Prophecy 112 – Do Not Focus on the Fallen!

Written/Spoken under the anointing of the RUACH ha KODESH
through Apostle Elisabeth Sherrie Elijah (Elisheva Eliyahu)
Received July 10, 2009
Released July 14, 2009

This is from Prophecy 105, YAHUVEH said to put this up on all Prophecies from now on: I warned you a long time ago Elisabeth (Elisheva) not to name this Ministry after a man or a woman even before there was a Ministry. I put it in your spirit for none of this has been done by your hand, none of this has come forth from your mouth. It is from the Mouth of YAHUVEH that has given birth. It is from the Mouth of YAHUSHUA your MASHIACH that has given birth. It is from the Mouth of the RUACH ha KODESH your IMMAYAH that has given birth. If it had only been by your hand it would have failed long ago. It is by the SHKHINYAH GLORY’S Wind that blows across this earth, the Holy Wind of Revival, it is not by your breath or it would have failed. (Isaiah 42:8)

In July 2010 YAHUVEH GOD also said to add the following from 2nd Chronicles before every Prophecy:

2 Chronicles 36:16, “But they mocked the Messengers of GOD, despised HIS Words, and scoffed at HIS Prophets, until the wrath of the LORD arose against HIS people, till there was no remedy.”
* * * * * * *

I had a dream on July 9, 2009 and when I woke up, I started to Praise and Worship YAHUSHUA and unexpectedly YAHUSHUA spoke forth this Word. The dream is posted below this Prophetic Word. We ask anyone who has the interpretation of this dream to please email us. All interpretations we get a witness to, will be posted on the Ministry site.
* * * * * * *

While yet you sleep I pour forth MY LIVING WATER on you (Jeremiah 2:13, John 4:10-14). You have always known this that the Anointing I have given you is electrical. How many times people in the past have held your hand and their hand has gone numb? Now be obedient, record the dream (Acts 2:17; Hab 2:2) to the best of your ability for what you have remembered is what I wanted you to remember.

Just know this, the ones that I have called YAHUSHUA’S Demon Stompers, the ones I have also called your spiritual children, cry out to ME to heal their spiritual mother and mentor, MY Ringmaiden. You tell them as they pray for you and the others who minister by your side: I take these blessings, I take these prayers, I hold them close to MY heart. They are a sweet fragrance to MY nostrils (Gen 8:20-21; Ps 141:2; Ezek 20:41; 2 Cor 2:15-16; Phil 4:18; Rev 8:3-4).

You wait for a special day M’lady [my lady], it is not anything [in your flesh] you can hasten. And yet I tell you this, for everyone who’s lifting up those prayers for you I only anoint you more. I give you back things and I restore, albeit [even though] it is not that which you have wanted, but it does hasten the time. So faithful they are.

And when you see those that you thought were faithful and you see they cannot walk by your side ‘no more’ (for I have divided them) –this is for all the YDS’s I speak to now who are MY faithful front liners, the faithful prayer intercessors, the Holy ones, MY elite force:

Take your eyes off of the fallen. Continue not to grieve for the fallen –those who started in the YDS and put their hand to the plough and said, “This is too hard. I’m taking my hand off the plough. The MASTER expects too much. This isn’t as much fun as I thought it would be, to serve faithfully by your side Elisabeth [Elisheva]. This is too hard. I want to enjoy this world. I want to do things my way.”

These are the fallen. These are the ones who will be in the Great Tribulation (Matthew 24:21). These are the ones who will suffer in a different way, but MY darling –I speak to the faithful YAHUSHUA’s Demon Stompers:

Just as Moses became weary and had to have someone to be able to hold his hands up in the battle (Exodus 17:12) –as long as his hands and his arms were held up for he had not strength to hold them up alone— I use these YAHUSHUA’S Demon Stompers. I use the prayers around this world and faces you do not know –the missing parts of the Bride, MY obedient Bride. They intercede and they pray for you and yet their names you do not know. Many of their names you do not know but I use the prayers of these righteous ones, the righteous ones of the front line YDS’s to lift your arms before the battle.

[The battle] is so heavy –for I have anointed you Elisabeth [Elisheva]. I have imparted in you a unique Anointing and there is a price to pay for this Anointing –for you see others can speak and I hear them but your unique Anointing is, you speak and, if you will but just believe, there is nothing that you won’t ask that I will not reply to (1 Sam 3:19). And you will hear the answer.

I speak to you in your sleep. I tell you of this great Anointing I place in your hands. And I have proven again and again and again in ways that are secret–even beyond your grasp or comprehension.

