promise to take care of your son. I promise you. And again thank you, thank you. I was born for this day. I was born for this hour. I wondered why my life had to be a life like it had been.

The truth is the greater the Anointing, the greater the suffering. And you can’t name any of your Prophets of Old that did not suffer also. And that’s just like why the GREATEST OF THE PROPHETS, WHO is our MESSIAH. And that is, YAHUSHUA. No one suffered more than HIM. For every disease and that was even put upon HIM, every sickness, every disease (Is 53), every affliction, everything the devil could put on HIM including death—but again HE rose again on the 3rd day (1 Cor 15:3-9) after going to hell (Eph 4:8-9) and taking the keys of hell and death away from satan (Rv 1:18). And Ezra will do that teaching. I’m not going to do that teaching.

But HE appeared before witnesses, was all over the world (1 Co 15:6). On the 40th day HE ascended back into Heaven before witnesses (Acts 1:3-9). And HIS disciples and the Jewish people who didn’t even believe they’d seen it (Mt 27:53). There was witnesses. In the Upper Room, there was witnesses (Acts 2).

Tonight you have heard your daughter in law, your member of your family, you have heard tongues of an angel that come from Heaven. It means the FATHER puts HIS Own Words in my mouth. I don’t know what I’m going to say next. And the HOLY SPIRIT puts HER Words in my mouth. And YAHUSHUA puts HIS Words in my mouth.

And the same thing is done to Ezra, the one that you just heard, the member that you love so much in your family. You and I know that he too is so unique that when you took a picture at the Passover table, you could bear witness. No one could understand the picture of fire that came.

Ezra: I was reading the Haggadah.

Elisheva: Flames. Smoke. We have the picture! We are going to enlarge it. When it’s on the video, darling, we are going to enlarge it. Not that small picture. I was afraid they’d laugh and they’d mock in this world. I don’t care anymore! Our time for this earth is very short anyway. So therefore we are going to show—for those of you who didn’t understand or who didn’t see it—the smoke was coming from the book!

And I had prophesied to him before he left that there was going to be a sign given to his family that day as he read, and it came—whoever took the picture is very, very blessed. You don’t know who took the picture, do you? Which one of you took it? Or Papa Shalom maybe you will know?

But whoever took that picture knows it’s the truth and said, “What is with this?” How could smoke come from this [book]?

And you look at it up close and it’s coming directly from the book and it goes into his mouth. It doesn’t blow out of your mouth, darling. It looks like the—it’s the SHKHINYAH GLORY. It’s the HOLY SPIRIT. It’s the RUACH HA KODESH FIRE that is coming out of that book. And it literally splits when you look at it closely. Look at it real closely. You will see that it separates and goes in two different ways.

There’s no imitation. I know in the time of Moses that the pharaoh had their magicians do what Moshe did and they tried to duplicate it and some of it was duplicated. But it was all a lie because we know Moshe was telling the truth. And we know that when he gave those 10 plagues, they all came to pass. Well this world is in for some 10 plagues but even more, and it’s going to happen oh so shortly because YAH the FATHER will not be mocked much longer.

And Israel you are the only one who is preaching the Torah keeping this—I’m talking of all the nations of this world—you are the only one. And HE said HE would protect the one and it’s in a Prophecy. HE said HE would protect the one who would be obedient to HIS Torah. But that means certain things must change that you have allowed to happen to Israel. It should never have happened and I’m not going into what it is but you know what sin is. And if you don’t just ask Ezra, he’ll tell you or read your Holy Scriptures. That’s where it really is.

Darling do you have anything else to say? What a beautiful husband & wife day!—a day that I was in tears before YOU, as I’m under attack again. And he always tells me, “This too shall pass. This too shall pass.” And him & I are on a mountain top and we just keep climbing higher & higher—and the people who believe in this Ministry—we are in over 50 languages.

There’s going to be a brand new book. [Beloved sister] he very well may be coming back and distributing through your house again. And this time it will be your brother’s picture that, Ezra’s picture will be there next to his wife and because—we are not ashamed of our love, our love, our romance.

As I said, as I was talking to him on the phone I had one man walking out the door forever, after 14 years, saying he did not believe anything I believed, even in GOD. And of course not, you know and he was saying, “I could not stand the look on, the Holiness on, your face anymore or you talking about Heaven.” It was goodbye. The phone rang. It was Kathrynyah on the phone.

