Prophecy 117 – I, YAHUVEH, Say, “Judgment Is Set!”

Written/Spoken under the anointing of the RUACH ha KODESH
through Apostle Elisabeth Sherrie Elijah (Elisheva Eliyahu)
Received June 6, 2008
Released February 3, 2010

This is from Prophecy 105, YAHUVEH said to put this up on all Prophecies from now on: I warned you a long time ago Elisabeth (Elisheva) not to name this Ministry after a man or a woman even before there was a Ministry. I put it in your spirit for none of this has been done by your hand, none of this has come forth from your mouth. It is from the Mouth of YAHUVEH that has given birth. It is from the Mouth of YAHUSHUA your MASHIACH that has given birth. It is from the Mouth of the RUACH ha KODESH your IMMAYAH that has given birth. If it had only been by your hand it would have failed long ago. It is by the SHKHINYAH GLORY’S Wind that blows across this earth, the Holy Wind of Revival, it is not by your breath or it would have failed. (Isaiah 42:8)

In July 2010 YAHUVEH GOD also said to add the following from 2nd Chronicles before every Prophecy:

2 Chronicles 36:16, “But they mocked the Messengers of GOD, despised HIS Words, and scoffed at HIS Prophets, until the wrath of the LORD arose against HIS people, till there was no remedy.”

* * * * * * *

1 Sam. 15:22, “And Samuel said, Hath the LORD as great delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices, as in obeying the voice of the LORD? Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice,
and to hearken than the fat of rams.”

Ph. 2:12, “Wherefore, MY beloved, as ye have always obeyed, not as in MY presence only, but now much more in MY absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.”
* * * * * * *

Elisabeth [Elisheva]: [Praying as the anointing is so intense and she feels the presence of YAHUSHUA.] What is it YAHUVEH? What is it Beloved YAHUSHUA? In the midst of my prayers YOU started speaking and I started feeling within my bones, the Holy fire. YOU woke me today and YOU told me that YOU wanted to speak. Holy, Holy, Holy, we worship YOU. We praise YOU. We love YOU. We adore YOU. What is it Beloved YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH? What is it Beloved ABBA YAHUVEH?

* * * * * * *
Prophetic Word begins:

Oh MY Beloved Ones, I awake you this day and I put you in remembrance of what happens to the enemies that satan sends this way. I remind you of names long forgotten, yet they are not forgotten by I, YAHUVEH.

To protect your emotions from these treacherous, painful memories you block them out. But only I know the pain that they’ve caused. Yet I use this Elisabeth [Elisheva], for MY Glory, to prove to satan over again and again that neither for fame, nor fortune, and even your own life being threatened again and again, the suffering you endured from the hand of satan, yet you would not betray ME. You would not sell ME out. You did not give this Ministry to satan.

The words that your enemies speak hurt YAHUSHUA oh so deep. How dare any enemy cross the BLOOD LINE to say, “This Ministry serves satan,” and accuse you of being a false prophet and leading souls to satan? You pray that they repent, but MY dear one Judgment was already set! Although the enemies, especially lukewarm Christians, only want prophecies that sooth their itching ears, they are angry when you speak forth MY Warnings to repent, and you tell them to stop having a form of holiness but there is no holiness within! Just like with King Saul the spirit of insanity took hold as he continued to persecute and harm David of Old. These enemies are filled with dark demons of hatred for this Ministry and all who are Holy before ME. The evil shepherds lie and confuse, trying to turn MY Sheep and Lambs away from you because you speak forth MY truths.

Judgment Day Is Already Set!!!
Woe be unto all who will stand before an angry YAHUVEH on Judgment Day! The Holy Books shall be opened up and all their names are listed, as those who betrayed tried to destroy all that is Holy! Some of MY Children are martyrs and forced to die because of the enemies who hate ME; for reward they told slanderous lies. The enemies now and in what is called the Great Tribulation, will betray even family members to death and torture (Matt 24, Mark 13:12-13). The enemies you fight now some will repent, run away from lawlessness, and be martyred for YAHUSHUA’S NAME sake.

