Prophecy 120 – Don’t Give Up! Do Not Quit! Sukkot Restoration Prophecy to Hebrew Translator, Messianic Jews & All Believers

Written/Spoken under the Anointing of the HOLY SPIRIT (RUACH HA KODESH)
Through Apostle & Prophet Elisabeth Elijah (Elisheva Eliyahu)October 19, 2011
6th day of Sukkot via crescent New Moon sighting;
or 7th day, Hoshana Rabbah via official Israeli calendar

This Prophecy has an Anointing of restoration, strength and boldness. So if you’re battle worn and weary, let YAHUSHUA refresh you with this Sukkot Prophecy of Restoration to all who worship YAHUSHUA and live Holy. It has an Anointing for restoration—mind, body, soul and spirit, health, finances and in all ways!

We praise YOU, ABBA YAHUVEH for the Anointing on this Prophecy that will break yokes and bondages for YOUR Praise, Honor & Glory.

All Born Again, HOLY SPIRIT filled Believers who worship, serve, and obey YAHUSHUA ALMIGHTY LORD GOD & SAVIOR, all persecuted, abused, rejected, hated—you who are weary of evil being called acceptable and good being called evil: Don’t give up Holy prayer intercessors, Bride of YAHUSHUA. Don’t quit even when the stresses and problems of this world have you feeling overwhelmed, when satan is attacking, when enemies have you out numbered! Don’t give up, don’t quit! This world is not our Home! Don’t give up your faith in YAHUSHUA’S Name! You will have victory!

This is going to restore so many of the troops that have been so beaten up. The morale of the troops needs to be built up. There is no tolerance in Israel for those who believe in and follow YAHUSHUA.

Elisheva says, “It took a persecuted Jew to be able to stir up the anointing in this persecuted Jew.” If you are tired and beaten down, please read and listen. There is an Anointing of restoration in this. There is a greater Anointing in the Spoken Word. Please listen to the audio recording in the video, or read aloud if you are able.

Please see at the end, there was a miracle with the tape recorder. The battery was filled with only enough power to record the length of the Word itself. If the phone conversation had been recorded from the start, the entire Word would not have been recorded to the end. But Praise YAHUSHUA, the recording began in YAHUVEH’S perfect timing and the entire Word was recorded!

* * * * * * *

Below is the Prophecy as it came forth

—with Prophet Elisheva’s “Holy tongues,” as GOD’S SPIRIT gives utterance (Acts 2:3-4) of heavenly or earthly languages (1 Co 13:1). Elisheva speaks forth in tongues bringing Prophecy (1 Co 14:6).

It contains the HEBREW NAMES of GOD:

YAH / YAHU יה is GOD’S HOLY, SACRED NAME as in “Alleluia” or “Hallelu YAH” הללו–יה which literally means “Praise YAH”: YAHUVEH / YAHWEH י-ה-ו-ה GOD THE FATHER; YAHUSHUA / YAHSHUA יהושוע GOD’S ONLY BEGOTTEN SON—(HA MASHIACH המשיח means “THE MESSIAH”; ELOHIM אלוהים means “GOD.”)

The Revelation of “SH’KHINYAH GLORY” שכניה תפארה —as the PERSONAL NAME of RUACH HA KODESH רוח הקדש, (in English “The HOLY SPIRIT”)—is also on this site.

Additionally, ABBA YAH אבא יה means “FATHER YAH”
and IMMA YAH אמא יה means “MOTHER YAH.”

Scripture quotes are KJV or NKJV unless otherwise indicated. Right click footnote numbers to open a second tab.

* * * * * * *

YAHUVEH’S Words to Elisheva to be added before the Prophecies:

I warned you a long time ago Elisabeth [Elisheva],
not to name this Ministry after a man or a woman.
Even before there was a Ministry, I put it in your spirit.

For none of this has been done by your hands.
None of this has come forth from your mouth.

It is from the Mouth of YAHUVEH that has given birth.
It is from the Mouth of YAHUSHUA,
your MASHIACH, that it has been given birth.
It is from the Mouth of the RUACH HA KODESH,
your IMMAYAH, that it has been given birth.

