Prophecy 114 – The New Zealand Baby is Resurrected from the Dead!

Written/Spoken under the anointing of the RUACH ha KODESH
through Apostle Elisabeth Sherrie Elijah (Elisheva Eliyahu)
Received September 18, 2009
Released September 27, 2009

This is from Prophecy 105, YAHUVEH said to put this up on all Prophecies from now on: I warned you a long time ago Elisabeth (Elisheva) not to name this Ministry after a man or a woman even before there was a Ministry. I put it in your spirit for none of this has been done by your hand, none of this has come forth from your mouth. It is from the Mouth of YAHUVEH that has given birth. It is from the Mouth of YAHUSHUA your MASHIACH that has given birth. It is from the Mouth of the RUACH ha KODESH your IMMAYAH that has given birth. If it had only been by your hand it would have failed long ago. It is by the SHKHINYAH GLORY’S Wind that blows across this earth, the Holy Wind of Revival, it is not by your breath or it would have failed. (Isaiah 42:8)

In July 2010 YAHUVEH GOD also said to add the following from 2nd Chronicles before every Prophecy:

2 Chronicles 36:16, “But they mocked the Messengers of GOD, despised HIS Words, and scoffed at HIS Prophets, until the wrath of the LORD arose against HIS people, till there was no remedy.”

* * * * * * *

Here is a brief explanation regarding the people mentioned in this Prophetic Word.

It was in 2007 I believe, a woman named Leah contacted me from New Zealand. She said how she got a witness to all the Prophecies she had read including the True Sabbath day of Saturday. Her husband named Osana was a Pastor in the AOG, Assembly of God church which worshipped on Sunday. Leah confronted her husband Osana with the truths she learned from this Ministry. Osana rejected these truths and tried to shut Leah up. Leah left her husband and went to a womans shelter and Osana found them at the shelter and went there and threatened to kill Leah. Leah would not compromise what she knew was the truth. After awhile Osana saw how his wife was standing up for the truth and he made a decision to also follow the truths Leah learned.

YAHUVEH gave Osana many positive Words for him to help build Osana up after this experience because Leah just wanted to tear him down. YAHUVEH even changed Osana’s name to David and said he has a calling unto a David of old and was to be a Goliath Slayer. Things seemed to be going great with the family, or so we thought, but things weren’t going so great. YAHUVEH Prophesied through me at this time that there would be a branch of this Ministry in New Zealand and there would be a Physical building for the people to come worship at. We all thought the leaders would be David and Leah. In fact they rented a small building and started holding Sabbath services with the entire family and a few others would join them also. Things were looking good we thought.

There were 2 people living with David and Leah’s family at this time, a young woman and a man. There was also Leah’s sister Moera and their children were living with them also and Leah’s mother and father lived there too. We would talk to them on the phone and they would all gather around the speakerphone and listen to us talk and they all were very excited to hear from us when we called. They had there problems like all families do and they would tell us and we would pray for them and when we received a Word for them from YAHUVEH or YAHUSHUA we would tell them. This is where things started going downhill. Leah was rebuked several times but she would not receive most of the rebukes which came from YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA. I, made the mistake when I first started talking to Leah and I told her that she was standing in my place in New Zealand because I couldn’t be there. Well, come to find out, this really went to her head and the spirit of pride entered into her.

One night out of nowhere we got a phone call from David and he said Leah kicked him out of the house and that Leah was now with this man that was living with them. Leah and this man thought they were Soulmates and they believed they were the Two Witnesses. We were in shock to say the least. We set David up in a hotel at the Ministries expense as he had no money or any place to sleep. We then called Leah and this man on the phone and we asked them if what David said was true and to our disbelief they both said, “Yes”. We could not believe what we were hearing. This man and Leah even commited adultery in the home. As soon as they told us they believed they were Soulmates and the Two Witnesses I started speaking in tongues and a very, very strong rebuke came forth from YAHUVEH for Leah and this man. After the rebuke I asked them if they got a witness this rebuke was from YAHUVEH and the man said, he did and repented immediately, but Leah said she didn’t know, that she was confused. This man humbled himself and asked for forgiveness by YAHUVEH and he has been forgiven. He also has gone through deliverance. This is the difference between Leah and the man, he humbled himself and she refused too.