[My children] be grateful I do not force you to carry the cross that I force Elisabeth [Elisheva] to. I anoint your hands even while you sleep. Does not MY Word say, “I anoint your hands for war”? (Isaiah 45:1, Psalm 89:20-23, 92:9-11)

Precious YDS –YAHUSHUA’S Demon Stompers— I’ve anointed your mouths. I’ve anointed your hands to war, to tear down the strongholds, to bind the princes, powers and principalities of this world (2 Corinthians 10:4). When you but speak MY ear is inclined to you, as you pray and you live in Holiness, as you fight the enemy and the temptations of this world.

Because you obey and because you love this Ministry & MY Ringmaiden and you faithfully intercede for them—this Ministry —as well as Kathrynyah and Adam for they are a team and Stephen Rossi Jr—do not underestimate your position. All the translators who take the Holy Fire and put them in other languages do not underestimate your rank. But continue all of you, to stay humble before ME –for each one of YAHUSHUA’S Demon Stompers, you march in your own ranks. You keep your eyes on your Heavenly prize.

You are a Holy intercessor. And when you see the others fall by the side, those that cannot measure up to be called MY Holy Bride, take your eyes off of the fallen. Keep your eyes on the ones that have stood strong no matter what has come, no matter the persecution, the temptation. I’m not saying that you’re perfect; all of you are a work in progress.

You will know when you reach that grade for it will be when I tell Elisabeth [Elisheva], “Announce it now”. And I will send a sign of the Holy Angels and they shall come to you again Elisabeth [Elisheva]. The time is not afar off (Matthew 25:6). If I would tell you too soon and if I could give you a date, you would make the mistake of just living for that date. The work would not get done. The souls would not be reached. You would just count down. This is why I said, “I will not let you know until it is time for you all to come home”.

Thank you Beloved YAHUSHUA’S Demon Stompers. Thank you for your prayers. As you pray for her and the others, so too the blessings come upon yourselves. As you give this hour up to focus on others, MY eyes are ever upon you. Not everyone is qualified to be a Holy intercessor. The ones who have fallen –it is because they no longer desire to stand up and keep their hand to that plough. Grieve not, but rather rejoice, for I did not leave you alone. You are the meaning of a Holy family. Not just in the good times, but in the bad times you share one another’s burdens.

And to all the invisible ones the same blessing goes to them. Yes the enemy attacks harder, but that’s because the rewards are so much greater. You store not your treasure up here on earth, but it is stored up in Heaven (Matthew 19:21). And Elisabeth [Elisheva] they shall stand by your side along with My beloved Adam and Kathrynyah and all those who have been a blessing onto you, all those who have been a blessing onto this Ministry and offered up their sacrifices and were willing to be persecuted (Matthew 5:11-12), to be a farmer, a gardener in this harvest field of Amightywind Ministry (Matthew 13:35), (which belongs to the Aleph and the Tav and the RUACH ha KODESH). I tell you this, they shall stand by your side and I shall thank them personally, one by one. And your rewards all shall be people, gathered from all countries and nations, standing in a long line just wanting to meet you and say thank you.

Those of you who have humbled yourself and allowed your testimony to be posted before the world, you shall be introduced to those whose lives were changed and altered because of your testimony. Does not MY Word say, “Through MY Blood and their testimony…” (Rev 12:11) people’s lives are altered and changed –if they can but just believe I am a rewarder of good things to those who continue to follow ME.

So grieve not for the fallen. Grieve for awhile and realize –but do not continue to live in this grief— for I must show and I must prove who truly is the obedient Bride. Truly I tell you this, the Holy are more Holy. But they pay a price for this Holiness –just like those who walk the path of unholiness who started out on the right path carrying their cross and then threw it down and said, “I’m no longer going to carry this cross. I’m no longer going to follow the direction given from Heaven. I’m going off on my own. What YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH asks is too hard” (Luke 14:25-27).

But you see I will send another one along the way. And they will see that cross that has been forsaken and laid down: the calling and the work that I have decreed. They will pick it up and they will carry that cross (Mark 8:34). They will be willing to suffer persecution and ridicule. They will be willing to sacrifice their time and their finances. They will be willing to sacrifice whatever it is I require them to sacrifice. And the Anointing to a job that was cast down and forsaken, I will only anoint more. And yes, I will require more but one day in Heaven, MY Beloved Treasures, you will see it is all worth it as I personally thank you to your face.