What happened was I got the great news just as I was marked for destruction by evil people who hate Prophets all over the world and they will say the worst things about me. (Please don’t ever go to any website that will ever speak when you are in that search engine and you see something know that it is— Don’t do it. Don’t go there because Deuteronomy 28 the curses of YAH will come upon you if you do it on purpose. So don’t do it. I’m warning you because YAH is telling me to give the warning—I would not say it otherwise—because it’s all lies and it’s blasphemy. You do not want to look up blasphemy nor have any part of it, even listening to it.

And what I want to tell you is the books were not destroyed and I did not know you saved them. I’ve always said Ezra saved them but if Ezra hadn’t had a sister and a brother…

Ezra: Well I picked them up but she was able to trace them.

Elisheva: You [beloved sister] traced them! What a great blessing in Heaven you have waiting for you! They were marked for destruction just like this Prophet was Hallelu YAH! Then for the first time I’m able to talk to him and when he heard my voice, he said it’s like he’s always known me since birth, and he said—

Ezra: What GOD has joined together no man can separate (Mk 10:9).

Elisheva: There it is. What GOD has joined together no man, no devil, no demon from hell, I’m going to add, can separate because our love story was truly written in Heaven. I want you to watch how many times he jumps every time he hears my voice or he hears my name. [ Laughs ] I’m looking at him and his eyes are so bright with the light, brightness of the light of the HOLY SPIRIT.

He said when he heard from me in email that it was like waiting for a box of candy to arrive. And when he read the book, he said, he’d seen what did you see on the book Darling? I can’t hear you.

Ezra: I said it was glowing. I saw there was a glowing in the center of the book.

Elisheva: And he couldn’t understand.

Ezra: Each page was glowing.

Elisheva: Each page was glowing and remember his name wasn’t even, even mentioned there yet. And the other one I hadn’t yet known had turned reprobate It was released. He couldn’t have given his life to the devil until after that but he never even wanted to read it so something very drastically happened.

And so I want to say, I have to say shalom. Shalom to Shalom my Papa, my Abba.

Kathrynyah: I bet he’s heard that before. [ Laughter ]

Elisheva: Well, I am so happy that I have finally got a birthday worth saying that I want to remember forever and ever and ever! And I want to say thank you for making my life worth living till GOD finally gave me the present HE had waiting and it is this—what I thought was going to be a, nothing but a Prophecy of wrath and rebuke—it started out that way and ended up with the most love that I can’t even begin to describe because Deuteronomy 28, the blessings of YAH cannot lie! HE is not a man to lie (Nm 23:19).

YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH bless each and every one of you. ABBA YAH, PRECIOUS IMMA YAH bless each and every one of you. And I pray that you will believe because you know Ezra better, of course, you’ve known him all of his life. And because he believes, you will believe that what I’ve spoken this day, is the truth.

Ezra: They never said, they’ve never said one bad word. Elisheva: No, I know they didn’t.

Ezra: They never, usually family they reject you [for your faith] or you reject them. They were very supportive from beginning to the end.

Elisheva: You know that’s why I said when people accept YAHUSHUA, who did not before, their family will call them dead. They will disown them, you know this, in Jerusalem—in Israel.

Ezra: But not in my family.

Elisheva: Not any of you. Not—you didn’t do it to Ezra. You love him. You’ve always knows him. He’s yours! He’s yours! So you could not let him go! He’s a treasure on earth. He’s a—I tell him that all the time. You are a treasure. You are a treasure like none other. I love him like—next to GOD, there is no other.

He sings love songs to me. He sings the love songs because we’re not ashamed of our love for one another. He’s not ashamed that he loves someone who wasn’t born in Israel. I’m a Jew and he knows it through and through. [Laughs] I admit if you talk Hebrew to me now, I’m struggling all right? That’s why I have to keep asking him, “Am I getting this right? Am I getting this right?” But I’m sure trying because there is no more beautiful language in the world than Hebrew. And I am convinced that there’s a lot of Hebrew being spoken in Heaven. [Laughs]

Kathrynyah: Shalom.

Elisheva: Shalom, for now.

Ezra: Shalom.

Elisheva: Love forever.

1May literally apply to fallen angels dwelling among humanity upon the earth, not merely in the atmosphere, or star-like bodies falling to earth (meteroids becoming meteors, aka falling or shooting stars etc). More figuratively, may refer to the phenomenon known as global dimming (less light reaching Earth). Stars falling is considered a sign of the end, expected to increase until YAHUSHUA’S return.
2Sometimes translated as “echo,” but literally “Daughter of a Voice” used to describe a Divine Feminine Voice of revelation, the “Still Small Voice” (1 Ki 19:12-13) of the RUACH HA KODESH
3Literally “Telling” in Hebrew, book containing the Passover story and order of the ceremonial Passover dinner