Leah would not receive this rebuke from YAHUVEH and she now started saying that it was not from YAHUVEH. The spirit of pride and Jezzebel had taken Leah over. She now started speaking of this Ministry as if it were evil. She spoke to her entire family and tried to get everyone to turn their backs on this Ministry and claim I was a false Prophet. At this time I thought the branch of this Ministry that was suppose to be in New Zealand was dead. I didn’t think there was anyway it was ever going to happen.

But Leah’s sister Moera did not listen to her, PRAISE YAHUSHUA!!! Moera knows the voice of YAHUVEH and she knows the good fruit of this MInistry. She saw how this Ministry was nothing but a blessing to the family. Moera did not fall for this trap and she said she and her children were moving out to get their own home. They moved out. So Moera was living with the children alone now. This confirmed my belief the New Zealand branch was not going to happen, or so I thought.

Eventually after much prayer, Moera had passed the tests YAHUVEH gave [her] and now this leads up to this Prophetic Word.

The Holy Prophecies come forth from the RUACH ha KODESH using the gift of holy tongues through me. I pray you will take the time to listen to this Gift of Holy Tongues for it proves it is not merely a written word but a supernatural miracle of YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, and the Precious RUACH ha KODESH. The Book of Acts describe this gift of speaking in holy tongues as speaking in tongues of men and Holy Angels this gift of the RUACH ha KODESH also called the Holy Spirit, came upon the apostles in the upper room on what is commonly called the Day of Pentecost. You will hear me break down emotionally and struggle to go on with this Prophetic message when YAHUVEH warns me of being rejected again. Being a prophet is not a popularity contest if it were YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH and all true prophets would lost that contest.

The sad thing is these enemies that are mentioned I once called Daughter and Son, and loved them so much, I refused to give them up until YAHUVEH told us that Leah became reprobate. She was caught in sin, confessed it but thinks everyone should just forget it and she wanted to still be the Pastor of this Ministry in Upperhut, New Zealand. She was jealous over the calling on her husbands life and set out to steal his calling and succeeded, just as surely as Jezebel deceived and led Ahab astray. Leah became a false prophet and she had people fearing her. She even had them bowing down to her as she was filled with satan’s power, YAHUVEH kept speaking forth prophetic messages for her to repent and turn away from the evil and redeem the evil she had done. However rebellion filled her heart as she was told this Ministry cannot have a leader carry the name of this Ministry and not be Holy.

I had to give her many prophetic messages where YAHUVEH said she could not handle being a leader, she was full of pride and rebellion. She kept insisting she would be the leader for she said she was chosen first. Finally she got the message and when she did she forbid Osana to be a leader either. This is so sad because Osana was once an ordained Pastor of a large Assembly of God Church. When YAHUVEH spoke forth prophetic messages to him, YAH changed his name to David, and said he was a gentle giant, for he is a very tall and muscular man, and once he was abusive but became gentle and openly wept easily. We loved him as a Spiritual Son and he once loved us also. When YAH took the abusive spirit out of him, satan saw his chance to humilate this once mighty man of YAH, and Leah his wife abused him and humiliated him, as she insisted on ruling the household. and causing everyone to fear her.

We knew she could not represent this Ministry. We never sent one person the address of where the fellowship was meeting, because YAH was testing all of them. When I heard that she was having the women who come in the services cover their heads and face the wall and pray, I told her there is one wailing wall in Jerusalem and this is not scriptural. When she stood up and confessed her adultry behind the pulpit with him, claiming YAHUVEH had given her a sign they were the Two Witnesses and she was to divorce her husband and marry this man and said YAHUVEH approved, that was the last straw, and I was used to rebuke her for the last time in a prophetic message. She became so enraged she hit Moera who tried to read her the Prophetic Message from YAHUVEH, shoving her and tackling her to the ground, ripping the Prophetic message in pieces where Moera had anointed it.

This Ministry team along with Moera and their children suffered much during this 1 year and 1 month. Yet YAHUVEH gets the Glory for HE brought back to life the physical branch of this Ministry that we thought had no hope and was dead. There will be a book containing all we went through at that time if YAHUVEH so declares it. The things she did in that Church caused us shame, and yet they never carried the name of this Ministry for we waited for YAHUVEH to tell us when they would be ready to take over the leadership in New Zealand. We needed someone there for all the times we cannot be there.

