One Minute To Midnight Song – Meet the Bridegroom YAHUSHUA Jesus Christ – Ministry

Here is a song that the RUACH HA KODESH (HOLY SPIRIT) lead us to write.

All praise honor and glory to YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA and the Precious RUACH HA KODESH. We also call it the Rosh Ha Shanah song too. The Holy Spirit lead us to write this song on Rosh Ha Shanah.

So may you be blessed by this song.


Amightywind Ministry, Prophecy 15 It’s One Minute Till Midnight
Prophecy excerpts…


Thus saith YAHUVEH, unless this nation humbles itself before ME and all of Heaven and earth, this nation, America that was set apart to bring ME Praise, Honor and Glory, will never win another war again. It’s been only by MY grace thus far, this country has remained free. But now your leaders have gone awhoring after other gods, they have called themselves MINE, yet mock all that is holy. They don’t even lie like evil Pharaoh did.

Your head of state, your president, flaunts all that is holy, even the sanctity of marriage in MY face and leads the country into war that I have not called forth, but will allow for MY wisdom, and council and guidance is not asked for by the leaders. They mock ME with the Supreme Court. This nation says ‘God Bless America’. I will, if only America will again be a blessing to ME.

The children are handed condoms and told go ahead, have sex without consequences. We won’t tell your parents. Laws are passed to encourage rebellion against what I have taught. Even your own president mocks MY Ten Commandments. Yet do the people care? They only care, how does it affect them. My pastors are afraid to speak up for they can’t afford to lose their tax status. I will show you who to fear, for you will lose your tax status.

I am going to prove once again I am not a God to be mocked or ignored. America get ready! World get ready! Enemies of the Gospel of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH get ready. Those that are not MINE will again see a separation between those that worship ME, those that hate ME and all that is holy. You shall see how I will punish the heathen and see with your eyes the way I protect the holy and punish the unholy and all those condoning sin. All your riches will not be able to stop what Almighty God YAHUVEH is going to do.

Remember the plague of rats that descended on the White House? Because I sent MY Prophets and you wouldn’t listen. I sent MY prophecies and you burned them. MOCKING! It shall even be greater than before. Repent before it’s too late. Its one minute until midnight. There is yet time before I take MY Children home with ME and this nation will gnash their teeth in pain for they dared mock the great God YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA! At Midnight MY wrath will fall. You know not which midnight I send YAHUSHUA, MY beloved Son. Get ready Bride; your blessings are yet to come.


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