Evil enemies you will meet and fight on spiritual Mt. Carmel. The enemies’ works of evil shall be judged just like the false prophets of baal (1 Kings 18:17-40). I will use you as I did Elijah of Old when the time comes, for I call you MY Elijah of New [in Hebrew, Eliyahu].

Judas sold his soul for 30 pieces of silver!
Many of the enemies who attack you now and in the future will sell their soul like Judas did with the 30 pieces of silver and receive the mark of the beast for all to see (Matt 26:14-16, Rev 14:9-11). Warn them now this is an unforgivable sin. Reprobate souls who mock and hate all that is Holy will wear Jeremiah 6:27-30 and MY wrath shall cover them fully. There are no accidents as to who finds this Ministry, some will be the Bride of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH, some will be the Guests at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, some will be enemies of your soul, for they are MY enemies for all will be tested!

All, all, all who come to Amightywind Ministry, all who read or listen to one Word from it, are being tested. How they receive you is how they receive ME. They can deceive others but what they sow they shall reap (Gal 6:7-8)!

Everyone needs to pray and ask this question, “Do they measure up to the measurement of Holiness? Are they covered in the shed Blood of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH? Do they have the desire and do they strive to obey MY Words in the Holy Scriptures and Prophecies?”

Do they shrug their shoulders, cover their ears, and say, “Go away! I can sin all I want. No one can stop me. After all, JESUS CHRIST died and arose for me. If you tell me to repent and turn away from my sins, I will just curse you again!” Children do you not realize your fruit represents the way you live your life for YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH (John 15:1-16)? You cannot live like the devil and say, “I claim I am a Christian so grace and mercy will cover me anyway.”

I warn you now, you shall be hated and your name spoken evil of, even when you minister in truth and love (Luke 6:22-23). The enemies, and especially those that call themselves Christians but by their evil fruit you know it is a lie (Matt 7:15-23), the enemies hate this Prophet and they hate all who are part of Amightywind Ministry, for I, YAHUVEH, will not allow the Leadership, who follows MY footsteps, to compromise with sin. YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH’S Bride will never compromise what they know to be true! They will get in the face of satan and rebuke his servants’ lies!

MY Beloved Children, I am pleased as you have rebuked sin and sinners who refuse to repent and turn away from their sin, and you refuse to be swayed by the sinner’s lies. I tell you a secret, in Heaven I have a golden jeweled book that has been designed just for each of MY Holy Children who rebuke sin and sinners, who strive to obey, and who rebuke satan in YAHUSHUA’S NAME. Here is a secret (To Sheren who says this ministry has many secrets, The Bible says in Amos 3:7 “YAHUVEH shares HIS secrets with the Prophets”.), in your special book there are names that you have long forgotten as they mocked and persecuted, hated you without cause, when all you did for them was pray that they would forsake their sin.

I, YAHUVEH, have each tear that you shed in a jeweled vial with a Holy Angel tending to it (Psalm 56:8). And when you’re persecuted for YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH’S NAME sake, know as the evil try to judge and accuse you, I, YAHUVEH, have judged some vicious enemies of yours as you prayed, and will continue to judge them! The Holy who cry out to ME, “Deliver me from the hand of these evil enemies!” shall be delivered (Jer 15:21)!

Elisabeth [Elisheva], many of your most vicious enemies are in hell now, for by MY hand I let them live long enough to dig their grave with their tongue, to keep piling up their unrepented sins, until they symbolically reached the level of hell which I foreknew they would descend. You did not hear from them anymore because I, YAHUVEH, delivered you from the hand of the enemies who tried to take your life, and I removed them when they least expected it off the face of this earth! Some you know the names of (Angie Ray, Bobbie Barnes to name just two), for you heard they had died. Other enemies you are battling, take scriptures and twist them and say that this Ministry is a hate ministry. Foolish men and women, do they not know this is not her hate for sin it is I, YAHUVEH’S, for sin! For every unrepented sin there is a price to pay (Rom 6:23). The enemies are digging with their mouths now [to] the level of hell they will reside when they die, if they do not repent and turn away from this evil!

