Prophecy 121- Is YAHUSHUA just Savior or Is HE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY of Your Life?

Word also for Soulmates
Written/Spoken under the anointing of the RUACH HA KODESH
through Apostle Prophet Elisabeth Elijah (Elisheva Eliyahu)
Received May 10, 2011
Released December 29, 2012

This is from Prophecy 105, YAHUVEH said to put this up on all Prophecies from now on: I warned you a long time ago Elisabeth (Elisheva) not to name this Ministry after a man or a woman even before there was a Ministry. I put it in your spirit for none of this has been done by your hand, none of this has come forth from your mouth. It is from the Mouth of YAHUVEH that has given birth. It is from the Mouth of YAHUSHUA your MASHIACH that has given birth. It is from the Mouth of the RUACH ha KODESH your IMMAYAH that has given birth. If it had only been by your hand it would have failed long ago. It is by the SHKHINYAH GLORY’S Wind that blows across this earth, the Holy Wind of Revival, it is not by your breath or it would have failed. (Isaiah 42:8)

In July 2010 YAHUVEH GOD also said to add the following from 2nd Chronicles before every Prophecy:

2 Chronicles 36:16, “But they mocked the Messengers of GOD, despised HIS Words, and scoffed at HIS Prophets, until the wrath of the LORD arose against HIS people, till there was no remedy.”

* * * * * * *

YAHUSHUA spoke this Word for a beloved daughter in YAHUSHUA who the devil was trying to divide from her soul mate. Because of past hurts, in the Spirit there was barbed wire around her heart that was preventing her from giving and receiving love, however, she had to be the one to ask YAHUSHUA to remove this spiritual barbed wire. No one else could do it for her.

Through the following beautiful, powerful and anointed Word from YAHUSHUA she was set free from yokes and bondages if she but would receive it and obey YAHUSHUA and praise YAH she did!

There was a lengthy phone conversation with our beloved daughter in YAHUSHUA preceding this Word. The following was spoken just before the Word from YAHUSHUA began.

Kathrynyah: Precious LORD we just pray for healing for YOUR Beloved daughter’s heart right now in the Name of YAHUSHUA MASHIACH and for her soul mate’s heart.

Elisabeth [Elisheva]: I’m hearing something. I’m hearing something as she’s praying right now, you can only do this beloved daughter. You’re the only one that can do this right now. You’ve got to take that double edged sword and there’s barbed wire that’s been placed around your heart so people can’t get too close and then you can’t get too close to them either for barbed wire will keep both of them away. Do you understand? It’s like you said, you “quarantined yourself” but there’s barbed wire there and you, YAHUSHUA’S saying, have got to take this right now and see yourself if you really, really can do this see yourself cutting that barbed wire off of your heart. Can you do that?

Beloved daughter in YAHUSHUA: I can.

Kathrynyah: Can you speak it now?

Beloved daughter in YAHUSHUA: Ok I’m taking my Holy anointed barbed wire cutting scissors and I’m cutting away all the wires in my heart and thorns and anything that is hindering me from getting close to other people and keeping people from getting close to me. Give me a heart of flesh YAHUSHUA.

Elisabeth [Elisheva] and Kathrynyah: Amen!

Kathrynyah: ABBA YAHUVEH I thank YOU for answering that prayer. I pray to see miracles happen because of it in the Name of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH.

Elisabeth [Elisheva]: and we pray the same thing for soul mate because he’s done the same thing and that’s why they’re soul mates. He’s done the same thing. He’s got barbed wire around his heart and I’m going to tell him the same thing.

Kathrynyah: Well there ya’ go.

Elisabeth [Elisheva]: So I wouldn’t have had that revelation if we hadn’t just prayed that. And beloved daughter we know there’s deliverance coming. But this is the beginning of it right now. All right? So I’m going to call your beloved soul mate right now and I don’t even want to hang up with her I love her so much. It’s not just my love…

Elisabeth [Elisheva]: starts speaking in Holy Tongues.

