James 2 – Be ye No Respecters Of Person, and Prove Your Faith By Your Works.

Believers are not to judge by outward appearance. If making decisions or assigning roles, we are always to look at the heart of the individual rather than their riches or beauty. If we favor those of beauty and riches then we show a heart unlike GOD’s own.

The Epistle of James addresses a major problem within the church, favoritism. Our GOD does not look at ones appearance to judge, choose, or call, yet his people are doing so. James goes on and reminds the church that “it is the poor of this world, rich in faith that GOD has chosen” (James 2:5) and that the same rich men that they favor are the ones that oppose the Gospel of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH and blaspheme his Holy name.

We are to fulfill the royal law: Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. The law was given by GOD, One person. As such, breaking, or offending one commandment makes us transgressors of the whole law.

Your uncle may tell you not to steal cookies and your father may tell you not to leave your belongings in the living room. You could offend one and still have favor with the other. You could steal cookies, and still have favor with your Father. This is because these laws came from different sources, one from your uncle and the other from your father. If your father did not instruct your concerning cookies then helping yourself to them will not offend him.

Yet because GOD is the giver of all the commandments, by breaking one commandment, no matter which one, the end result is the same; you offend GOD. It does not matter which law your break, adultery, murder, theft, by breaking one law you become a transgressor of the whole law.

We are to understand that showing favoritism breaks the royal law which makes us guilty for transgression of the entire law. James 3:8-11

Faith without works is dead. Abraham showed his faith in YAHUVEH when he offered Issac as a sacrifice. He backed up his faith by his works. Our Faith is manifested by our works. Faith, a substance which cannot be seen, yet proved by works. We understand that salvation is not by works, least any man should boast. We also need to understand this: works that makes us boast in ourself is called confidence – assurance that we put in ourself (trusting ourself rather then GOD). The works which are discussed in James 2 prove our faith and love towards GOD. Peter stepped, and walked on water because of his Faith in GOD. For this reason he called unto Lord YAHUSHUA “…Lord, if it be thou, bid me come unto thee on the water. And he said, Come…” Matthew 14:28-29. Peter Believed in GOD’s Word, and proved his Faith by going out to meet him on water.

Faith always moves one to act. GOD told Noah to build an ark for the upcoming flood, if Noah did not believe he would not have acted. YAHUSHUA is the Son of GOD, the Messiah of the World. Live your life after him, allow him to write His commandments in your Heart.

For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also. James 2:26


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