So I say “well done” to those who are MY faithful, obedient Bride. I say “Well done but never allow yourself to be entered into pride”. For I know very well how to humble each one of you so you keep your eyes upon ME and you continue to grow in the Anointing I have given this Ministry.”

[End of Part 1 of this word. Keep reading for Part 2. Do not skip Elisabeth’s (Elisheva’s) prayer. ]
[Elisabeth (Elisheva) :] Thank YOU, thank YOU, thank YOU, thank YOU. Thank YOU YAHUSHUA, thank YOU ABBA YAHUVEH, thank YOU Beloved IMMAYAH our MOMMA RUACH ha KODESH, our MOMMA WISDOM, our MOMMA Glory, our MOMMA SHKHINAH.

Thank YOU, thank YOU, thank YOU, thank YOU, thank YOU, thank YOU. Bless all the faithful around this world. Bless those who we do not know their names. Bless those that we do know their names.

Thank YOU, thank YOU, thank YOU, thank YOU [for] the work in this harvest field that YOU call the Ministry.

Thank YOU, thank YOU, thank YOU that they lift our names up and thank YOU, thank YOU, thank YOU that the blessings come back upon them.

Thank YOU ABBA YAHUVEH our eyes are off of the fallen now. We grieve but just for awhile. We will keep our eyes focused on those who strive to obey you ABBA YAH.

[ Elisabeth (Elisheva) starts praying in Holy Tongues again]

We worship YOU. We worship YOU. Whatever price YOU require, we pick up our cross and we follow YOU (Mark 8:34). We are, in faith, water walkers through your Name YAHUSHUA our Beloved MASHIACH.

We thank YOU for Anointing us greater. We thank YOU for the Anointing in our hands. We thank YOU ABBA YAHUVEH, we Praise YOU ABBA YAHUVEH for all that YOU have done and all that YOU’RE going to do.

For the faithful who truly obey YOU, we thank YOU ABBA YAHUVEH. YOUR requirements can be heavy for these mortals’ flesh but it’s all worth it. Each one pays a different price, those who follow YOU and worship YOU and put YOU first in their life and their love, those that strive to be as an Enoch to be pleasing unto YOU in all ways. (Hebrews 11:5)

Thank YOU beloved YAHUSHUA MASHIACH, thank YOU precious RUACH ha KODESH our IMMAYAH.

What we cannot do through the flesh, we can do through the Name and the Blood and the Spirit within us all because of YOUR love –all because of YOUR Blood that we are washed in continually 24 hours a day, all because of the Ephesians 6 armor that never, ever comes off.

Oh Beloved YAHUSHUA, we worship YOU. Thank YOU for the faithful who stand by the side of Truth. This Ministry that YOU have used me to give birth to on this earth, through this internet is unusual. And only those who want to eat spiritual meat will receive these Truths. And what a price I have to pay, but YAHUSHUA forgive me when I don’t say that it’s worth it every minute of the day.

The lies, the slanderers, the enemies that raise up, those that would rather kill me just to shut me up, those full of jealousy and covetousness, those that say,

“Because I can’t hear this GOD of my salvation the way that you do [Elisabeth (Elisheva)] then I just throw these words back at you because I can’t walk Holy, because my hands are drenched in sin, because I succumb to the temptation. Who are you that say that you can’t?

So I hate you with a hate because you show how filthy I really am. I hate you with a hate –and I curse you daily— where once I called you friend because you showed me the path to Holiness and you showed me the path to Truth. But I now hate you, you Ringmaiden, because you show me a Light from Heaven. You lead me to a new relationship with YAHUSHUA MASHIACH. But because I prefer the darkness –for the light blinds my eyes— I hate you.

Leave me alone and let me live in darkness(1John 3:19). Leave me alone Amightywind Ministry. My sins I do not want to see. Leave me alone. Yes, I started out on the right path. Yes, I tried to forsake sin. Yes, I tried to live for this YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. But it’s too hard to follow HIM. Leave me alone. I want my sin. I brand you a liar. You can’t be a Prophet for I am not one. You cannot be Holy. How could this God live within? I brand you a liar, otherwise I would have to admit I am the liar. I point my finger and say, ‘you have to be a sinner, you have to be as filthy as I am’. I try to judge you by my own standards and I don’t care what your God says.

So leave me alone Amightywind Ministry. I don’t want to hear I’m unequally yoked. Instead, I’m going to brand your Ministry as an evil joke. I’m not going to worry about standing before YAHUVEH for HE’S all mercy and all love. Away from me Amightywind Ministry I don’t want to hear that I have to live in Holiness. I hate you Elisabeth [Elisheva]. I curse your name more each day. I gather with the enemy each day who plot your life to slay. Oh, but I still call myself a Christian. Who’s to say that I’m not? For I know who Jesus Christ is. I know the price that HE paid on Calvary. And see, that’s all it takes. It doesn’t matter if I am Holy. It doesn’t matter if I live to sin. It doesn’t matter that I rebuke you and all the truths in this Ministry, I still belong to HIM.