* * * * * * *
Prophetic Word Begins:

MY beloved daughter this night you have pleased ME as you lay your flesh down and you say “I will not have it my way but I will have it YOUR way, YAHUSHUA. I will not walk my path but I am determined to walk YOUR path YAHUSHUA”. You please ME, MY beloved. For it is true that no one can love you like I do, but do not doubt this fact that I have put MY love in others for you. And how much more will I do through your own soulmate if you both will but let ME manifest that love through both of you. Anything that satan has fought this hard MY beloveds, do you not understand how great it is that it is MY will that it be done? For he only fights against MY plans. He seeks to divide what I have said I want to be put together, but I will not cross either of your will. Neither will I allow this to divide the sanctuary any longer for listen to your spiritual mother. For united you stand and divided you’ll fall so stay united, you need one another. You know not what is going to happen this year.

But MY beloved daughter it is I that put those words in your mouth, “I’m staying in the ark for it’s here that I am safe”. It doesn’t mean the storms will not batter at the doors and try to drown you, but what it does mean is I AM in the ark with you. And I will not allow the storms to drown you.

Satan fears when one of you pray, how much more when all that I have gathered there pray together for every one is anointed. But still I must say this: no one with the spirit of rebellion can remain. For rebellion is like a form of witchcraft and if anyone says, I demand to have it my way then I will have to send them on their way for it is like a leprosy. So, MY darling daughter you have fought the spirit of rebellion. All of you fight the spirit of rebellion and only know through MY NAME, MY BLOOD can you win that battle against the spirit of rebellion. For satan is the first to have rebelled; lucifer said he would have it his way. Now he tries to corrupt those who are MY children with the foul stench of the spirit of rebellion wherewith that one spirit, a legion can come of demons to torment, to possess, to oppress.

Do not allow the spirit of rebellion to come in. When you see it, cast it out! Laugh in the devil’s face. You will see! You will see! You will see! And this goes for all the YDS I speak this Word forth: laugh in the devil’s face!

Test the spirit that speaks means hold every thought captive! Is it I, YAHUSHUA, that would speak forth these words? Is it I, YAHUSHUA, that would give you these thoughts? You will see MY treasures how many times you will have to admit it is either your flesh or it was satan. But either way if I would not speak this, do not receive it. Oh how I love you, I have given you so much and I have so much more to give you if you will but trust ME.

Son, lay down your pride. Be willing to cut those barbed wires off your heart. For it is MY desire to bring you two together to minister side by side. It is MY desire to use all of these couples to minister unto other couples. All of you were brought forth by MY own hand. All of you have suffered for MY Name’s sake. All of you have warred together, laughed together, cried together. I have invested so much. There has not been one accident that has come to that sanctuary.

From this night forward if everyone will but obey: I, YAHUSHUA, will draw souls there.

MY darling daughter, no love can satisfy as MINE, but allow ME to love you through others. Never think when two soul mates come together it is perfection on earth. For there is no perfection on earth in a relationship, unless it is I speaking forth I [being] allowed to manifest forth, unless it’s MY love coming forth, combined with your love. By yourselves you will speak words of hate. By yourselves you will [speak] words of hurt. By yourselves you are selfish.

Lay down your own wants and look at the other through MY eyes. I will not tolerate any disrespect to the Bride! Do not disrespect one another for you pay such a price to belong to ME. All of you have the same desire to be MY bride, to have a testimony as unto Enoch so I can draw you by MY side!

Forgive the way that I forgive you. Take an eraser. Let not the others’ sins be written in ink. Let it have been in pencil. Now erase it. See yourself erasing it as if it never was. Is it not the way I erase your sins with MY shed blood, as far as the east is from the west? Do I say to you, “Remember, on such and such a day, at this time and this hour you sinned against ME?”

I have no record once you say “forgive me” and you mean it and you repent and you turn away from that evil. Stop being children and saying, “I want it my way”. Did I do it this way? Did I not set the example even going to the cross? Did I not say, “Oh ABBA have it your way, nevertheless if it all be possible” [O my Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me: nevertheless not as I will, but as thou wilt. Mt. 26:39] And this cup cannot pass from ME., I want YOUR will to be done not MINE. This is a secret of being called the Bride!

No one is MY bride if they can’t get this part right. If they cannot lay their flesh down then how can they walk in the Spirit? How can they hear the precious HOLY SPIRIT that lives within you? If you cover your ears and you cover your eyes and you say, “I don’t want to hear what YOU have to say and I don’t want to see what YOU want to show me. I don’t want to speak what YOU want me to speak, I don’t want to go where you want me to go. I don’t want to do what YOU are telling me to do!” THEN DEPART FROM ME you are NOT MY Bride! So there! I’ve said it! How many ways must I say, “Get away from ME you so called disobedient bride”!? The world doesn’t want to hear it! The organized churches don’t want to hear it!