The ‘educated fool’ doesn’t look so smart now!!!
Remember the man you called the “educated fool?”
( You put his letter before the world as he mocked all that is Holy. You wrote him and told him as he persecuted you, that he would not be alive next year at the same time. What you prophesied came to pass and he died before that time. I sent you to warn him. He was sent to the Ministry and he called it a curse, taught his young son there is no need to fear GOD because GOD does not exist. You warned him, he did not listen, and now he wishes he did! The educated fool who bragged to you of his college degrees, now is in hell and has found out what you said was true and he cries loudly, “YAHUVEH I now believe in YOU!”

I could go into detail but it would serve no purpose. Only know this, like dominoes your enemies and the enemies of all YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH’S Bride will fall as a Goliath never to rise again. Your enemies’ lives have never been the same. For those who still live, there is still time to repent and humble yourself and apologize. For when you try and destroy Holy Ministries like this and others, you do not touch a mere woman or man, you touched the apple of MY eye.

You who behave like a wolf in a sheepskin, you yell so loud, “Get away from Amightywind Ministry!” I shall judge you as you chased the Sheep and Lambs astray if you do not quickly repent and apologize for speaking forth evil slanderous lies. Admit you hated and touched a Holy Ministry. It is not your job to judge it, for this Ministry is ordained by ME. I, YAHUVEH, refuse to allow you Elisabeth [Elisheva] to make excuses for them as they compromise with sin. When I show you a reprobate soul do not pray that they repent, for they’re only fit for MY Judgment (Jer 7:16, 11:14, 14:11-12; 1 John 5:16). Like Cain, Esau, and Judas, they will be hell sent!

Now I, YAHUVEH, speak a new Word on another subject. What stirred this anointing up in you is when in prayer you prayed blessings on YAHUSHA’S demon Stompers, MY beloved prayer intercessors that I use like a shield to deflect the weapons aimed against the leadership of the Ministry. YAHUSHUA’S demon Stompers have been tested as loyal and are trusted on the front lines. Oh how much sacrifice, how many tears they have shed! They are MY Beloved YDS and truly their rewards shall follow them to Heaven and all of their prayers are a blessing to ME and are Heaven sent.

Do not grieve when people accept the truths in the Holy Prophecies and then turn back to the dog’s vomit again and they turn against this Holy Ministry as they say, “It is no fun to live Holy and I [would] rather return to my sinful ways” (Prov. 26:11, 2 Peter 2:22). Not everyone is fit to be in MY Heavenly Military.

I’m telling you this, now that you know, I foretell you of enemies attacking you in a spiritual war this year 2008 like none other thus far. Do not be concerned. Through the NAME and the BLOOD of YAHUSHUA you will win! Fasting, also communion, and the Jericho Marches is a weapon you need for not only yourselves but for others to have victory. Communion is a secret weapon. Use it liberally. Do not stop what you know works.

Do not cast your pearls before swine!
Remember MY Beloved Ones, cast not your pearls before swine (Matt 7:6). The swine are those who refuse to listen to truth. I send you forth to others I have sent who will listen and obey to every Word in the Holy Prophecies that I say. I, YAHUVEH, prophesy this all, all, all, all the Prophetic Messages I have spoken forth from you shall not only be in English but shall be in Samoan. And the strongest anointing Elisabeth [Elisheva] you ever knew I put on you in Maui, Hawaii before a room full of witnesses. A Buddhist admitted that Buddha could not do what he just saw JESUS CHRIST do as I anointed you Elisabeth [Elisheva], and this man named Frank, as you prayed for the people in Maui, Hawaii, Frank gave his life to YAHUSHUA that day and has been leading souls to Heaven and tells everyone YAHUSHUA, JESUS CHRIST cannot fail!