This Ministry is a Holy Ministry and satan is not going to bring us shame by having any connection to her ministry. The evil spirits that manifested from her turned into witchcraft as she went to Moera’s house and called sickness upon the household. Leah is wicked and yet the sad thing is, she wasn’t always this way. Moera lives in New Zealand in the same city and her children Grace, James, John and a Brother in YAHUSHUA who is part of this Ministry named Gene, are a great blessings to this Ministry. We are now looking for a building and we will be posting their testimonies as well as the Shabbat Temple address. Only YAH knows what we have all suffered to reach the Samoan people with the truths in this Ministry and feedling them spriitual meat which are the Holy Prophecies. If anyone reading this is from New Zealand and have property to donate to the New Church please email us and let us know. Thank you.

As I said, this is a brief explanation of what happened. I could probably write an entire book of everything that took place, but I pray you are able to understand this Word now after this explanation.

I was on the phone with my beloved sister Kathrynyah praying about the New Zealand situation and this Prophetic Word came forth.
* * * * * * *
Prophecy 114
The New Zealand Baby Is Resurrected From The Dead!

[Elisabeth [Elisheva]: Oh dear? Oh my? I’m in intense labor.]

Oh, how I have grieved, how I have cried, how I have wept for the pain that you have had to endure as you laboured. I have shown you Elisabeth [Elisheva]. I have shown you, all of you who have wept with her, the baby (the Amightywind New Zealand Church) did not die! Although they looked at this baby soon to be birthed and said, “it shall surely die”. “It” is those you once loved and nurtured as a child. You loved them as your own. You called them son; you called them daughter. You called them holy. You believed they were the best, until I revealed to you, they had masks on (Prov 26:26).

Oh, the one, the man that was once “Osana”. I changed his name to a David. I gave him prophecy after prophecy to build him up where he was tore down, but he betrayed you as he betrayed ME. For as he swallowed the lies of Jezebel, he traded the calling on his life for he fears his wife more than he fears I, YAHUVEH. Where once he was your enemy, I [later] gave you a love for him as if he were your own son. But remember this little ones, whoever betrays you betrays I, YAHUVEH (Matt 25:40, 35).

Leah ruled her home with an iron fist.
You took the truth to Leah. You embraced her and loved her as a daughter. You mentored her, but her heart became full of jealousy and envy as you tried to encourage her; she believed she could take your place. She became as a dictator and ruled her own home with an iron fist. She defied all that I spoke through you as warning after warning came. But when rebellion entered in[to] her, when jealousy and envy and strife (entered into her) she opened herself to a legion of demons and she became entrenched in every kind of sin including adultery. You warned! You pleaded! You cried. Chance after chance was given and now she takes what was spoken in truth and speaks as though it were lies (Isaiah 5:20).

There was a humble sister. She watched all this. She knows what it was like to be under Leah Tavita’s fist. She felt not worthy, but they knew, that they knew, that they knew the truth was in this Ministry. The truth is this Ministry: for I, YAHUVEH, and MY Beloved Begotten SON YAHUSHUA your MASHIACH, and the Precious RUACH ha KODESH, speak forth out of every word and they recognize the voice as ALMIGHTY GOD.

So where Leah used this Ministry to speak forth the truth to her family, when she became angry at you, for her sin was exposed and now everyone would know, she tried to say,”No longer believe this Ministry. No longer believe the prophecies. No longer listen to Elisabeth [Elisheva]. Instead, listen to me.”

She became so puffed up in pride, like a strutting peacock. Screaming louder and louder so all eyes would focus on her, slandering you from afar, digging her own grave with each slanderous lie. She forgets who this Ministry is named after. She forgets who speaks the truth and it is not a mere woman for it is I, YAHUVEH. I protect what is MINE. Satan thought if he [would] take this woman down, there would be no church, in New Zealand to be found, who would speak forth this Ministry’s truths that I have spoken forth.

Oh they called a death to the child; it died in the mother’s womb. Elisabeth [Elisheva] how many dreams [have] you had that you miscarried, that the baby died? You wept and you said, ?The New Zealand baby is dead for my daughter Leah has died this day. She was the one with her husband that was supposed to take these words to New Zealand?. But you forget, I have the resurrection power (John 5:21; 11:25). I speak life over that which was dead and I raise it up again to be better than ever before. And I call forth the true leaders that I knew all along that would pass the test.