If it had only been by your hand, it would have failed long ago.

that blows across this earth, the HOLY WIND OF REVIVAL.
It is not by your breath, or it would have failed.

“I AM the LORD YAHUVEH: that is MY NAME:
And MY GLORY I will not give to another,
Neither MY PRAISE to graven images.” Isaiah 42:8

(Prophecy 105)

In July 2010, YAHUVEH GOD also said to add the following as a warning to those who mock:

But they mocked the Messengers of GOD, despised HIS Words,
and scoffed at HIS Prophets, until the Wrath of YAHUVEH
arose against HIS People, till there was no remedy.
—2 Chronicles 36:16

Then, in July 2016:

Woe be unto anyone that dares to try to harm—these two anointed ones. You will regret the day you ever were born. Touch not MY anointed and neither do these two Prophets any harm (see Ps 105:15; 1 Ch 16:22). It would be better for you if I, ABBA YAHUVEH, would tear out your tongue!

(Prophecy 128)

And from Prophet Ezra:

I warn you all—those who are coming against this Ministry AND THESE PROPHECIES and Elisheva and I, all the Ministers of AmightyWind Ministry—I warn you now, ‘Touch not YAH’S Anointed and do HIS Prophets no harm’ (Ps 105:15; 1 Ch 16:22) lest the Wrath of the Rod of YAH come upon you. But for those who are blessed and are a blessing for this Ministry, and faithful, and who receive the Prophecies, much blessing will come on you—all to protect what belongs to YAH in the NAME OF YAHUSHUA.

* * * * * * *

This was recorded via audio. Here is the transcription.

[Elisheva:] …your feet. I want to repeat this. I see your feet [in a vision]. And YAHUSHUA says…

Everywhere you step—on the soles of your shoes, on the soles of your feet—is the BLOOD OF YAHUSHUA for you follow in HIS Footsteps. HE walks in your shoes and the Anointing of the RUACH HA KODESH is upon you. It’s upon your very countenance, your face. It’s in your eyes.[Prophecy 120 Begins:]

October 19, 2011

You please ME, MY child. Do not hesitate to call ME the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY for MY SPIRIT is within you!

You are MINE! You are BLOOD-washed!

You are BLOOD-bought! And you are MINE

 —mind, body, spirit and soul belong to


Elisheva: Oh am I hot! [The Holy Fire Anointing of the RUACH HA KODESH often manifests in this way.]

And now I fill you with Fresh New Oil from Heaven to walk in a greater Anointing to speak with a greater boldness, like John the Baptist.

From the crown of your head to the very soles of your feet!

Fresh Manna from Heaven, I give you to eat!

You are MY beloved! MY beloved is MINE!

Oh MY precious one! Help ME, help ME, help ME!

Feed MY sheep and lambs! Work by this Prophet’s side.

For the time is so short!

MY BLOOD drenches the soil in Israel. Just one drop is all it takes to wash the sins away. Thank you for not being ashamed of ME. Thank you for being willing to be persecuted for ME! Thank you for accepting ME—even though it means your own family turns away, those of your blood family, but not MY BLOOD Family!

MY BLOOD Family embraces you as I have this Prophet sister of yours call you this day! MY BLOOD Family, those that do the will of the HEAVENLY FATHER, embrace you and love you—recognize you for who you are in ME! Remember this always. I love you! And I thank you. Yes, your LORD GOD, your SAVIOR, your MESSIAH loves you! Never, never, never, never let anyone take that away!

I speak to you in the still of the night. I give you Revelations. And greater Revelations you shall have!

Remember MY darling one, “Judases” will come and “Judases” will go. I had MY “Judases.” You have yours. Elisabeth [Elisheva] has hers. All, all, all who follow after ME, if they are not persecuted in MY NAME, had better ask themselves, “Why not?” For the servant is not greater than the MASTER (Jn 13:16). It is all…all do not love ME. [Not all love me]. Do not expect all to love you—as I still am persecuted—in this world I AM hated more than I AM loved! I AM mocked more than I AM accepted! But I paid the PRICE at Calvary. And Israel—Oh, Israel—how long, how long, how long, how long must I wait for thee to accept ME—to love ME?