(Please see Anointed in Hawaii: and read about the greatest Anointing thus far that has come on Elisabeth Elijah [Elisheva Eliyahu] .)

A Samoan pastor who ruled his church with an iron fist, heard you prophesy. And although he forbid any woman in his church to preach, do not forget the day this miracle I sent as he asked you with a humble spirit to come and prophesy and preach at his church in Maui, Hawaii. You reached out to the Samoan people where I sent you forth to that Samoan pastor.

You grieved because you never saw the fruition of being able to pastor in that Samoan church, as the first woman allowed to do so, because you were in a divorce child custody battle and had to leave.

I have spoken forth a Prophetic word that your voice shall be heard in the voice of Samoan. I have sent you forth so New Zealand will hear the truths I have spoken forth in the Holy Prophecies. Samoans who listen and accept YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH as ALMIGHTY GOD, LORD, and SAVIOUR shall be blessed.

I, YAHUVEH, prophesied the same through your mouth for Africa. The (Prophetic) Words will not only be in Afrikaans. The Prophecies shall be transcribed by many around the world. I, YAHUVEH, toy with your enemies and laugh at them. See the confusion of the enemy? They have brought this sin upon themselves. Do I not warn in the Holy Scriptures, “Touch not MY anointed and neither do MY Prophets any harm” (1 Chronicles 16:22, Psalm 105:15)? Yet they refuse to obey, instead mock and scorn what they do not even bother to ask you or pray to ME what they do not understand.

The enemies watch Amightywind Ministers in fear knowing they cannot silence them. The enemies helplessly watch Almightywind Ministries flourish and grow before their very eyes. I hear their plots and schemes to try and wear you down, to give up ministering. I, YAHUVEH, send confusion into the enemies’ camp and I will divide those that speak forth lawlessness and teach this. It means I, YAHUSHUA, warn I have MY dividing sword and I am dividing families who are a danger to MY Holy Ones in the soon coming days (Matt 10:34-36)! The enemies do not know how to stop you from speaking forth the Holy Prophecies. The enemies’ camp are frustrated and defeated as I raise up the same Prophetic Words in many different nations and this is just the beginning.

I, YAHUVEH, many years ago, birthed this Ministry through Elisabeth [Elisheva]. If her suffering had not been great, this Ministry would not have a great anointing, for the servant is not greater than the master (John 13:16, 15:20). YAHUSHUA is the MASTER. The pain that she endured, no one will ever know but I. The price that she paid, no one will ever know but I. Even the man who she calls her ex husband, which was never a husband in Heaven’s eyes, would say to her again and again he “had to stop this Ministry,” and he “had to do what satan had planned to stop this Ministry.” He would taunt her as he abused her and said, “I warned you to stop ministering. See what your GOD is letting me do?” But I thwarted those evil plans of satan as I rescued her life many times from this evil man who tried to kill her.

I answered her prayers. She has been tested. And now I have proven who I, YAHUVEH, can trust—who will obey ME as leaders of this Ministry [i.e. I trust those who obey ME.] Where there once was one woman leader of this Ministry I ordained and anointed, now there are leaders of this Ministry (AmightyWind leadership team) and I call them.

I give a mandate to all I ordain and anoint to be Spiritual leaders in a Ministry: I require your obedience in all ways to I, YAHUVEH, for this is a witness how much you love YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH. As you obey HIM, you obey and please ME (John 14:23-24).

The walls of Jericho come tumbling down!
When you do a Jericho March and fast you need it for yourself as much as you need it for others. Take the names of the reprobate enemies to ME when you pray and just as I did for Joshua at Jericho, and the walls came tumbling down (Joshua 6)! So too I speak this warning to anyone who tries to destroy what I, YAHUVEH, brought forth. MY enemies, who are your enemies, will be crushed underneath the spiritual walls of Jericho once again!