Moera, I looked upon your humble heart questioning “who, I?” And I call you forth, and I surprise you this day. As you work so hard and gave so much, and you sacrifice and you endured so much pain as the hatred and the slander turned upon you and your name is cast out as dung. I call you forth and I tell you: you are a pearl of pearls. And I call you forth, because you have been willing to suffer for ME. You have fought your own sister, biologically I speak, for now she’s no longer a sister (Matt 12:48-50; Luke 8:21) she is the enemy of enemies (Matt 10:36). She is the enemy of all enemies.

But I tell you this: Moera can be trusted. You are accused of dividing the family but when will they get this straight!? It is MY SON YAHUSHUA ha MAHSIACH that brings the dividing sword (Matt 10:34; Luke 12:51) and this first prophecy, that is posted now before the world, is the first truth [that] I brought this. And is the first truth that is now posted [that] shows that the baby has lived and has not died. I take this opportunity to say that the next thing in line is going to be the physical building where the fellowship shall be.

The head of this leadership, I now from Heaven decree, is you MY beloved Moera, a more humble woman can not be found and yet so anointed.

Now Elisabeth[Elisheva], I speak a Word that shocked you. That’s what stirred up the anointing as you read to Kathrynyah what was to be posted and I tell you this surprise. I once again remind you: you are sent to the Pentecostal churches for it was in a Pentecostal church that you were filled with the HOLY SPIRIT. It was in a Pentecostal church where you first surrendered your life to YAHUSHUA your MASHIACH, MY Only Begotten SON.

So now I send you forth and I tell you this: you are to offer your arms of embrace to the Pentecostal church, to the pastor. The one that defended your name as this pastor asked, “Tell me the truth about this Almightywind Ministry for we have heard what Leah has said. Is she, [Elisabeth (Elisheva),] truly a false prophet? She is accused of dividing the family, but I am convicted to come and ask the truth from you”.

And Elisabeth [Elisheva] I tell you this: although you fear rejection and pain, you are to offer your arms extended to this pastor who [said], “Thank you for telling me the truth” as Leah Tavita’s sins were exposed.

Now he knows and tells others. It is MY desire, so this pastor can not say that you did not try to contact him in anyway, you contact him. For it is MY desire this Pentecostal church receives the truths of this Ministry that I have imparted to thee. It will be his choice and you can not control it, whether he embraces you back [in return] or whether he spits in your face. But I will judge him. It will either be a blessing or it will be a curse, for he has heard the truth.

Now he is held accountable for this. Will he clear your Name? Will he defend this Ministry? Will he work side by side and become part of thee? Will he allow MY Moera to stand behind the pulpit and speak the truth I have given this Ministry? Will he forsake manmade doctrine? Will he embrace the Sabbath day? Will he be willing to lay down the title when the organized church threatens him?

Will he say, I am determined to follow ABBA YAHUVEH? It shall be as HE has decreed even if you strip the organized name of the name Pentecostal church from me. I am determined, I follow no man; I am determined, I follow YAHUVEH. I am determined to preach the truth and YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH speaks the truth from this Ministry. Elisabeth Sherrie Elijah [Elisheva Eliyahu] is not a false prophet. But Leah, full of the enemy of satan you are, and a legion of demons speak forth out of your mouth (John 8:44) as you slander the one you once said you loved. All, because your sin was exposed for all to see.??

So this Samoan pastor, MY Moera, you will take this word to him; you will take Elisabeth’s [Elisheva’s] love to him. What he does with it, I already know.

You see MY beloved treasures, although you cry and you weep and you say, “Oh, YAHUSHUA, please come,” as the Feast of the Trumpets comes. But it’s not yet time, I just used you to give birth. You’ve not yet reached New Zealand (Isaiah 42:10) and there [are] so many other languages to come (the Prophecies translated into many more languages) (Matt 24:14; Rom 11:25; Acts 1:7). MY timing is perfect, and I’ll not miss one soul. All those that are called to hear the truths of this Ministry will not have any excuse when they stand before I, YAHUVEH.