Oh I know how long it will be! And I know the price Israel shall pay! And it will be a price that is so heavy—for they are held more accountable. For I walked the streets of Jerusalem. MY BLOOD, MY BLOOD, MY BLOOD is soaked in the land. Oh how I grieve! How I mourn!

But there is a remnant! I do have a remnant! I ALWAYS have a remnant! They are few, but they are MINE! And just as I have you so too there are others in Israel. And they are spread all over the world and they are going to stand up and they are going to defend! And they are defending that which is Holy! And they are exposing and rebuking all that is unholy and they are warning that the false messiah is on the way—but it shall not happen until I take MY true Bride away.

So I just take this moment to say, “Thank you.” I send this Prophet of MINE to say, “Thank you.” Not one tear you have shed when it has been done for MY NAME’S sake, is not stored up in Heaven in a precious bottle, encrusted with gems and jewels of all kinds (Ps 56:8). And the greater the persecution—I tell you this, MY beloved ones, MY beloved Bride—the stronger the fragrance. The aroma is in that vial of your tears. It has been a sacrifice unto ME, your YAHUSHUA, your HEAVENLY FATHER and the PRECIOUS RUACH HA KODESH.

Oh how long, how long, how long, how long, how long, how long I have waited to be able to embrace MY Bride! But it shall not be much longer! It shall not be much longer! You will be in MY Arms! You will hear MY Voice!

Just don’t give up! Don’t you quit! For you have come this far! Don’t give up! Don’t you quit! Don’t you compromise with the world’s lies!

The more that the world tells you that you are unholy, know that you are Holy! The more that they mock and they laugh—because you follow the Torah Laws—know that you are MINE!

The more you defend the Sabbath, the Shabbat and say, “It is not a Sunday”—just know that you are MINE! Don’t give up. Don’t quit. Although the persecution is so heavy and although it will get heavier, remember WHOSE NAME you are persecuted for! Remember WHO you are hated for!

Oh they’ll use your name and your name they will profane and speak all manner of evil against it, but it’s not really your name they hate. It is WHO you represent. It is who you are in ME. It’s the Messages that you give that come straight from Heaven.

So don’t you give up! Don’t you quit!

For I’m going to take Vengeance on these enemies! And they shall pray for the very mountains to hide them—from HE WHO SITS ON THE THRONE (Rev 6:15-17)! And the HOLY LAMB that was slain, crucified and arose again! YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH IS MY NAME!

And I tell you DON’T GIVE UP! AND DON’T YOU QUIT! For I AM with you!

Reach MY people. Reach MY people. I not only speak to the people in Israel but I speak to the people of the world. Reach MY people. Continue to feed MY sheep and lambs. Continue not to be ashamed of your testimony for your Testimony is not who you are, your TESTIMONY is WHO I AM—in you! That is what the devil hates! That is what your enemies hate!

But that very TESTIMONY proves WHO I AM—for I change lives! And great, great, great, great, great, great, great are the rewards waiting for those—in Heaven—who have been willing, willing to lay their reputations down, their names down, have been willing to be persecuted for MY NAME’S sake! Great, great, great, great, great are your rewards waiting for you in Heaven.

You shall see MY beloved one. You shall see MY GLORY, MY GLORY, MY GLORY. With your own eyes! You shall see! It’s not far off! Do not be discouraged as you see the date setters come and go. Just listen and you will see. New Revelations will come to thee.

Stand up for one another! Now is not the time to stand alone. I bring MY Bride together from one end to the other [of the] world through this Internet, otherwise you two now speaking would not have met. And yet, it’s as though you’re in the same room for you are one Spirit.

You will know who are MINE. They will fight by your side. They will defend all that is Holy. They will expose the wolves in sheep’s clothing. Do not be deceived. All those who claim that they speak in “the Name of ‘JESUS CHRIST’” are truly not [all] speaking of ME. Anyone who stands against this Holy Ministry, the very Ministry ordained by YAH … Woe be unto these enemies who stand against all that is Holy! For you stand against ALMIGHTY GOD!