This very year with your own ears you will see, you will hear how I have rewarded reprobate sinners who have persecuted my Holy Ministry calling evil what I, YAHUVEH, have called good! Your enemies are MY enemies and they hate you for speaking forth the truth, for they prefer the lies. The evil ones attack all who are living Holy who teach, “Repent, turn away from sin before you go to hell!” The most dangerous enemies are those who call themselves Christians but are not (2 Cor 11:12-14). They are of the synagogue of satan (Rev 2:9, 3:9)!

The evil enemies that satan sends to torment you practice each day how to anger I, YAHUVEH, and mock the Shed BLOOD of YAHUSHUA your MASHIACH! Some claim they know MY SON and yet they only know HIM with their head not with their heart. There is no fear when they know they have sinned and offended HIM. The beginning of wisdom is to fear offending your CREATOR! The Holy have become more Holy, the wicked have become more wicked. MY vengeance, MY judgment has come down and will continue to come down until MY wrath is spent.

Holy Bride you ask for MY Judgment against homosexuality and this mockery of same sex marriage, the cloning of man, the mixing of a human embryo and an animal. You’re going to see MY Judgment come down. Keep lifting these things up to ME (1 Thess 5:17). Do not be weary when you pray (Luke 18:1-8). March in Victory and know that I am going to answer as swift Judgment shall come on these enemies. Line upon line, precept upon precept you shall see these things come to pass.

When Elisabeth [Elisheva] would say, “There’s not one person we can trust. We keep meeting the counterfeit Bride of YAHUSHUA. Where are the genuine Holy Bride that refuses to compromise with sin?” I kept telling [her] to wait, I would bring the true Bride of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH. Now I, YAHUVEH, have brought some of YAHUSHUA’S Bride to live side by side. Remember, when I look at one of YAHUSHUA’S Holy Bride I see all of you at the same time.

Those that are called YAHUSHUA’S demon Stompers Prayer Warriors, the Intercessory Prayer Warriors of this Ministry, you already know the trusted ones, they rebuke sin and do not compromise with sin, nor make excuses for unrepented sinners who refuse to fight sins of the flesh. YAHUSHUA’S demon Stompers stand fighting by your side.

YAHUSHUA demon Stompers are spread all over the world. You do not even know their names but they know yours and you have blessed them through the Words I, YAHUVEH, have given this Ministry. MY Children receive MY words of life I speak forth in the Prophecies and the Prophetic Words spoken mixed with faith in who YAHUSHUA is, have taken root and grown to where those who are blessed grow by leaps and bounds!

Peoples’ lives are changed because when they hear the anointed Words from Heaven they give Glory to YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH. When you open your mouth and allow ME to fill it with MY Words of Prophecy, I give them a Word of life that has promises in it for them. Elisabeth [Elisheva], you will meet those who have been blessed by the Holy Prophecies in Heaven even if you don’t meet them on earth. Holy Prophets are persecuted for YAHUSHUA’S NAME sake, so are evangelists (John 15:20). Great, great, great are your rewards in Heaven (Matt 5:11-12, Luke 6:22-23)!

One of your rewards Elisabeth [Elisheva] is all the people that are a blessing, who support you in all ways and help you. Evangelists reaching souls help you lead the people to YAHUSHUA MESSIAH. People who are fishers of men bringing souls to YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH, you will be rewarded for this in Heaven. Again, this promise is not only for Elisabeth [Elisheva], but all evangelists. You shall be introduced to them in Heaven, each soul that you touched and warned for YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH’S Glory alone. Remember when you glorify HIM and serve HIM and love HIM you are doing it unto the RUACH HA KODESH and unto ME. When you give so much as a drink of water to this Prophet you do it as unto ME and that goes for all of you that I call YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH’S Bride (Matt 10:40-42).