So away from me Amightywind Ministry, I want no part of your anointing ‘no more’. I put my hand to the plough and I tried it, but I want no part of it anymore. Where once I embraced you as a friend, I embraced you as family, I even supported your Ministry –no matter how loud you yelled and say, ‘this Ministry does not belong to me but it belongs to Heaven’. I smiled and I said, ‘it’s still your Ministry’. And I even planted seed financially. I figured I might buy a few blessings if I was nice to you. But no more, no more, it’s just not worth it.

I see how the others around me are blessed and I get angry and I shake my fist. I see how the faithful, the holy, the obedient, the repentant who walk the path of Holiness embrace you and I am jealous for that love. I am jealous because I do not have what you have. And I hate you and I hate what this Ministry speaks forth, for it has shined its light upon my darkness. And I just want to hide –knowing that I’m not part of YAHUSHUA’s Bride because the requirements are far too high. And deep in my soul I know through the Great Tribulation I shall go and the price I will have to pay, because I refuse to listen to you this day.

So in my heart, I know the Truth is coming forth –but I don’t want no part of that truth because I can’t walk the path you do, the path YAHUSHUA wants me to take. I would have to give up too much. I would have to admit that I am wrong and you’re right and the GOD of Salvation truly speaks forth from your mouth. I don’t want to admit this, for if I do –and I stop hating you— for if I do, I’m through. I could not abide to look at myself in the mirror ‘no more’ – to admit that you are rich in faith and I am poor.

So I will continue to hate you. I will continue to curse this Ringmaiden. I will continue to curse all those who follow the Truth, because I prefer to live in my lie until the day I die.

So leave me alone, you Ringmaiden. Leave me alone, YAHUSHUA. I prefer to think of you as only a God of love –not as the ONE who cursed that fig tree that did not produce fruit for THEE. Leave me alone and let my ears stay deaf. Leave me alone and let my eyes stay blind. Leave me alone and let me curse and slander and lie and your very name Elisabeth Sherrie Elijah [Elisheva Eliyahu], I malign, [speak harmful untruths and slander]. And I stay with your enemies and I fight [against you] with them because at least they accept me for who I am.

So leave me alone Amightywind Ministry, no longer my sins I want to see. I prefer to believe the Bible the way that I believe. I know in my heart one day the price I’m going to pay, but it is worth it on this day. For I can’t see Heaven yet. I can’t hear from Heaven as you do and this world around me is all that I have. So it is so easy Elisabeth[Elisheva] to hate you (Psalm 37:32). I’ve not yet heard the words, “depart from me worker of inequity, I never knew you” (Matthew 7:23). And I refuse to believe YAHUSHUA would say this to me. I don’t even like the Name that you call HIM. I call HIM Jesus Christ for if I were to admit to that Hebrew Name I would have to admit to all of my shame.

You fed me spiritual meat (1 Corinthians 10:3), well now I spit it back in your face, for it’s easy to drink the milk (1 Peter 2:2, Hebrew 5:12), but so hard to swallow that spiritual meat. Just give me the milk to drink, I can believe that. Give me the God that just says ‘I’m pure love’, that ‘I am mercy’. Do not teach me of this YAHUVEH of judgment and the same one that blesses me is the same one that curses me. Just leave me Amightywind Ministry. Do not come to my house ‘no more’. Don’t speak to my spouse or my family or friends, otherwise they will end up forsaking me and show the real sinner that’s locked within. And then they will despise me and they will curse me, if they find out that you told the Truth and I have lied. And then what will my end be? A life of loneliness is all I would see”.

[Elisabeth’s (Elisheva’s) Tongues change and Part 2 of the Word continues]

Now Elisabeth [Elisheva], I know you were wondering what in the world, have I just done? I’ve given you a new Anointing, MY Beloved One. Now you hear the words of your enemies. And I am speaking them forth –where they will know that I tell you even what they say. Not only that, as others listen to these words they are going to realize why the enemies tell these lies.

So, Elisabeth [Elisheva], is it worth the price to be persecuted for MY Name sake? For now you not only heard the Words from Heaven, now you know the words that are locked in your enemies’ hearts and souls –those you once called your friends, your family, those you once called your daughter and son. Nothing is hidden MY daughter, for now this day I have given you a new Anointing.