There’s still enemies that are still lined up in a row. And satan fills their hearts [to] “destroy that Ministry” but think upon this, only those that want the destruction of this Ministry, only those that want the death of MY Ringmaiden Elisabeth [Elisheva], they cannot possibly be filled with MY HOLY SPIRIT. They cannot possibly belong to ME (2 Tim 2:19) and be washed in MY shed blood at Calvary. They were MY enemies before they came to this earth. They betrayed ME before and they betray ME now. Not all who call themselves Christians have Christ in them; these are the synagogue of satan (2 Cor 11: 12-14). Those who call themselves Jew and are not, they are the synagogue of satan (Rev 2:9; 3:9).

So you weep and you cry because your name is slandered and when (one) liar after another stands in a line, but I remind you MY daughter Elisabeth [Elisheva] who you belong to and you are MINE. I remind you oh enemies: vengeance is MINE, I will repay (Rom 12:19; Deut 32:35)! You’re only digging yourself down to the level of hell [to] which you will descend. With each breath you take, you’re coming closer to your grave for I listen to every word you say, especially those who tasted the goodness of this Ministry (Heb 6:4-6) and because a Word was given forth that convicted you of your sins (you did the same as Leah) and you betrayed her [Elisabeth (Elisheva)] once again.

Again and again I say, not one tear drop falls that is shed by MY holy ones that I do not catch and put in MY vial (Psalms 56:8)! And I shall show you one day your tear drops! I will show you how much I love you! I labelled every single vial. And every enemy that caused those tear drops to fall, they will be held responsible. For everyone who speaks against MY holy one, who speak against these holy truths that I have released through this Ministry and other ones, they will be held responsible and I will show them those vials. And Leah, the shelf is full of all the vials of tears that you caused!

Woe be unto MY enemies! Woe be unto the enemies of this Ministry! Woe be unto those who call themselves Christians! You’re no Christian! You cannot fool ME! You have a name. You label yourselves Christians but that name has been defiled again and again. Those for abortions! Those for homosexuality! They stand behind the pulpit, they even dare to read MY Word and they call themselves Christians. I guarantee you this: no prayer of theirs is heard (Isaiah 1:15; Zechariah 7:12-13).

I know who MY holy are. They’re the ones the enemies attack. But woe be unto the enemies for I warned you before, and I warn you again, when you attack this Ministry you attack the Aleph and the Tav (Zech 2:8). You attack I, YAHUVEH. You attack MY Only Begotten Son YAHUSHUA your MASHIACH, but HE is not your MASHIACH you only claim HIM as such.

Elisabeth [Elisheva], remember this: they can say the name of Jesus Christ but you know who has MY Spirit within. HE is your MASHIACH; they only claim HIM as theirs. This is the scripture that says they call themselves Jew, but are of the synagogue of satan (Rev 2:9; 3:9).

So enemies, you have lost! I have decreed this day: the birth of the Ministry which shall carry this name, of this Ministry. And I have decreed who will stand in [your] place and speak forth the words: it is my Moera, and I give the Samoan pastor a chance to become part of all of this, for he says he has a heart after ME. He says he only seeks the truth. I give him the answer to his prayer and I already know what he is going to do, but Elisabeth [Elisheva] I’m not yet going to tell you. You must obey and you must introduce yourself as leadership to leadership.

So rejoice this day! Elisabeth [Elisheva] you started feeling the pain on August 27th over a year ago. The labour pains were so intense. Physically, I let you feel the pain. You are as a woman giving birth and you cried out to ME for 6 days and on the 7th day I had you call Leah. And I spoke out of your mouth that the first physical church that will be in a building will be given birth in New Zealand. And what I have spoken this day, you shall now see come to pass as the first Samoan (Psalms 2:8; 22:27; Isaiah 42:10) prophecy has been birthed and posted before the world at last. And blessings unto this new leadership, blessings unto you Moera—for your sacrifices and your obedience, for your faithful love. For your own Mother and Father forsook you, but I, your ABBA YAHUVEH, did not (Psalm 27:10) and I bless you this day in a way you never dreamed of.

As you hear this Word, as [the site manager] transcribes and posts it before the world, I give you a blessing that no money can buy. For you have been tried and you have been tested in the fiery furnace and you and your precious children, Grace, James and John, have come out of it as the purest of gold, for you refuse to believe the lies of the enemy. You refuse to forsake this Ministry though it divided your family. But I had to divide you. I had to call you out for you to receive the blessings.