I loose this Prophetic Word, Elisabeth [Elisheva], on your birth mother’s birthday June 6. Whereas she now resides in hell, you tried to lead her to YAHUSHUA and now satan makes her suffer more untold agony for she failed in her attempts to take your life before this Ministry could be birthed. You see I, YAHUVEH, had a purpose and MY purpose is being accomplished and no matter how anyone tried to take your life, and still does, I sheltered you then, and I, YAHUVEH, shelter, provide, and protect you now like a baby chick in the palm of MY hand. No matter what weapon formed against you, not only your life but this Ministry has survived (Isaiah 54:17). And much to the dismay of your enemies who hate those who obey MY commandments, you’re alive! And ALEPH & TAV Almightywind RUACH ha KODESH Ministries still grows in the Anointing and not only lives but thrives! And I use this Ministry for YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH’S Glory to change lives.

So it is spoken, so it is written.

Rev. Elisabeth Sherrie Elijah (Elisheva Eliyahu)
June 6, 2008.
For YOUR Glory ABBA YAHUVEH. Amen! Amen!

* * * * * * *

Comment from Elisabeth (Elisheva): Know that YAHUSHUA will forgive you of your sins and then you must forgive yourself! You must repent, turn away from sin, and believe that through YAHUSHUA you too have the power to rebuke sin. You pray that through HIM you have the power to rebuke sin. You must believe that YAHUSHUA has forgiven you and then you go forward with a clean slate again. Ps. 51:2-4, “Wash me thoroughly from mine iniquity and cleanse from my sin for I acknowledge my transgressions and my sin is ever before me. Against thee, thee only have I sinned and done this evil in THY sight. That YOU may be found just when YOU speak, and blameless when YOU judge.”

Every Prophecy is backed up Scripture. Here are the Scriptures backing this up:

Deut 32:41 “If I whet MY glittering sword and MINE hand take hold on Judgment; I will render vengeance to MINE enemies, and will reward them that hate ME!”

Isaiah 59:19, “When the enemy shall come in, like a flood the SPIRIT of YAHUVEH shall lift up a standard against him.”

1 Cor. 16:22, “If any man love not YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH, let him be anathema (cursed). Maranatha!” Come YAHUSHUA! Come!

1 Cor. 1:27, “But YAHUVEH GOD hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and YAHUVEH GOD hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty.”

Jer. 7:23, 24, “But this thing commanded I them saying obey MY voice and I will be your GOD and ye shall be MY People. Walk ye in all the ways that I have commanded you that it may be well unto you. But they harken not nor incline their ear, but walked in the counsels and in the imagination of their evil heart and went backwards not forwards.”

Jer. 7:27, 28, “Therefore thou shall speak all these words unto them but they will not harken to thee. Thou shall call unto them but they will not answer thee. But thou shall say unto them, this is a nation that obeyeth not the voice of the LORD their GOD nor receiveth correction: truth is perished, and is cut off from their mouth.”

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The “educated fool”

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* * * * * * *

On Wednesday night February 3, 2010, a very rare occurrence of Fireballs in the sky were seen traveling North from So. Ireland going to No. Ireland where Fasting YAHUSHUA demon Stompers Fasting Warriors live on both sides of Ireland. This was seen at sundown on the last day of the 21st day of fasting! Fasting on water only began on Jan.14 for 10 days and the fast ended 21 days later on Feb.3, 2010. YAHUVEH said to Elisabeth (Elisheva) to have the YDS Fasting Warriors Fast for 21 days for it took 21 days for Daniel to get the answer to his prayers.