So MY beloved, know that I have chosen you. Know that you are the Hebrew translator and there is yet more to come, but they have delayed. So this is your reward this day. You wanted a Word. You got a Word.

Elisabeth [Elisheva] you said, “I don’t know what I’m going to say!” That’s right MY daughter, because these are not words of your flesh! These are Words coming from Heaven—to bless the Hebrew Translator that will take MY Words to the Hebrew people [and] will work diligently. And I shall bless abundantly!

I love you! I loved you! Never, ever, ever, ever, ever forget I love you. I know EACH & EVERY tear ALL of you shed! I know EACH & EVERY time that your name is cursed on this earth, but it is not by ME.

For I send you Blessings!

I prepare a table before you IN THE PRESENCE OF YOUR enemies (Ps 23). AND I BLESS YOU!!!! And ALL of hell RAGES because they CANNOT SILENCE the VOICE of your ALMIGHTY LIVING YAHUVEH!

So [enemies] gnash your teeth in rage!!!!

I AM not that sacrificial LAMB

 that is tortured anymore! That was one time!

Now I AM the LION from the Tribe of JUDAH

And I’M COMING TO DEVOUR MY enemies!!!!!


WE both bless and WE both curse!

Deuteronomy 28, the Blessings and the Curses:

 The Blessings for those who OBEY!

 The Curses for those who DISOBEY!

You walk in MY Blessings. Those that do the Will of the HEAVENLY FATHER walk in MY Blessings.

I’m testing. I already know who is worthy to escape the Great Tribulation. All of you are in a test! You now have a brand new Prophecy Elisabeth Elijah [Elisheva Eliyahu]. You’ve waited and you’ve waited and the enemies have feared but I waited and I waited until this voice you did hear—of the Hebrew Translator—to stir up the Anointing within you.

For Israel, I love you.

Do you hear ME, Oh Israel?

I love you. I desire to save you.

It is your choice.

It will take persecution

 —such as this one that you speak to now,

 has been persecuted and so many more.

But I have MY Bride in Israel.

They are MY Hidden Bride.

There is not just physical Israel and

 —there is Spiritual Israel.

 And I have MY Bride.

 For MY Spiritual Israel is in Israel also.

Oh MY Treasures!

Read the Song of Solomon.

See MY Love for you. See MY Love for MY Bride.

You do not know how much I want to draw you by MY Side!

And it won’t be long! It really won’t be long!

I see your tears. I hear your grief. I watch as you cry and wail,

 “I don’t want to live on this earth anymore.”

 You are surrounded by evil on all sides.

But how do you think I feel?

 When MY VERY NAME is despised?

It won’t be long.

Just don’t give up! Don’t you quit!

The good work I’ve started, I’ll finish.

End of Prophecy

[Elisheva:] HalleluYAH! Praise YAHUSHUA! Yeah! [joyous LAUGHTER]. Oh ABBA YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA, PRECIOUS RUACH HA KODESH Thank YOU! Thank YOU! Thank YOU! Thank YOU! Thank YOU! Thank YOU! Thank YOU! Thank YOU! Everybody waited and everybody said, “Elisabeth [Elisheva], it’s been so long since there’s been another Prophecy. Where is the prophecy? You have had Prophecies stored up.”

But ABBA YAHUVEH in the NAME OF YAHUSHUA, we thank you and we praise YOU right now! This is the next Prophecy and it took a Hebrew from Israel to loose it, in the NAME OF YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH! HalleluYAH! O man, am I hot! Praise YOU YAHUSHUA! Woo hoo! I don’t know what it says, what does it say?

[The conversation continues, response muffled, for a few more moments until the battery completely runs dry].

Elisheva: Oh Okay, the battery is flashing that it is dead, but make sure the message is there… Oh Please GOD ALMIGHTY…”

Recording ends here.

Spoken forth out of a vessel of clay, but a mighty warrior for YAHUSHUA
So it is spoken, so it is written this day October 19, 2011 at the midnight hour.


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