I am not just that sacrificial LAMB. I am not just the love of your life. I AM to be feared also! You don’t ever want to taste the wrath of the LAMB (Rev. 6:16). I love you enough to warn! The coming of the days of doom are nigh. You do not want to be left behind. No one can compare to the love I have for you and MY love is the FATHER’S love, and MY love is the RUACH HA KODESH’S love. WE are ALL combined. No one can compare with OUR love for you. But do not be deceived. For no one can compare with OUR wrath either. They don’t want to preach it so I raised up this ministry to speak it. I put in every one of MY Bride a fear not to offend [ME]. When they repent, they do it with tears. They say, “YAHUSHUA I don’t want to hurt YOU.”

The enemies, they say, “You can’t sin away grace”. The enemies lie. They test ME again and again, time after time. They say, “Because we can do anything we want to do now! It’s all about the cross. You’re not allowed to judge me. You’re not to tell me that my soul is lost” and they don’t even know ME. It is the letter that killeth and the spirit that giveth life. They don’t even have the Spirit. The HOLY SPIRIT is not within. They’ve read the Word. They’ve memorized them. They try to claim ME as a SAVIOUR but they say, “Get lost as a LORD”! They say, “I don’t want no master over me, this is my life and I’m going to live it the way I want to! Oh but I love you Jesus. Oh but I praise you! John 3:16! See it says it right here all I have to do is just believe. I don’t have to obey! AmightyWind ministry go away! I can sin all I want who are you to say? It’s not about what I do – it’s what Jesus did. No one can be righteous see it says it right here ‘All have sinned and fell short of the righteousness of GOD.’ (Rom. 3:23)”

But I tell you this, the prayers of the righteous availeth much (James 5:16) for you are righteous through ME for you are as a David and when you do sin against ME unknowingly, [and when you realize it] you are quick to repent. You fear not to repent. You know that I tell you to show ME how you love ME, is to obey ME. (John 14:15) I’m telling you this and no one else will preach it so I will speak if forth out of this vessel of clay. I cannot just be a SAVIOUR, I must be your LORD GOD ALMIGHTY. It all goes together as one. This is why this ministry is set-apart. It’s not just sent to the last chancers. It’s not just used a Refiner’s furnace. It’s sent to those who are called to be MY Bride. Even this night you see a Word has come forth. Elisabeth [Elisheva] could not call in her time to you for the word wasn’t there yet. I had to give her a dream. I had to speak forth the words I did this night.

MY beloved daughter you had to receive. You had to lay your flesh down and say “I will do it YAHUSHUA’S way”, and you did and you spoke the words and because of you MY darling daughter this Word came forth. But I knew it would. It was not the time this [past] weekend. It was not the time for this Word to be given birth so I allowed the phones to go down. Otherwise Elisabeth [Elisheva] you were in such desperation. You just wanted to get it over with expecting the worst. When did you hold a thought captive for you to think that the worst would come forth? For the worst didn’t come forth the best came forth! And you bonded together with your daughter in a way through tears and barbed wire was cut and she has the desire for her soul mate because I placed it there because I gave her, her soul mate. There is no other.

Now I shall anoint your lips to speak forth to the other half. Remember MY treasure, MY gem like no others for all of you sparkle to a different degree. All of you, all of you sparkle. Some have to be polished and the way I polish is with tears, tears, tears and pain and travail. For look at a lump of coal how hard it has to be pressed before it turns into a diamond. All of you, all of you, all of you have been so hard pressed but it has not been done in vain. All of this came forth this night because I had 3 that obeyed. Elisabeth [Elisheva] you heard MY voice as you slept. Kathrynyah you were there for Elisabeth [Elisheva] to help increase the anointing, and beloved daughter, I’ll not say your name but you know who you are, you had to receive. You had to open your heart. You had to desire to hear the words I had to say. You had to be prepared. I love you.