YAHUVEH is furious at the enemies of this Ministry and ABBA YAHUVEH gave Elisabeth (Elisheva) and all YDS fasting Warriors a sign HE will take vengeance on all those that have slandered this Ministry and Holy Prophet! It is in HIS timing and HIS way when they least expect it. The worst enemies of this Ministry are not those who are outwardly evil but are those claim to be a Christian and pray in the name of JESUS CHRIST! They hate this Ministry for it refuses to make excuses for sin or sinners, and the messages in all the Prophecies are repent, turn away from sin, do not live like the devil and expect to go to Heaven. She has been branded all manner of evil names for teaching that you must obey the 10 commandments! She has been called a false Prophet for teaching that there is a hell to pay if you do not obey YAHUVEH!

Elisabeth Elijah (Elisheva Eliyahu) and all the YDS Holy Prayer Intercessors have been praying for YAHUVEH to take vengeance on HIS enemies and Elisabeth (Elisheva) prayed, “Please prove this fast has not been in vain and that ABBA YAHUVEH would reign down HIS judgment on the enemies.” YAHUVEH answered Elisabeth’s (Elisheva’s) prayers and put the sign in the sky with fireballs that are very rare in Ireland going 100,000 miles an hour! Woe be unto the enemies the YDS’s fasted and prayed that Judgment from YAHUVEH would come down upon, just like when Elijah of Old fought the false Prophets of Baal!

The Miracle Red Sea Fast lasted for 21 days, and we saw many miracles come forth, but this is right at the top of the list!

This Prophecy had not been released to the public, only 5 people had heard it. We thought it was a personal Prophecy given on June 6, 2008 and some personal parts have been ommitted that were not any interest to the public. Our associate Minister found this Prophecy on Feb. 3, 2010 looking for something else YAHUVEH had spoken through Elisabeth (Elisheva). Instead she knew when she read this she was to call Elisabeth (Elisheva). As she read this Word both she and Elisabeth (Elisheva) heard clearly the anointing in it had increased and this was to be released for it fit the circumstances they are battling now with the false Prophets of Baal, and Jezebel Spirit in those who call themselves Christians, but there is no Christ in them!

YAHUVEH said now is the time to release this as Prophecy 117 because nothing has changed. It is the same war as in 2008 with the Spirit of false Prophet of Baal, Pharisees and Jezebel, just different faces to come under Judgment of YAHUVEH! ABBA YAHUVEH said the 21 day fast increased the anointing and Judgment was set as it is shared with all, especially spoken aloud so the enemies hear it! This is now in the process of being done.

Malcom Heap, Linda NewKirk, Jack Barr, Sherry Shriner, Steve Thompson, the enemies list is in YAHUVEH’S hands and HE proved by giving Elisabeth (Elisheva), as others prayed and fasted, she would also be given the same powers in YAHUVEH’S timing as Elijah of Old when he prayed he was given a miracle on Mt. Carmel and YAHUVEH sent a sign with fire. So YAHUVEH did the same and sent Elisabeth Elijah (Elisheva Eliyahu) a sign of fire in the sky too!

It is not important the name of which YAHUSHUA demon Stompers Prayer Intercessors live in S. Ireland and N. Ireland, but what is important is the Fireballs went from S. Ireland where the fast was first proclaimed to where they claim the meteors or Fire in the Sky landed in North Ireland where a Holy associate Minister lives and insisted on doing the water fast longer than the rest of the YDS Holy fasting Prayer Intercessors!

Go ahead and mock enemies, but soon you also will feel the fire of YAHUVEH consume you in HIS wrath just like these Fireballs in the sky! This Ministry does not belong to a woman or man, it carries only the names of the HOLY TRINITY! The Prophecies you slander are not from a woman but from YAHUVEH the Ancient of Days, Eternal HEAVENLY FATHER, YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH, and the Precious RUACH HA KODESH who is the HOLY SPIRIT! We will not weep for you when it happens for you were warned to stop calling what is good as evil and now you shall reap what you have sowed. Instead of weeping we shall be like Deborah of Old and rejoice that YAHUVEH has vindicated this Ministry and destroyed HIS enemies just like the false Prophets of Baal, and Jezebel!


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