Those who truly follow and worship ME, those whose names are written in the LAMB’S Book of Life will say, “I want to follow the Truth that lights the way. I’m determined to follow YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. I’m determined to not look back. I will not be as a Lot’s wife (Genesis 19:15-26).” This world is full of Lot’s wives. The churches overflow with them, but Elisabeth [Elisheva] they shall come and they shall go. But in the end I shall reveal the spirit within them.

And now this Prophetic message shall be translated again into other languages. Some will weep and hide their face in shame and repent to ME again and let you know the spirit within them I showed. And they will do all they can to prove “I’m in this Ministry with you, I will preach forth these Truths”.

And to those who have done this, I will forgive them and I will anoint their hand again to be put to the plough –if they will but just admit, “I have sinned now” and realize I AM no respecter of persons (Acts 10:34). I do reward those that diligently seek ME.

I AM the ALEPH and the TAV. Keep proclaiming it to all –for there is no MASHIACH, there is no LORD, there is no SAVIOR, save [except] I, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, the only begotten SON of YAHUVEH, and there’s no way into Heaven’s gates except through MY Blood and MY Name.

So keep speaking it forth, Amightywind Ministry. A Holy Bride, come join by their side and become one. Those who read from afar do not even introduce yourselves to those who labor in this Ministry, but now is the time to come out. Let them know you’ve been there all the time, so they don’t feel alone.

A special blessing on each one I have pronounced from Heaven –when you read the Holy Prophecies and you write and you say, “I receive them”— a blessing you have in store in ways you do not understand, for just giving this encouragement to them.

This is the blessing I have for you this day Elisabeth [Elisheva] as you wake up not knowing –MY love— I would speak forth again. But write this down and record it for you have heard from Heaven.

So as I give you a word of rebuke for another one and you grieve. And you mourn as you see another fallen one. Take your eyes off of them, and put your eyes on the ones who stand tall. And although they can get knocked down by the enemy at times, they call on MY Name and through MY Blood I raise them up again.

These are the ones who fight for the Truths I release through this Ministry –for what this Ministry teaches is only that which I recorded long ago locked in MY Holy Word, locked in the Books of Old. These are the ones who embrace you and love you because they know that I am within you, because they know I speak forth out of you, because they perceive the RUACH ha KODESH within you.

I speak not only to you now, but I speak to everyone who helps minister by your side. Oh, how great, how great, how great, how great your blessings shall be. Just continue, continue to follow ME. And the same rewards I have stored up for MY Ringmaiden and all the faithful Bride with your own eyes, you too shall see –the rewards to those who follow and are faithful to ME. Your YAHUSHUA, your MASHIACH will never leave or forsake you. So take your eyes off the fallen and keep your eyes on those who follow ME in obedience and in loyalty and in sincerity they truly do love ME.

[End of Word]

Given to to this Child, Warrior, Bride of YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH
July 10, 2009

If this Prophecy has been a blessing to you please email and let me know.

Dream July 9, 2009
Invitation to Heavens Party

We were gathered in a room and I (Elisabeth [Elisheva]) was in a red wheelchair, there weren’t many of us just maybe a handful of us and there was going to be a big party, a big celebration and everyone was very excited. All the people in the room knew that they would be going except for one man and he was sad. The one man said, “I won’t be going. I have to stay here and work. I am not worthy to go to this party. I am waiting for my next call.” I was the one who told the others in the room that they were going to the party. I looked at this man and I said, “But you are coming to the party. You are invited,” and he said again “No, I am not worthy to go.” The rest of the people said, “Prove it, prove it Elisabeth [Elisheva] that he is coming to the party. Put your hands together and clap 3 times.”

My hands were resting on the arms of the wheelchair and I said, “You know I don’t want to do that because the Anointing is so painful,” but the people continued to tell me to clap my hands 3 times and they said, “YAHUSHUA wants you to do it.” I said, “But I am afraid of the pain because the Anointing is so strong.” Then I looked at the sad face of this one man and he started to get hope in his eyes that I would clap my hands 3 times. So I took my hands and I put my palms together expecting it to be painful because the Anointing is electrical and I was amazed there was no pain. I heard YAHUSHUA then say to me, “Clap your hands 3 times.” So I clapped my hands 3 times real fast and the one man broke out with a huge smile and everyone cheered and praised YAHUSHUA because we all then knew we were leaving for the party and we were not going to leave the one man behind.

Please email us if you have the gift of interpretation for this dream.


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