I love each of you. Those who make YAHUSHUA’S Demon Stompers, you mean so much to ME! You were named after ME! I’ve given you your own theme song! [I’m Going to the Enemy’s Camp] For you’re going to the enemies’ camp and you’re taking back everything that the devil has stolen and this night daughter you’re taking back everything that the devil has stolen because satan is UNDER YOUR FEET! And the enemies are defeated! Do not go by what your eyes see! You don’t have a clue what I’ve done to the enemies’camp!

You are so special, those who remain in YAHUSHUA’S Demon Stompers and those who are to come. You are so very special that I sent Holy angels to decree the birth of that special branch of ministry and the enemies scoff and mock and they say “No one can be Holy”. They judge you because of who they are because there is no Holiness in them. They desire not Holiness. They desire not to hear MY voice. They cover their ears when they hear it and they call this Prophet all manner of evil names and anyone else who repeats the words that I say.

But not you MY beloved, not the true Bride; you know MY words. You recognize them and I love you and great, great, great, great, great are your rewards in Heaven. All you have to do is overcome. Be overcomers and take every thought captive. And when you hear a thought that you know is not of ME with a voice that is not of ME, take it as if you grasped it by your hands and in the name of YAHUSHUA rebuke it. That lying deceiving spirit! And rebuke satan and see yourself with that thought that has now turned into the demon that sent it and cut its hands off! With MY double edged sword cut it off! And throw it away and cast it away and say, “I’ll have none of your lies satan”! For the plans I have for you are for good and not for evil: all those who can hear MY voice; this goes for the guests also.

Call upon ME. Trust ME! Lean not unto your own understanding but in all your ways acknowledge ME and I will direct your path. Trust ME! Stop doing it your way and do it MY way, your LORD, your SAVIOR, your MASTER, your RULER. I’m not going to lose one! I know everyone whose name is written in the LAMB’S Book of Life before the foundation of this earth and I’ll not lose one name.

So when enemies come and enemies go. Judases come and Judases go. When you do all you can, you’re pounding your head against the wall but you can’t get that person on their knees to me to fall and admit that I am not only supposed to be their SAVIOUR, I AM to be their MASTER – I AM ALMIGHTY GOD, YAHUVEH’S Only Begotten SON and you are to follow MY footsteps, not in your own. If you follow in your own footsteps they’ll lead you straight to hell, that’s why I came to this world to give you footsteps to follow in.

So these are the words I have to say to you, an unexpected gift to MY precious YDS. For you please ME. You please ME. You please ME. You work so hard in this harvest field. The laborers are so few but you do not complain. Elisabeth [Elisheva] will say, “This needs done and that needs done,” and none of you complain. You put your hand to the plough and no matter what’s coming at you, you are overcomers! Only overcomers are YAHUSHUA’S Demon Stompers! Remember that. Those that fail could not measure up.

So I leave you with these words to be a blessing to you. I love you. It won’t be long before I see you. Just hang on tight to the hem of MY garment. Don’t let go! No matter what you see in this world, don’t let go. Just hang on tight. Let not the spirit of religion steal what I have given you. Let not the spirit of doubt or worry or fear or panic steal what I have given you.

No religion will save you! None! None! None! Only a loving and obedient relationship to I, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH will save your soul!

Thank you daughter. Thank you for stirring up the anointing in this Ringmaiden of MINE! I know Elisabeth [Elisheva] you hesitated even to say those words for those words have been contaminated with the lies of satan but you are MY Ringmaiden and the Words and the Prophecies are ringing around this world. And satan you know this. You cannot stop this for I have decreed this. And more languages shall come forth. MY daughter this night I have anointed you in a new way. I anoint you now with a new heart and the barbed wire has been cut away. Do not let it ever grow again. Do not ever look backward only look forward and as you continue to lay your will down, as you continue to hold captive every thought, captive every desire! See if it is of ME, you will grow more in the anointing of the RUACH HA KODESH and that goes for ALL all who are listening to this word now.

End of Word

Elisabeth [Elisheva]: Sigh, that’s it! It’s like I didn’t breath that whole time. It’s heaven’s air…

Spoken under the Anointing of the RUACH ha KODESH
to Apostle Elisabeth Sherrie Elijah (Elisheva Eliyahu)

Offending most, and a blessing to others, a Child, Warrior, Bride of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH/JESUS CHRIST

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