Everything had to take place just as it’s been. I had to separate the wheat from the tares, the proud from the humble, those who truly seek MY truth and those who would rather believe the lies. So I used MY Beloved YAHUSHUA, MY Only Begotten SON, to use the dividing sword so all could see and no one could deny that what I Prophesy has come to pass (Is 52:6).

Even these very Words that I, YAHUVEH, have spoken shall be the next Word that is translated into Samoan. For what good would this do only going to the English speaking people? Every language of every translator shall decree this in all the languages for I, YAHUVEH, speak forth this blessing and what I decree no one can take it from ME. It is done.

Osana running in fear just like a little boy. What a coward!
So Leah you wanted to be famous! So I have given you what you asked for in a different way! Now your name shall go down in history and you shall hang your head before ME as your name is spoken of as a curse (Is 65:15)! And you Osana! You took MY name David that I gave you–for you were to be as a David of Old and you were to be a Goliath slayer. You could have slain the demons inside of her [Leah]. You could have cast them out, but instead what did you do? You ran in fear! You want to be an Osana? Wear the name for I will not call you David ever again!

Beware enemies of MINE! I could do the same thing for you. I could make your name go down in history in a way you will not want. Just as in the Bible, the heros names are mentioned (Heb 11; Num 32:12 etc) and so are MY enemies (Jude 11; 2 Tim 2:17-19; Rom 9:13-17 etc). It’s your choice. What will it be?

For all those who have listened and who have read, and who will read this holy Prophecy, it’s your choice. Are you a friend of this Ministry? Or are you an enemy of this Ministry? Whatever you decide, remember this: you decide which side you are on and whether I, YAHUVEH, will bless or curse you this day. It is your choice.

For the holy, pray blessings this day on the newborn babe that I have just given birth to in New Zealand and on the new leadership that I have just pronounced before the world.

For all those who want to sow seed into this Ministry, I shall exceedingly and abundantly bless thee. I, YAHUVEH, have spoken this day and I bless this baby this day. And now an anointing, a wildfire RUACH ha KODESH anointing, sweeps forth [over] this land as these Words are posted even though most have not read and [nevertheless] I use it as a standard against the evil and sin that permeates this land.

Of all the world, I chose New Zealand to be as unto MY New Zion. For this is where I chose for the first physical branch of the Ministry to come forth. In the spiritual realm the enemies will gnash their teeth in rage. Oh, but the Holy ones that shall come forth! I tell you this Elisabeth [Elisheva]: you will be amazed and you will know, every tear that you shed, every pain of betrayal you felt was all worth it. I promise you this. I promise you this and I, YAHUVEH, can not lie, I promise you this.

Examine the fruit of the ones that attack this Ministry. This Ministry brings souls to YAHUSHUA your MASHIACH, MY Only Begotten SON. Examine the fruit! Examine the fruit! Who, who, who but satan would attack a Ministry that only preaches holiness, never leads anyone to sin, lifts up the name of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH to the entire world not in just one language, but in as many as they can. And more translators shall come forth. This is not the end! This is the beginning!

So rejoice MY beloved treasures, I give this gift to thee! I blow the trumpet from Heaven and I decree blessings upon the New Zealand baby, blessings on the Holy in New Zealand and blessings on everyone that will bless this Ministry and the new leadership that I have called forth. Blessings on all those who defend this Ministry from the onslaught of slanderous lies! I speak blessings, blessings, blessings–triple fold for everyone that has been a partner in this Ministry, that have encouraged, that have supported, that lift their names in prayer. I speak blessings thrice to you, three times more than what you had before.

These are the Words I, YAHUVEH, have to say. This is the gift that I give you as you approach the Feast of Trumpets. I blow the trumpet first and I proclaim it to the world: the baby, the baby has lived and not died and I have brought to birth what I have prophesied. Once again proving, Elisabeth [Elisheva], you are not a false prophet. And woe be to anyone who does call you this, for a multiplication of tortures they shall have as hell and the Lake of Fire shall be their home. And I, YAHUVEH, promise you this!

So it is spoken, so it is written on September 18, 2009
A Child, Warrior, Bride of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH,
Apostle Elisabeth S. Elijah [Elisheva Eliyahu] ,


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